Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Spoilers and speculation for The Office.

This has been a pretty intense week for the Jam fans.

I think most of us went into that premiere pretty pessimistically, but, boy, were we wrong.

Joy of joys, Jim and Pam are engaged, and it's all forward-moving from here, right?

Uhh, maybe?

Spoilers have emerged in the past few days that say Jam's got some

We kind of know this, but...Jim wants Pam to have his babies! That said, the separation is not doing them any good. As Jenna Fischer puts it, "We have to deal with real relationship problems."

Also, there's this whole business about Roy coming back. Says Kristin,

According to my spies, Roy has not returned to court Pam. Still, it's not all roses and sunshine and wedding plans...

Word is, somewhere around the fifth episode of the season, Jim and Darryl will meet up with Roy at a bar (as usual, to avoid some hijinks cooked up by Michael), and the meeting is fairly benign (no punching this time). However, it could still spell trouble for Jim and Pam. I'm told Roy throws out a zinger that makes Jim worry about Pam being away at art school and whether any of her new guy friends could steal her away (just as he did to Roy).


You know what happens when the ex becomes a problem with the new fiance. Everyone ends up feeling kind of like this:

Fear not, Jam fans! The Office crew are much worse at angst than Darlton!

That said, it does look like there's some angst around the corner. That doesn't necessarily spell doom for Jam, just that they'll be force to confront what Jenna calls "real relationship problems." Heretofore, it's been just dandy being a member of Jim and Pam. Have they ever fought? So giving them some serious topics to discuss--his trust in her, her career moving forward while Jim's stagnates at Dunder-Mifflin, and, apparently, having babies--is probably a good move.

God, this season is just chock-full of good storylines, is it not?

Before we go on, let's take a moment to squee over this inevitable Jam baby mention.

Because I imagine this scene being totally adorable. I bet it happens at Jan's baby shower. Jim will make some off-handed comment about "when we have kids" that will totally freak Pam out. As we know from "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," Pam is not a fan of children--or, perhaps more accurately, she doesn't think children are a fan of her. Jim will have to convince her that it'll be different when it's their baby, because he or she (oh, who are we kidding--she) will be their baby. And of course he'll quell her fears and they'll spend precious moments imagining what she's going to look like and be like--a curly-haired troublemaker with big green eyes. And just like that, I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for Jam babies.

'Cause they're so going to happen!

Lastly, it also puts that whole Jim's-brothers storyline into perspective. I wrote this post pre-proposal, when I was still angry with Jim for chickening out. Now, though, Halpert and I are on good terms, unless he seriously doubts Pam's love for and faithfulness to him. Then we'll have words.

Roy obviously plants the seed of doubt, and with all the other things going on in his brain, this is merely an extra layer upon Jim's emotional distress. (Seriously--it's making me nuts--when has this happened before on television? Or in a movie?) I hope, as do many Jam fans, that instead of going all passive-aggressive on his bride, Jim grabs life by the balls and just marries her. I've said it before--nothing would make me happier than a Shortest Engagement Dundie.

And seriously, with Holly on board, how much do we need a Dundies Redux?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Oh, Nonsense.

Okay, I said we'd get to the specifics of this insanity, and now it's time.

My roommate and I are rewatching "Dream a Little Dream of Me," because she hadn't seen it yet, and once I had cast aside the idea that I needed to like this episode, I realized just how much I disliked it.

It's really irritating how misogynistic this episode is. That's the ultimate reason of why it's bothering me.

Let's start with Rose. I'm a hardcore Derek/Meredith shipper, but I can appreciate that Rose got screwed over. And when I found out a few weeks ago that she was actually going to speak her mind, I thought maybe she'd go where no spurned television lover had gone before. Because did Lauren Reed or Karen Filipelli ever get a word in after they got cast aside? No. As soon as Vaughn picked Sydney and Jim picked Pam, Lauren got killed off and Karen left Scranton. But instead of having Rose speak up with a mouthful of awesome, Shonda Rhimes just made her batshit crazy!

Telling Derek she was pregnant? Stabbing him with a scalpel?

Oh wait. This is is sounding so familiar...wait, wait. Oh, yeah! Ava did this in the very last episode!

Also, I'm getting tired of Alex's yo-yoing. What a douchebag. He's an overreactor. And a toolbaggish game-player and an emotional terrorist. Frankly, I'm starting to think that Dr. Wyatt's return is focused on Alex, because that jackass could use some therapy.

Okay, and what's with Bernadette Peters going back to her cheating husband? I disapprove. Liar. Cheater. Withholder. The patients always go back to their cheating spouses and I can't handle it.

And then we have the Chief. His rant about Meredith--and then his rant to Meredith--was absolutely inexcusable. The man blamed Meredith for bringing him and his hospital down, when that is absolutely unfair. Excuse me, but if you had such a problem with her being Ellis Grey's daughter, then why did you, I don't know, let her retake the intern exam or hire her in the first place? You're on my shit list, Dr. Webber.

Everyone else? You're just whiny babies.

