Monday, September 22, 2008

Brief Emmy Notes: Jim Meets Kate, Roswell Confusion Lingers

I love it when universes collide, and for as much as I enjoy every time Lost is referenced on The Office, I'm even more besotted when the shows share space and time.

Last night on the Emmy red carpet, Ausiello interviewed Evangeline Lilly and John Krasinski--together. Very cute. I'm working on getting embeddable videos, but for now, you can head over to The Ausiello Files and click on "Ausiello TV." Here it is:

Ausiello kind of slipped up and asked Evie, "And Kate pretty much it seemed made her decision—Sawyer is her guy. Do you feel that, too?"

"Uh--no?!" she replied. Good girl.

Really, though, if anything, the triangle continues to be ambiguous. I could sit here and tell you that I think Evie would have loved to say, "Um, obviously her decision was Jack," but that wouldn't be appropriate, even though I am pretty confident about Evangeline's loyalties.

Her real answer was that the triangle is still very much in contention: "The Skaters and the Jaters should be like warring factions at this point."

Uh, are we not?

When asked about the future of Jam, John says, "I didn’t get to propose last year, so I’m try maybe think about proposing this year."

Evie pipes in with, "Rainstorms are good for proposals."

"Are they?"

"Yeah, yeah, especially if you’re on a tropical island. Very romantic."

Kate giving Jim relationship advice! Quick, somebody work up the AU!

Now, I would probably guess that, were they Lost fans, Pam would probably be one of those people who doesn't know who Kate should choose. Probably leaning toward Skate. But Jim would be a solid Jater, for sure. This would lead to heated debates.

Okay, and then Ausiello interviewed David Boreanaz.

They chatted about bringing on Jared Booth, and David played coy until Ausiello told David that the news was already out there and everyone knows. Boreanaz had previously said that all he'd say was that it was somebody with a "Roswell connection." Upon further prodding, Boreanaz says it's "Jason Behr."

Uhh...that's not what I heard.

I heard Brendan Fehr, who was also on Roswell. And, yeah, their names rhyme. It's confusing.

I'm assuming Boreanaz is the one who's confused--apparently sharing a network back in the day did very little for name/face recognition--but now my brain is all messed up. Frankly, Brendan Fehr looks more like a Booth, but Jason Behr is cuter, in my opinion.

Maybe they're both wrong and it's actually Katherine Heigl playing Booth's brother.

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