Sunday, September 28, 2008

Character Analysis + Eyegasm = Perfection

It's quite possible that there is nothing in fandom that I love more than a really, really great fanvid. And I am really, really picky about what I consider great.

Seriously, you guys, I think I just died and went to fanvid heaven.

Allison Cameron has always been and always will be my favorite character on House. Don't ask me why, because my only explanation is that she's damaged yet persistent. I've developed an unintentional trend in character favoritism throughout my years in fandom: Dana Scully, Abby Lockhart, Sydney Bristow, Meredith Grey, Kate Austen, Addison Forbes Montgomery-(Shepherd), Rebecca Harper, Temperance Brennan... Allison Cameron. Life has not always been nice to them. In fact, life has kind of been a bastardized asshole to all of them - and yet they continually refuse to give up. Okay, perhaps Meredith isn't the best example overall but then again I'm not really talking about her right now - I'm talking about Cameron.

I'm consistently fascinated with trying to get inside of her head and figure out why she is the way she is; dead husband, fear of commitment, obsessive need to be the best (whilst also always doing the "right thing"), inner self-loathing about always being the good girl who never takes chances, overly-emotional attachment to her patients, creepy (IMO) love-crush on the much-older boss, and a no-strings sexual partnership with a co-worker that inevitably morphed into the type of stable and steady relationship that demands the exact kind of commitment that she's so afraid to give. This woman is fucked up and she is one of my absolute favorite character studies.

Which is exactly why this fanvid makes me so freakishly happy in every possible way. Not only is it a visual eyegasm of beauty and editing skills, but it's also a visual character analysis of all things Cameron and what's made her into the person we know her as today.

For real, it's so perfect that I couldn't possibly care less that a Hameron created it or that it's full of Hameron moments; to be fair, the Hameron era is a very real and important part of her history/development, so it totally should be included.

Plus, it's got equal amounts of Chameron running throughout, so I'm just a ball of fangirly squee.

2 Responses to “Character Analysis + Eyegasm = Perfection”

Anonymous said...

Hello! I've found your blog chosing the links under "My skin"... Cameron is definately my favourite character in House (& one of my fav female characters ever), so I was really happy your opinion (or rather some kind of analysis) about her. I totally agree. And I was so glad seeing such a kind opinion about my video. Thank you :)

Mae Vaughan said...

You are very, very welcome! Truly, it is very impressively beautiful. I honestly can't stop watching it. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who adores Cam, as it seems most people dislike her and find her whiny & weak. Pft.

Please explore the blog & all the other shows that we cover to find your other faves :) Bookmark us, share us with friends, and please do come back and visit! I promise I don't talk about Cam/Chase all the time... LOL.