The only person I felt for in this episode was poor Betty and her goldfish brain. And she doesn't even seem that traumatized. I mean, as long as you didn't know you were living the same thirty seconds over and over again, who cares? They say goldfish have a memory span of about that long, and they usually seem quite happy.

Actually, it seems preferable to everybody else's nonsense.

Character Analysis + Eyegasm = Perfection

It's quite possible that there is nothing in fandom that I love more than a really, really great fanvid. And I am really, really picky about what I consider great.

Seriously, you guys, I think I just died and went to fanvid heaven.

Allison Cameron has always been and always will be my favorite character on House. Don't ask me why, because my only explanation is that she's damaged yet persistent. I've developed an unintentional trend in character favoritism throughout my years in fandom: Dana Scully, Abby Lockhart, Sydney Bristow, Meredith Grey, Kate Austen, Addison Forbes Montgomery-(Shepherd), Rebecca Harper, Temperance Brennan... Allison Cameron. Life has not always been nice to them. In fact, life has kind of been a bastardized asshole to all of them - and yet they continually refuse to give up. Okay, perhaps Meredith isn't the best example overall but then again I'm not really talking about her right now - I'm talking about Cameron.

I'm consistently fascinated with trying to get inside of her head and figure out why she is the way she is; dead husband, fear of commitment, obsessive need to be the best (whilst also always doing the "right thing"), inner self-loathing about always being the good girl who never takes chances, overly-emotional attachment to her patients, creepy (IMO) love-crush on the much-older boss, and a no-strings sexual partnership with a co-worker that inevitably morphed into the type of stable and steady relationship that demands the exact kind of commitment that she's so afraid to give. This woman is fucked up and she is one of my absolute favorite character studies.

Which is exactly why this fanvid makes me so freakishly happy in every possible way. Not only is it a visual eyegasm of beauty and editing skills, but it's also a visual character analysis of all things Cameron and what's made her into the person we know her as today.

For real, it's so perfect that I couldn't possibly care less that a Hameron created it or that it's full of Hameron moments; to be fair, the Hameron era is a very real and important part of her history/development, so it totally should be included.

Plus, it's got equal amounts of Chameron running throughout, so I'm just a ball of fangirly squee.

Friday Night Lights: Pretend it's January

General Premiere/New Season Spoilers Included

I have been so unbelievably lazy with my coverage of this spectacular series during hiatus, and for that I'm going to punish myself by withholding the new episodes from my TV until January.

Oh, wait. NBC is doing that for me.

DirecTV subscribers, however, can start enjoying the new season this Wednesday (October 1st!) and revel in the glory of being oh-so-much-cooler than the rest of us cable kids. At least for about 24 hours until someone rips it onto the internet and we all just download it illegally anyway -- and by "we," I'm clearly making a generalization because of course Caroline and I don't partake in such illicit activities...

Word on the FNL street all hiatus has been that we will (yet again) jump forward in time to 8 months after the last moments in Dillon, TX that we witnessed last year. At first it sounds a little jolting, but then again it's no different than what happened between Seasons One and Two -- we time-jumped a good 8 months between "I'm pregnant" and "Welcome to the world, Gracie Belle!" during that hiatus, so I'm thinking this could become a yearly trend. It makes sense, really, seeing as there's not much story to tell surrounding high school football when it's not actually football season.

So, yeah, we're doing the eight-month jump again and it's going to bring about a lot of interesting changes in Dillon. Gaius Charles already shot his final episode and Scott Porter wasn't far behind. Taylor Kitsch is waving goodbye to Panthers Football and only hanging around so Riggs can play with Lyla, apparently. No more Smash, Riggins or Street. Not that I entirely care (because they weren't really even close to being my favorites), but it is definitely going to be weird seeing the Panthers hit the field without them.

And to think, Saracen and Landry are next in line to graduate and disappear from the fold. I'm slightly baffled and intrigued as to how this is all going to work from year to year -- that is, if we're lucky enough to keep getting more years.

I'm excited to see Little Miss Gracie Belle, though, as she should be about a year old by the time we start again -- how precious will it be to see her start toddling around the Taylor house as Coach watches her with a mix of panic and pride, hoping she doesn't fall and break her little baby neck? I will just simply die.

Also, I hope Julie has grown out of her bitchy phase and Matt has grown out of his psychotic Carlotta phase. Because that shit was far beyond annoying.

Whatever the case, I'll see you on October 1st, kids! It will be a day of celebration for oh-so-many fandomy reasons!

Who wants to bring the confetti?

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office: State of the Union

Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love with Girl. Boy and Girl enter into some geometrical nightmare in the form of a triangle, square, or pentagram – complete with blood. Boy might "die". Boy might get into fight with Girl and send his best friend on a rowboat. Boy might be cloned. But Boy and Girl are separated by stupidity until ratings start to die and a show faces certain death. Suddenly, Boy and Girl are united, inseparable and, in a desperate attempt to regain the lost audience, all other plot gets watered down or readjusted to suddenly 'make room' for Boy and Girl who were naturally the core of the show BEFORE the math problems. Ratings get lower and show gets cancelled. Writers, and the media, blame Boy and Girl.

