Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday Night Lights: Pretend it's January

General Premiere/New Season Spoilers Included

I have been so unbelievably lazy with my coverage of this spectacular series during hiatus, and for that I'm going to punish myself by withholding the new episodes from my TV until January.

Oh, wait. NBC is doing that for me.

DirecTV subscribers, however, can start enjoying the new season this Wednesday (October 1st!) and revel in the glory of being oh-so-much-cooler than the rest of us cable kids. At least for about 24 hours until someone rips it onto the internet and we all just download it illegally anyway -- and by "we," I'm clearly making a generalization because of course Caroline and I don't partake in such illicit activities...

Word on the FNL street all hiatus has been that we will (yet again) jump forward in time to 8 months after the last moments in Dillon, TX that we witnessed last year. At first it sounds a little jolting, but then again it's no different than what happened between Seasons One and Two -- we time-jumped a good 8 months between "I'm pregnant" and "Welcome to the world, Gracie Belle!" during that hiatus, so I'm thinking this could become a yearly trend. It makes sense, really, seeing as there's not much story to tell surrounding high school football when it's not actually football season.

So, yeah, we're doing the eight-month jump again and it's going to bring about a lot of interesting changes in Dillon. Gaius Charles already shot his final episode and Scott Porter wasn't far behind. Taylor Kitsch is waving goodbye to Panthers Football and only hanging around so Riggs can play with Lyla, apparently. No more Smash, Riggins or Street. Not that I entirely care (because they weren't really even close to being my favorites), but it is definitely going to be weird seeing the Panthers hit the field without them.

And to think, Saracen and Landry are next in line to graduate and disappear from the fold. I'm slightly baffled and intrigued as to how this is all going to work from year to year -- that is, if we're lucky enough to keep getting more years.

I'm excited to see Little Miss Gracie Belle, though, as she should be about a year old by the time we start again -- how precious will it be to see her start toddling around the Taylor house as Coach watches her with a mix of panic and pride, hoping she doesn't fall and break her little baby neck? I will just simply die.

Also, I hope Julie has grown out of her bitchy phase and Matt has grown out of his psychotic Carlotta phase. Because that shit was far beyond annoying.

Whatever the case, I'll see you on October 1st, kids! It will be a day of celebration for oh-so-many fandomy reasons!

Who wants to bring the confetti?

2 Responses to “Friday Night Lights: Pretend it's January”

Unknown said...

Wait, seriously--no Riggins? I hadn't heard that. I don't approve.

Mae Vaughan said...

Nah, what I meant was that he's off the team - no more football - seeing as he should have graduated and stuff. Apologies. I'll go edit and make that more clear :)

He's still around, due to the whole Riggins/Lyla story.