Friday, September 19, 2008

Bones: New Sides of the Eh Variety

Spoilers for some mid-season episode of Bones that could air at any time in the next, say, twenty weeks, because this show films and airs in a freakishly bizarre order.

First of all, here's the link.

At first glance, this episode seems pretty silly. Looks like Booth and Brennan are flying to China--Brennan's going on a dig, but I have no idea why Booth needs to tag along--and a murder occurs while on the plane. (Sounds like it involves the airplane microwave.)

Brennan's in first class and Booth's in coach, which provides the usual high-status/low-status hijinks we've come to expect.

The only Booth/Brennan shipper stuff to be found is this:

Flight Attendant: You need to return to Coach, sir.
Booth: But this is my partner, Dr. Brennan. We like being together.
Flight Attendant: Your sexual relationship is not relevant, sir, this is First Class.

Same old, same old.

Also, apparently Brennan tells Booth that her "first love" is straight-out anthropology and he gets offended. I'm imagining that this is set-up for the traditional Booth/Brennan send-off scene. Something silly like that her first love is anthropology, but her true love, her forever love, is solving crimes with Booth.

Sweets makes a "Lime in Da Coconut" reference and apparently is still dating Daisy. I think Sweets could do a lot better. He could have Caroline Jane Carter if he wanted.

Angela's apparently still hooking up with Roxie, which is interesting. Hodgins makes some comment to the effect of "I just want you to be happy," which is...really interesting. Whatever. B-Team ships like Hodgela take precedence when A-Team ships are on bad terms (think Hodgela hooking up at roughly the same time Brennan got with Sully), so the B-Team being on a break could mean serious forward motion for the A-Team. And I'm okay with that.

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