When did Boy and Girl get such a bum rap and why do we let it continue? The answer is: it's far easier to blame a ship than it is to blame foolish writing because that would be assuming responsibility for your own lack of talent.

Believably, a couple will have problems. They might even decide, suddenly, after successfully working together for years, that they don't trust one another and make googley eyes over dead bodies while suffering over how difficult it is to deal with this problem instead of actually dealing with this problem. The thing is, when you get the point where the only way to separate your couple is to have them be kidnapped by the bad guys, put in a cage and a fishbowl, and then proceed to mentally break one half until the only way they know how to function without their better half is to have irrational – not to mention muddy – sex with a complete ass… you can't expect the general audience to keep watching, much less the portion that could care less what lame plot you surrounded that crapshoot with.

So it's refreshing when a show eschews this norm that the writers in Hollywood have grown prone to shoveling out. When a show allows a couple to grow naturally into a relationship understanding that, yes, there are ups and down, but that when you work through them, the fruits of that labor are worth the effort.

Last night we had the fifth season premiere of The Office. This is a show where we've been told Jim met Pam and fell instantly in love. Pam followed soon after when Jim warned her that her Mixed Fruit Yogurt was expired. He didn't know HOW he knew, he just knew. The problem was Pam was engaged to Warehouse Guy Roy. Jim respected that and simply furthered their relationship as friends. It's an odd show already that displays a respect for a marriage not yet inked on paper and I say we owe our British friends for that since they came up with the initial concepts for The Office.

Then season two ended with a fantastic kiss between Jim and Pam after he told her he couldn't keep his feelings secret from her any longer. Oh, and Pam told her mom that yeah, she thinks she loves him except you had to read between the lines and whatever, she totally did. So season two ended in that spot where normal shows go to die. Season three would begin with Pam still engaged and suffering through her love for Jim and Jim would go out and hook up with some floozy.

Except this isn't your normal show. Pam broke off her engagement with Roy, again, out of respect for an institution we've turned into a joke in our society. How can she be engaged to Roy if she's in love with Jim? Simple answer is she can't, not if she cares for Roy and I believe she truly does. The problem now is Jim thinks his love is unrequited and can't handle working in the same office with Pam so he's transferred to another branch and has become friends with Karen, who is a total bitch.

Except she isn't. Karen is a professional, she's in control of her life, and she's sweet. I'm sure some would disagree, but, realistically? Karen was kind of awesome. Her only flaw was she wasn't Pam. And when the branches had to merge and Jim was faced with Karen and Pam, he realized that no matter how he tried to run away from his feelings for Pam, they'd always be there, preventing a true relationship with Karen. So Season four ended with Jim dumping Karen and Pam finding a new boy toy for more angst.

Except it didn't. Pam realized that she wasn't going to play games anymore. If she couldn’t have the man she loved then she wished him well and would begin to work on things for herself – like her art. But she could have him because he wanted her. The moment that normally takes a show seven years to accomplish with a hefty prescription for Vicodin for the audience, happened relatively painless in three. So season four MUST be the season where they have horrible fights and sleep around and break up.

Except it wasn't. Jim and Pam shared their first office kiss while everyone was watching. They shared their first night together away from home (so far as we know). They shared the knowledge that Jim is an aspiring sports writer and wished he played guitar and that Pam wears glasses and maybe wants to pursue something beyond being the secretary at Dunder Mifflin. And it wasn't boring or contrived, nor did it steer the show into certain death. But the engagement we assumed was coming at the end of the season, the engagement to wrap up a season's worth of solidification for the couple, didn't come. So obviously they're going to make us wait for that.

Except they didn't. In a move that was somewhat symbolic, Jim proposed to meet Pam at a halfway point between where she was going to college in New York and where he was in Scranton by instant messaging her, "meet me at the place where the soda can exploded on me". And within the first hour of the fifth season Jim was down on one knee and Pam was agreeing enthusiastically (and they don't have any hillbillies with secrets, or alcohol problems to contend with) and we're left in shock because… this isn't normal. And because it's not normal, it's amazing. The show that continually breaks out of the mold broke out of the biggest one of all.

Jim and Pam enter a fifth season running into no man's land because of the history this show has given them. This show will continue to let them to grow naturally into this relationship with their ups and down, but they'll work through them, and the fruits of that labor are worth the effort for them as well as for the audience.

- M

The Office: "Weight Loss" and "Casino Night"

I just really love how Pam's immediate response to Jim's proposal was "What are you doing?" which was also her response to his "I'm in love with you" in "Casino Night."

Very sweet.

Seriously--I'm holding out for a set of "Absolutely, I do"s on the altar.

The Office: Thursday Night Snapple Love

In rewatching the scene again, I noticed that there's some serious Snapple product placement going on. Congratulations, you've sufficiently integrated yourself into what will surely be a much-capped, much-iconned, much-rewatched scene in Office fandom. Also, I'm pretty sure Snapple's taking over NBC's Thursday night line-up, considering the hilarious relationship between Snapple and 30 Rock.

