Friday, September 12, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Can I Do The "Told Ya So" Dance Yet?

Premiere Spoilers. Again. Big time, seriously, this time.

I love how a mere 45 minutes or so after I posted up my last blog insisting that "mysterious man on gurney" was, in fact, Derek, this new sneak peek from the premiere pops up on YouTube:

Who, me? Gloat? Yes, I think I shall, thank you.

DEREK! Woot!

Now, if that isn't the most obvious "Meredith's having an attack of her over-active imagination" moment that could ever be, I don't know what is. So we've solved that little Ausiello mystery now. And hey, technically Shonda just promised he wouldn't get in a car accident - which he didn't, really, because this isn't actually happening.

But it's going to kick ass either way.

So that leaves, what? Rose stabbing him or him falling ill to a heart attack so that he can hang out with Denny in limbo. I always figured the heart attack option was the most likely for the "this is really going to happen" scenario.

Won't it just be so angstfully entertaining for them to fool everyone in the opening teaser with the idea of Derek dying in a car accident, only to have him actually be just fine until the very end when - oops - now he's dying of a heart attack for real?

Love it. Seriously.

One response to “Grey's Anatomy: Can I Do The "Told Ya So" Dance Yet?”

Pamela Jaye said...

to have him actually have an accident at the end....

did you see the ep where they wrote George Clooney off Sisters?

like the blog - If i can keep dodging the spoilers (for future eps)