Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bones: A little danger never hurt anyone, right?

I love danger angst.

You know what I'm talking about. When one member of my couple is in need of rescue, injured, sick or going through some sort of heavy emotional situation? You've got my full attention. Coming from someone with adult ADD, that's quite a challenge. Nothing brings out the true emotions better than a little danger. Booth desperately trying to locate Brennan while she's buried alive; Brennan witnessing Booth being shot and screaming over him, "Come on, Booth! Come on!"; Derek breathlessly waiting outside Meredith's room while the rest of the team worked to save her. I could go on and on but I think you all get the point.

Let me also take a minute out to explain to everyone that I am not a cold, heartless bitch.

In 3D life I don't like seeing people get hurt or go through emotional hell. I'm just as protective as Booth. However, since they are on tv, I know they aren't actually going through any of that stuff. David Boreanaz didn't really get shot. Ellen Pompeo didn't really drown/die/come back to life. Michael Vartan didn't really get shot 1938742083 times. They all got into their high end vehicles at the end of the day and headed home. But they did create some of the best emotional moments on their respective shows and within their couples.

Each season of Bones has brought some sort of danger to our beloved couple as well as the other members of the squint squad. Logic would suggest that this year will bring more of the same. Mae, Caroline and I have all talked about the possibility of Brennan being thrown into some sort of danger and Booth doesn't get there in time to save her from injury. There's no doubt in my mind she'd put her size 9 in someone's ass but it just won't be enough. She winds up in the hospital and we cut to scenes of him by her bedside perhaps as a peace offering for being jipped of bedside scenes when he got shot. Booth then begins his own mission to end the lives of those who hurt her. All the while looking sexy as all hell. Reminiscent of how hot Vaughn looked when he was heading in to finish off Lauren. Yeah, baby. That's what I'm talking about.

Oh and please don't tell me there would be people worrying that Brennan was really going to die. Her nickname is in the title of the show for F's sake. No Bones? No Bones. Literally. That's as stupid as thinking Meredith Grey was going to die on Grey's Anatomy.

Now, as great as it would be to see Booth shell out some highly emotional scenes, I've got just one little problem with it; Brennan wouldn't get to see him being emotional. Almost every time Booth has been in panic mode it's been because Brennan is in danger. How about we throw him into panic mode with Brennan right by his side this time. And let's say...oh i don't know...something happens to a member of his family to get the ball rolling. Oh, and by member of his family? I mean Parker (I really do love kids, I promise).

Nothing extreme - I don't want the kid to die or be messed up for life. As a result, Brennan finds herself having to look after Booth in the same way he's done for her a dozen times. Not that he'll just start shooting in a blind rage but the man would definitely become a whole new level of pissed and would not hesitate to take down anyone who stands between him and his son. I would be extremely interested to see how Brennan would deal with him as this would be uncharted territory for her. We got a taste of "Parker Panic" in The Man In The Cell but I'm ready for a much bigger chunk of that pie.

Cutie pie Ty Panitz will be back for 2 episodes right off the bat. The first of which comes at us tonight. This kid has only been in, what, 4 episodes in 3 years? Now he's in 2 in the first half of the season? Que interesanté! Lets bring him in and develop a connection with Brennan. Then, since we also learned that there will be some Max/Parker time (yeah, you read that right), we've got a bond starting to form there which equates to an intensified "Parker Panic" because they all have a connection to him. As we've all seen, Max is a pretty ruthless guy when it comes to protecting his family. However, I have a feeling than an angry Booth might give him a run for his money.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either of those arcs.

Aww, hell. Let's do both!

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