The Office: Thanks, Kate!

Spoilers for tonight's Office!

Looks like Evie's advice paid off--Jim used four small words to do what I've been asking him to do for months.

I am shocked.

You know, maybe from now on, I just need to go into The Office like it's opposite day. Because in the finale, I was convinced that they would get engaged by the time the closing credits rolled, and tonight, I was sitting here on my couch with my friend telling him in no uncertain circumstances that Jim and Pam would almost surely break up before getting engaged. I mean, one look at that art school friend and

I admit it. I was disillusioned and pessimistic and wrong.

Thank goodness.

There are still hurdles for Jam. There's major drama in Jim being bored at Dunder-Mifflin while Pam pursues her big city dreams. But at least now I'm (relatively) confident that there won't be a breakup before their wedding.

When I first watched, I was too overcome with It's raining! Evie, it's raining! to really concentrate on much more than Jim-Pam-knee-proposal. But when I just rewatched that scene--thanks, DVR!--I fell in love with Jim Halpert all over again. And I had a post yesterday about how irritated I was with him.

All is forgiven, sir.

"I just--I can't wait," he says.

It's almost like he listened to me. Not literally. I'm not Kristin dos Santos, claiming credit for storylines like she did today--holy mother of pretention, lady. But I said a few months ago that I thought Jim was taking advantage of Pam's love for him, allowing his confidence in her yes to prolong the teasing. And I didn't think that was fair, because the longer Jim postponed proposing, the more he risked seeming like Roy and the more I thought Pam would be justified in saying no.

Now, there's this whole new psychology going on that I am fascinated by.

On the whole, way to go, Officers. I was so surprised--I didn't even think the momentous rain scene would be in this episode--and pleased. The clips from earlier this week were so not indicative of the episode as a whole, which contained hilarious bits (my friend and I both agreed that Angela's "that's how I sleep at night" was one of the best talking heads ever), touching scenes all around, and those delightful throwbacks to previous episodes--Michael's "Beach Games" sumo suit, Andy's "Traveling Salesmen" use of "beer me," and Andy's request for Here Comes Treble to perform at the doomed Andy/Angela nuptials.

Oh my God, y'all. Jim and Pam are engaged!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: SERIOUSLY?

Riddle me this. Which of the following irritated me the most about tonight's Grey's Anatomy?

A. Cristina's whining. (At least Meredith's whining drives the plot forward.)
B. General bad doctor skills. Cristina messed up. Callie messed up. Hahn messed up. I'm getting the idea y'all deserve that #12.
C. The misogyny of all the BS going down between all those wives and all those husbands and George and Lexie and Sloan and just...ew.
D. The people I was watching with, who, despite being my friends, are still convinced that Izzie's going to get killed off.
E. All of the above.

There'll be plenty of time to talk about how I disliked the premiere--which I did--but right now this is merely a news update. Because when I get home from Grey's, I was greeted by the most despicable piece of Grey's news I've ever heard.

Melissa George is joining the cast.

Ick. Ick. Ick.

When I saw a post in Google Reader titled simply "Melissa George to Join Cast," I freaked while scanning to see which blog it was from. If it was from Dark's Lost page, I would have been beside myself. Melissa George terrorized me for an entire season of Alias, where she played Vaughn's wife for a year. But it's Grey's that she's joining. I don't think she'll be a good addition to Grey's--she's just basically terrible--and I really wish she would just stay out of my television.

I'm in a complainy sort of mood--sorry.

Lost: Another Life, Brotha

Oh my goodness. Big Lost spoilers.

The Lost fandom is in utter disarray, and while it’s kind of entertaining during the early September television doldrums, it’s also frustrating.

Remember the other day when Evie said she thought Jaters and Skaters should be in a death battle at this point?

Well, as if we hadn’t already, we took her advice.

Damon and Carlton said some things that Jaters think they shouldn’t have on the season four audio commentary. The only thing I found offensive was when they suggested that Sawyer was the cause for Jate’s future breakup and Jate’s future breakup was the cause of Jack’s future breakdown. Excuse me, Darlton, but I’m pretty sure Jack started seeing Christian Shephard when things were just freaking dandy with Kate.

There’s also been some internal turmoil within the Jate movement this week. (Let’s not turn on each other, everyone, please!) Basically, whenever things like this come up, we start worrying about what Darlton really means when they call Sawyer’s jump “epic,” how this relates to their plans for the series finale, etc. And then we really start talking about it, and at a certain point, you have to look at each other and say, “Dude. This is just television.”

And, yes. It’s just television. But I have devoted hours and days and weeks to reading about and writing about and talking about Jate. I’m really freaking invested. So are the Skaters. As a girl who was a Carter/Abby shipper to the bitter end, I know how it feels to have your ship destroyed, and I absolutely 100% do not want that to happen to Jack and Kate. I’m so serious. It will be problematic to my real life if Jack and Kate don’t end up together. Does that make me sort of pathetic? In some circles, yeah, maybe. But the fact is, I’ve bet big time on these two, and it really needs to pay off.

