Friday, September 12, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Derek On a Gurney - Yes. Derek.

Spoilers for the S5 Premiere. You've been warned.

For the record, I was not "in a tizzy" over the not-so-brand-new Grey's promo. My mother saw it for the first time this afternoon and called me freaking out about who she swore was Derek lying injured on a gurney. Promising her that it wasn't because we had all analyzed that promo to hell and back, I merely found it entertaining that my mother (who typically rolls her eyes at my 'shipper tendencies) was having a fangirl panic attack of her very own.

I'm not passing any judgment on which one of Ausiello's multiple choice possibilities is actually going to take place. It doesn't really matter, because you end up with Derek sick/hurt/severely injured in one way or another... whichever option you choose. And I'm psyched about that. Even if it is just fantasy-hurt and fantasy-Meredith having a fantasy panic attack over it all. Angst is life blood to me.

All I am trying to argue is that, after taking yet another close look at yet another screen cap of that "man on the gurney" moment, it is - in fact - Derek Shepherd.

Click on it. It'll get even bigger. Even easier to see the facial structure.

My newly-obsessed mother emailed and pic-texted that photo to me after she snapped it with her phone whilst pausing the promo on her ginormous HD TV. The lighting and coloring is a lot brighter and clearer than what you can see on YouTube, and... yeah, that is definitely Patrick Dempsey. That is the McDreamy nose.

I argued with my mother about it for hours today, but then she sent that photo and proceeded to call me immediately and yell, "It's Derek!" in my ear yet again. I took a look, showed it to a few other fangirls (Leigh included) who were on the "it's totally NOT Derek" train, and we then surrendered to my mother - the non-fangirl had a more objective eye than the fangirls in this situation, I think. Ashamed? I think perhaps I should be.

The thing is, just because we see Derek standing behind Chief Weber as he says, "We're going to save this man!", that doesn't mean Weber is talking about this illusive man on the gurney (who is, again, clearly Derek). Promos are notoriously misleading, so why should we just assume that everything we're seeing is connected? Chief could be talking about ANYONE. And then Derek-on-gurney is just, ya know, either Meredith's imaginative nightmare or... something that happens later in the episode. Who's to say it's even a car crash? If you watch the promo, you can see people putting pressure on his chest -- either they're doing CPR compressions or they're putting pressure on a wound. A stab wound, perhaps? From Meredith's nightmare imagination? Who knows.

Again, my point is not to to try and guess which Derek scenario is or is not going to happen. I don't really care, because I get "injured Derek" and "panicked Meredith" no matter which way it goes. I'm happy.

If I'm wrong about it, I'll eat my words. Fine.

But that guy on the gurney that everyone, at first, thought was Derek and then later decided it couldn't possibly be Derek - just because Shonda reiterated her "promise" that he wouldn't get in a car accident? It's Derek.

Fantasy, reality or flash-forward, I don't know. And I don't care. It's Derek.

That's all I'm sayin'.

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