Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Dream A Little McDreamy of Me

Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy's season five premiere.

There’s a lot of talk going around about the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere, yet very few actual spoilers to go on.

This promo came out recently, and it sent Mae into an absolute tizzy:

She was all worried that Derek was gonna get injured. Frankly, it didn’t really concern me. As a commenter on SpoilerTV pointed out, you can see Derek in one of the shots of the chief being all concerned about saving the mystery patient.

No, I’m not worried.

What is interesting is this post from Ausiello yesterday, in which he said two of the following four things would happen, one in real life and one in a dream:

(A) Rose stabs Derek.
(B) Derek suffers a heart attack and is visited by the ghost of Denny.
(C) Dr. Burke returns to Seattle Grace and shoots Derek in the face before turning the gun on himself.
(D) In a flashback, we learn that Derek got into a car accident shortly after leaving Meredith in the candle field.

Okay, so we know Burke’s not coming back, so we can ignore that.

Any of these things could happen in a dream or flash-forward or whatever, but this means, if we are to believe Ausiello, that Derek’s either getting stabbed, having a heart attack, or getting in a car accident.

That makes me a little nervous.

Mostly, I’m just confused. This ep is called “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” and we’ve heard whispers about there being dream or fantasy or flash-forward qualities to this premiere. Theoretically, Meredith could freak about (A) or (D) in her imagination, and (B) could happen in a flash-forward that takes place twenty years from now or something. But I find it a little hard to believe that there could be dreams and flash-forwards in one episode—is there going to be time for actual right-now plot development?

Ausiello specified that it happens in Meredith’s imagination, so (B) seems a little unlikely, because it seems like something that would happen in Derek’s imagination. Although obvs Meredith knows about near-death experiences and how Denny comes to visit you when that happens, so maybe she would think that.

I bet this is what happens.

Derek doesn’t show up right away back at the house.

We’ve been imagining that since the credits rolled on last year’s finale. And, really, what story purpose does Derek coming back really serve? You go and do a scene where he breaks up with Rose (the scene where she obviously jokes about being pregnant) and then you send him back to Meredith? That’s silly. Derek and Meredith love time is going to happen at the end of the episode. And I guarantee Meredith’s not going to be sitting up on that hill for the whole hour.

Derek gets in a fender-bender (D). Derek is fine. But obviously it’s a pain in the ass. Ooh! Maybe the guy who hits Derek is the whoa injured dude. And so imagine that Derek’s getting all dragged into this police mess about whose fault the accident was, and Meredith’s frustrated because, seriously, enough with the obstacles already. Anyway, Derek goes to the hospital.

Meredith sits there in the grass and waits for Derek. He’s taking forever. She worries that he’s too busy getting stabbed by Rose (A) to come back to her. Then she gets paged.

Maybe she gets to the hospital, sees MVA guy, stupidly assumes it’s Derek, and that’s where her desperate “NO!” comes from. Then she spins around and, yay, there’s McDreamy.

Happily ever after starts…now.

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