Speaking of payoff, there are huge new spoilers about a couple of early-season episodes on Dark today.

Basically, Desmond and Penny are on the run from Ben, who at one point tortures a guy for info about their whereabouts. But when Ben realizes that Penny is (!!) pregnant, he relents and leaves them alone. Guess ol’ softie Linus has a weakness for babies, too.

You know what the first thing I thought of was?

This is why Scully gave up William.

MSR aside, there’s serious trouble for Desmond, Penny, and their baby in this episode. The OTPredictor says they should have a girl baby, but the more I think about, the more I think their baby could be a boy. Unlike other shows, Lost has multiple OTPs. Aaron was totally supposed to be a boy, but I probably would have argued that Sun and Jin should have a boy, too. They didn’t. Because I am so adamant about the Jaby being a girl, I think Desmond and Penny’s almost has to be a boy for the sake of balance. If Sun and Jin, Desmond and Penny, and Jack and Kate all have daughters, however, it’ll be the ultimate confirmation of our thesis.

Anyway, seems like both Penny and Desmond spend some time on the verge of death, and I really won’t be okay if either of them dies. These two need to make it to the end, okay?

On the scene were Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, and their respective cars (the classic Ford Bronco and the stylish silver Volvo).

Jack gets out of his truck and crosses the street to Kate, sitting in her car. He kneels at her window, and they have a long conversation. Suddenly, Jack rises to his feet, and after a few more words, darts around the front of her car and jumps in the passenger seat. The pair then speed away …

It was a rainy morning, but they brought their rain trucks anyway, allowing them to conjure a downpour on cue. It was another Jack and Kate scene, but mum’s the word on what happens at this motel… or where the motel’s located.

Um, yay, first of all. Kate letting Jack into her car, into her life is good Jate progress in any case. (Could be a flashback, though, I suppose, so I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.)

Also—that first part sounds like the beginnings of an A-Mission to me. I hadn’t realized how much I need good A-Missions. Obviously, it looks like we’ll be seeing some Sayid and Hurley A-Missions off the island, but Jack and Kate car chases—with Kate at the wheel?

Do you not remember why I fell in love with Sydney and Vaughn?

And, finally, rain scenes. This is what we call pathetic fallacy. One of Jate’s first scenes—a totally whoa jangsty one—is in the rain, as Jack struggles to reconcile the fact that the pretty, feisty girl is all wanted and shit.

Let’s not forget, too, that Evie herself said that rainstorms are very romantic…

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grey's, Bones and a shout out to my mom...

The doctor is in...still.

Caroline informed me that Amy Madigan will be back in episode 3 of Grey's Anatomy to reprise her role as the fabulous Dr. Wyatt. I, for one, could not be happier. I have said all along that I hoped she stuck around for a while. Meredith may think she's all whole and healed but being with Derek this time is probably going to necessitate just as much couch time as before. Albeit for different reasons but I'd rather have her run for couch instead of run for the border. Welcome back, Dr. Wyatt. I cleaned the couch and fed the fish.

Switching gears...I'm not sure how many of you caught this on Monday evening but instead of airing what should have been The Priest In The Churchyard, TNT aired part one of Yanks In The UK. I had read something about this happening but didn't realize it would be this week. Since they were only showing the first hour and Fox had not technically separated the episodes the first time around, I was interested to see how they were going to cut the bridge scene. Imagine my glee when instead of the white fade into generic stock footage of Washington, D.C., the scene continued and included all of what we had seen in the very first sneak peek clip released about a week before the premiere. Clinking glasses and all. For those of you who stayed spoiler free (props to you) and may not have seen the whole thing, take a look here. It's only an extra 5 seconds but it's quite precious.

Lastly, I'd like to make a shout out to my mom who is quite possibly the coolest mom to watch television with. As we were watching the bridge scene Monday night, she made a very valid observation about Booth and Brennan that I hadn't thought about. This whole time I felt as though the symbolism of the bridge was to show that good luck was in store for them. Then my mom chimed in with, "Look at that. They don't even realize that the bridge is going up behind them. Just like they haven't realized they are meant for each other yet."

You, mom, get a gold star.

P.S. Yay for hockey season! WOOT!

Bones: New Sneak Peeks!

Dark's got two sneak peeks from tonight's episode of Bones, and I just have one thing to say.

If this episode ends with Bones giving Booth a backrub, I will be a happy, happy girl.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fringe: I Know What That Is, Olivia!

If you just watched Fringe and you're a fan of le Sydney Bristow, you might have thought that little yellow disc looked kind of familiar. I immediately thought of the Rambaldi key that Sydney fished out of that church after fighting with Anna Espinosa in season one. Thanks to Alias Media for the caps.

Grey's Anatomy: Casting Scoop Creates Brotherly Love?

Probably not, but a girl can hope, right?

Kristin dos Santos says that Mary McDonnell is guesting on Grey's for a multi-ep arc. You may know her as the president on Battlestar Galactica, but I will always know her as Eleanor Carter, John's crazy mom on ER.

