Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Fork. Tweezers. Sewing Needle. Thumbtack. Bobby Pin.

Spoilers for the season premiere of Grey's!

So Kristin's got something up about the Grey's premiere, in which she says:

Derek is stabbed later in the episode, and Nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile) has something to do with it. That lady is full-on Looney Tunes.

Of Ausiello's five potential injuries to befall McDreamy, the stabbing was something I didn't even entertain. Now, I'm really confused.

What Kristin doesn't specify, however, is with what Derek gets stabbed.

Could be a paper clip.

Could be a mechanical pencil.

Mae says could be a scalpel, accidentally. One of those things that's an accident, but probably an accident that wouldn't have happened if Rose wasn't so angry. I mean, I highly doubt Rose is going to go all American Psycho on Derek Shepherd, but she might be annoying enough to let the knife slip 'cause she's pissed.

Still--accidental. Not life threatening.

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