Monday, September 15, 2008

Bones: Okay, I Don't Know What That Means

None of my co-bloggers have taken the bait on this one, and I have a little downtime this afternoon, so I’ll take the challenge.

What the hell happened on Bones last week?

Now, obviously, I understand the case. That part was pretty straightforward and relatively boring. It was the Booth/Brennan stuff that really got my brain worked up.

Brennan’s dating two guys. It’s a big fat monogamy anvil.

So is the murder this week—foul play arises when a Cheaters-esque reality show goes even more awry than usual. Now, Bones doesn’t usually go all Grey’s Anatomy and make the professional perfectly mirror the personal. This season I’m sensing a change.

Brennan dates two men while investigating a two-timer who got whacked?

Booth and Brennan investigate a homicide in which half of a forensic anthropologist/federal agent team gets whacked?

Hello, parallels!

Anyway, these anvils are so far serving their purpose, as we got a really juicy taste of delightful Booth and Brennan there are the end of “The Man in the Outhouse.”

What’s problematic for is…I don’t really know what’s going on.

If you haven’t already, see for yourself. (The scene I’m talking about is the very last one in the episode.)

I heart Sweets. I love him by himself, I love what he does for Booth and Brennan, I love everything about him.

Having been dumped by both the guy she was using for his intellect and the guy she was using for sex, Brennan finds herself “considering the argument for monogamy.”

First of all, whoa! Progress! [Booth’s feeling the same way: “Write that one down, Sweets! I have a positive influence on her!”]

She goes on to say, basically, that she dislikes feeling rejected and accepts the possibility, suggested by Sweets, that she and Booth have a “surrogate relationship.”

This surrogacy provides (almost) all the benefits of an actual relationship, but obviously in a safe environment with someone who Brennan trusts, respects, and loves already. None of the difficult stuff.

Now, here’s the thing. I’ve been in relationships like this. It never works. Because eventually one person wants the relationship to transcend surrogacy, and that just creates a huge mess, because suddenly you have way more to lose than you would have if you had just started out in a full-fledged relationship to begin with.

And when you fight, you can’t kiss and make up.

Not fun.

Could be good for Booth and Brennan, however, to watch one or the other force that conversation.

For now, though, Booth seems content to accept this surrogate thing. Kind of. Because for Booth, it’s surrogate schmurrogate. After picking up the pieces of Brennan’s semi-broken heart, Booth offers to buy her dinner. “Surrogate nothing—it’s a meal,” he says, and rejects Sweets’s offer to tag along.

What’s really amazing, though, is what Booth says to Brennan’s assertions that her relationships are temporary: “That’s not true, Bones. You’re wrong. There is someone for everyone. Someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. You just have to be open enough to see it. That’s all.”

I love it when they write romantic things for Booth to say! I mean, God, the subtext on Bones is spread about a half-foot thick. Because I don’t think it takes a television expert to decipher the true meaning of Booth’s softly-spoken entreaty: “Me and you. It’s going to happen. Not today, but someday soon. As soon as you figure it out and allow yourself the possibility of an extraordinary love.” Do you not think he was saying that with those dreamy, dreamy eyes?

(Seriously—David Boreanaz may be better at shipper eyes than Patrick Dempsey.)

What’s more—I kind of think she heard him.

I’ve officially decided that the theme of this season is Brennan Figures It Out. The wheels, they are a-turning, and I can’t wait to see what happens once her brain starts acting on her newly-discovered awareness. (Maybe this awakening presents itself in the form of that rumor we’ve been hearing about babymaking.)

Until then, let’s see how they progress in this “surrogate” relationship. I have a feeling it’s not actually going to change anything for them day-to-day, but it’s definitely a nice push in the right direction. And as long as I’m confident of the ultimate destination, I can be patient.

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