No word yet on who she'll play, but KDS offers her own speculation: "Could this be the older woman of McSteamy's dreams? A hospital administrator come to help or harass the Chief? Or maybe Alex's mentally ill mother?"

I'd just like to throw out that I'd really prefer it if she played Derek's mom. If only because that would make Drs. Shepherd and Carter brothers by association.


Lost: The Next Generation?

Spoilers and rumors for Lost season five.

We're getting hints from Dark and others that there's going to be a new baby on board when Lost starts back up in February.

Says Dark, referencing Ryan's podcast:

Strong hints of a Desmond/Penny baby. Seemed a guess at Phillipines shoot last week, but other clues now, including casting for very young baby, Caucasian, "dark hair okay, not Aaron."

As someone who loves babies, I'm excited about the possibility of Des/Penny offspring, but as commenters over at Dark's website have said, I'm worried about what that could mean for Penny.

They've (perhaps) gotten a little ahead of themselves and claimed that this means Penny's going to die and Desmond's going to have to raise their baby by himself. They see Desmond as a "tragic character," never to have a traditional happy ending. I wouldn't go that far quite yet, especially because of the crucial role Penny's going to have in the Ben/Widmore showdown.

Also, wouldn't it be cute? Penny was so sweet with Aaron, and I'd love to see Desmond as a dad. (Putting it out there--as an OTP, Desmond and Penny would have a girl.)

Anyway, it could be a totally different baby, but I'm totally open to the possibility of seeing the Humes as a family.

The Office: ZOMG Halperts

Spoilers for The Office.

Sayeth TVGuide via OfficeTally:

The Office’s Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) is about to meet her likely future brothers-in-law. In a late October episode of the NBC comedy, Pam — still studying art in New York City — arranges a Big Apple reunion with boyfriend Jim (John Krasinski) and his look-alike brothers, played by actors Blake Robbins and Tug Coker. “Pam’s trying to do whatever she can to show Jim that she’s really committed to the relationship,” Jenna says. “She hopes this outreach to the family will integrate her to the Halperts, but it just goes horribly wrong.” The craziest part of shooting the scene? For Jenna, it was seeing “these people who look just like John Krasinski.” Who knew there was that much quirky cuteness to be found.

Um, yay Halperts!

Will the show pay tribute to fanon and name one brother Jon? Will there be discussion of Jim's once-mentioned niece/nephew? Will we finally found out who Larissa is?

I'm a little bothered by the whole Pam's-still-in-art-school thing. Not because I don't want Pam to have goals beyond Dunder-Mifflin, but because that's an awful lot of back and forth. The show functions best when everyone is in the office, dealing with mundane nonsense. I don't generally enjoy out-of-office episodes very much (probably why I wasn't a huge fan of season four), and I'm worried about Jim and Pam's relationship if they're spending four or five episodes long-distance.

Also, what's going on that Pam feels like she has to "[try] to do whatever she can to show Jim that she's really committed to the relationship"?

What the hell is Jim doing showing that he's committed to the relationship? Certainly not proposing.


Lost Hiatus '08 Day One: Mederma For Kids

Yesterday was September 22, and on that day four years ago, Oceanic 815 crashed onto an island in the South Pacific.

With the help of Lostpedia's intricate timeline, I'm navigating the series chronologically this hiatus, watching scene-by-scene in keeping with the established timeline.

Today was a big one--eleven episodes contain scenes which detail part of September 22. From Desmond's account of the hatch's system failure to the tailies' perspective of the back-end crash, today's scenes contain a lot of Lost.

Couple things I realized I still don't understand.

Why did the Others attack the Tailies on the first night? All Ben told Goodwin was that he wanted a "list in three days," and yet there's Mr. Eko, covered in the blood of two dead Others. I guess they were trying to kidnap Eko, but with how careful the Others have otherwise been with their kidnappings--and the importance they place on "good" and "bad"--how could they have "known" who to take? And considering what we now know are the Others' priorities--defending the island and solving the pregnancy problem--I have no idea why Eko would have seemed a valuable commodity to them.

It wouldn't be right for me to post this without making a mention of Jate's first meeting. Something kind of poetic actually struck me with this viewing: Jack has two scars on his torso--Kate's and Juliet's. Juliet's is on his right lower front; Kate's is on his left upper back.

You know, during the post-"Something Nice Back Home" insanity, I remember us talking about the fact that you can see Jack's appy scar when he admires the razor in the mirror. And you can. But when Jack's down in their kitchen, you can see the Kate's scar, too. I can't find good screencaps, but I SWEAR to you it is there. Tomorrow if I get a chance, I'll make a cap. Look:

What's the difference between the two scars and how does that correspond to the women themselves and to their relationship with Dr. Shephard? Kate's is probably messier. She's not a professional, and she wasn't using the proper tools. Juliet is a doctor, and she had instruments from the Staff. Y'all, there is so much possibility for creativity here. I mean, these two indelible marks on Jack are from two women who have made a huge impression on his life. The injuries were different, the stitches were different, but most importantly, the moments were different. From counting to five to Susan Lewising that shit, Jate and Jacket have defined a lot of my Lost experience.

I'm so not doing justice to the irony and poetry and symbolism! But it's there, I really think it's there.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bones: More New Sides--Better Than Eh!

Real quick, 'cause it's almost eight and I haven't started my homework. (P.S. Yuck homework. I'm too old for this.)

Spoilers for a much-later episode of Bones.

Thanks to Genevieve over at LJ's bones_spoilers for this.

The episode still seems silly, but they've got the last page on that link, and it's pretty cute Booth/Brennan. As I predicted, the episode ends with a sweet recognition on Bones's part that she does really enjoy working with Booth.

Booth feels bad about bringing her into the world of crime and murder and takes credit for their partnership. She counters with, "That's not how I remember it... As I recall, I had to force you to take me out into the field."

Taking mutual responsibility for their partnership, Booth clinks a champagne glass to hers and, I'm sure, gives her one of those patent Booth smiles.

Random guest star: "Hey. Are you guys gonna make out?"

Brennan says something to shut him up and then turns back to Booth. "Why do people always think we're going to make out?" Then says the action, "Booth drinks his champagne. End of episode."

Seriously, I think it's a requirement that to be a guest star on Bones--murdered, murderer, accomplice, innocent bystander, whoever--you have to make some sort of outsider observation on the sexual tension. As far as I can recall, though, this is the first time I've seen where Brennan actually considers it for a moment. Instead of, "Eww, gross, we're partners," she's curious about what makes people think that.

Oh, I don't know, how about the way you look at each other?

How about the ridiculously romantic things you say to each other?

You getting that, Brennan?

I still think she's starting to get it.

Hey, at least it looks like Booth finagled his way into First Class, huh?

The Office: Ruh-Roh, Michael Klump

Dark's got six sneak peeks from The Office's season premiere and it's not looking good.

I smiled on the inside at the Andy/Angela scene, but never once laughed out loud.

I still love me some Jim and Pam, some Kelly Kapoor, some Crazy!Jan, and some Angela Martin on her good days (or is that her bad days?), but I'm growing increasingly tired of Michael.

I don't know how much longer I can put up with him--here's hoping Holly brings out some new, better sides of Michael.

Brief Emmy Notes: Jim Meets Kate, Roswell Confusion Lingers

I love it when universes collide, and for as much as I enjoy every time Lost is referenced on The Office, I'm even more besotted when the shows share space and time.

Last night on the Emmy red carpet, Ausiello interviewed Evangeline Lilly and John Krasinski--together. Very cute. I'm working on getting embeddable videos, but for now, you can head over to The Ausiello Files and click on "Ausiello TV." Here it is:

Ausiello kind of slipped up and asked Evie, "And Kate pretty much it seemed made her decision—Sawyer is her guy. Do you feel that, too?"

"Uh--no?!" she replied. Good girl.

Really, though, if anything, the triangle continues to be ambiguous. I could sit here and tell you that I think Evie would have loved to say, "Um, obviously her decision was Jack," but that wouldn't be appropriate, even though I am pretty confident about Evangeline's loyalties.

Her real answer was that the triangle is still very much in contention: "The Skaters and the Jaters should be like warring factions at this point."

Uh, are we not?

When asked about the future of Jam, John says, "I didn’t get to propose last year, so I’m try maybe think about proposing this year."

Evie pipes in with, "Rainstorms are good for proposals."

"Are they?"

"Yeah, yeah, especially if you’re on a tropical island. Very romantic."

Kate giving Jim relationship advice! Quick, somebody work up the AU!

Now, I would probably guess that, were they Lost fans, Pam would probably be one of those people who doesn't know who Kate should choose. Probably leaning toward Skate. But Jim would be a solid Jater, for sure. This would lead to heated debates.

Okay, and then Ausiello interviewed David Boreanaz.

They chatted about bringing on Jared Booth, and David played coy until Ausiello told David that the news was already out there and everyone knows. Boreanaz had previously said that all he'd say was that it was somebody with a "Roswell connection." Upon further prodding, Boreanaz says it's "Jason Behr."

Uhh...that's not what I heard.

I heard Brendan Fehr, who was also on Roswell. And, yeah, their names rhyme. It's confusing.

I'm assuming Boreanaz is the one who's confused--apparently sharing a network back in the day did very little for name/face recognition--but now my brain is all messed up. Frankly, Brendan Fehr looks more like a Booth, but Jason Behr is cuter, in my opinion.

Maybe they're both wrong and it's actually Katherine Heigl playing Booth's brother.

Jate Daily News: Somewhere, Are You Celebrating?

Wherever they are, I hope Jack and Kate are remembering the four-year anniversary of the day they met. I know I am.

More on Hiatus Project '08 later. It's gonna be a busy day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bones: New Sides of the Eh Variety

Spoilers for some mid-season episode of Bones that could air at any time in the next, say, twenty weeks, because this show films and airs in a freakishly bizarre order.

First of all, here's the link.

At first glance, this episode seems pretty silly. Looks like Booth and Brennan are flying to China--Brennan's going on a dig, but I have no idea why Booth needs to tag along--and a murder occurs while on the plane. (Sounds like it involves the airplane microwave.)

Brennan's in first class and Booth's in coach, which provides the usual high-status/low-status hijinks we've come to expect.

The only Booth/Brennan shipper stuff to be found is this:

Flight Attendant: You need to return to Coach, sir.
Booth: But this is my partner, Dr. Brennan. We like being together.
Flight Attendant: Your sexual relationship is not relevant, sir, this is First Class.

Same old, same old.

Also, apparently Brennan tells Booth that her "first love" is straight-out anthropology and he gets offended. I'm imagining that this is set-up for the traditional Booth/Brennan send-off scene. Something silly like that her first love is anthropology, but her true love, her forever love, is solving crimes with Booth.

Sweets makes a "Lime in Da Coconut" reference and apparently is still dating Daisy. I think Sweets could do a lot better. He could have Caroline Jane Carter if he wanted.

Angela's apparently still hooking up with Roxie, which is interesting. Hodgins makes some comment to the effect of "I just want you to be happy," which is...really interesting. Whatever. B-Team ships like Hodgela take precedence when A-Team ships are on bad terms (think Hodgela hooking up at roughly the same time Brennan got with Sully), so the B-Team being on a break could mean serious forward motion for the A-Team. And I'm okay with that.

Anyway. Read and comment.

Grey's Anatomy: New Promo Pics of the Squee Variety!

I'm having kind of a shit evening (it's 9:00 on Friday and I'm blogging--what does that say?), so I'm sitting here catching up on my DVR. Carter and Abby never bail on me (at least in season eight), and these episodes are even better as a grown-up than they were when I was in high school.

Anyway, this blog is actually about Grey's Anatomy, because there are new promo pictures out that you can view here at Dark's site.

Here are my favorites:

Just...Derek and Meredith. So excited. The synopsis says Derek tries to kick out the roommate from Meredith's house--I can't imagine that's going to go over well. I bet Meredith just wants him to slow it down a little--life with the roommates can be good practice for life without the roommates.

This? This is the kind of angst I can live with. Especially when it looks like they're going to end the episode on kissyface terms.

Last note--this is awkward:

The Office: Exciting and ... Not-So-Exciting Things on the Horizon

NBC's synopsis of episode three is out, and it sounds like a ton of fun:

THERE'S A BUN IN THE OVEN-- OSCAR NOMINEE AMY RYAN ("GONE BABY GONE") GUEST STARS- Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) practices for the birth of Jan's (Melora Hardin) baby by having Dwight (Rainn Wilson) go over possible birthing scenarios. Meanwhile, Michael tells Holly (guest star Amy Ryan) that he will pretend to dislike her for Jan's benefit. John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B.J. Novak, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

I have to ask, though, where the eff are Jim and Pam? They've been in the "also starring" category for two episodes, and they're barely mentioned in the premiere synopsis, too! Use what you got, folks! Gosh, demanding at least a Jam B-story every week is getting me absolutely nowhere.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Fork. Tweezers. Sewing Needle. Thumbtack. Bobby Pin.

Spoilers for the season premiere of Grey's!

So Kristin's got something up about the Grey's premiere, in which she says:

Derek is stabbed later in the episode, and Nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile) has something to do with it. That lady is full-on Looney Tunes.

Of Ausiello's five potential injuries to befall McDreamy, the stabbing was something I didn't even entertain. Now, I'm really confused.

What Kristin doesn't specify, however, is with what Derek gets stabbed.

Could be a paper clip.

Could be a mechanical pencil.

Mae says could be a scalpel, accidentally. One of those things that's an accident, but probably an accident that wouldn't have happened if Rose wasn't so angry. I mean, I highly doubt Rose is going to go all American Psycho on Derek Shepherd, but she might be annoying enough to let the knife slip 'cause she's pissed.

Still--accidental. Not life threatening.

Finally! Some Alias Answers!

A big thank you to any and all of you who saw my plaintive request to vote for my friend Allie in the TV spinoff contest last month. She won and we got to go to some really awesome events in New York last weekend--it's delightful being a plus-one!

While Jabrams didn't make it to any events last weekend, I did get to ask some questions of Andre Nemec. He's currently helming ABC's Life on Mars but was previously employed as a writer on Alias. I have my list of five questions I'd ask JJ Abrams if I ever met him, and so I went Alias-specific with Mr. Nemec.

#1: Irina Derevko was evil--seriously?

He says, without a doubt, yes. From the very beginning, the writers knew SpyMommy was never going to be good. They knew it would come down to her ultimate choosing Rambaldi over Sydney Bristow. Mr. Nemec said that the intention was always for Irina to be the one thing that Jack couldn't understand and Sydney couldn't fix. Always. She may have loved Sydney in her weird, twisted way, but she was serious about caring about Rambaldi more.

Mae says, "Well, then, Lena Olin was way too good at playing evil-as-good."

#2: What was S.A.B. 47 really supposed to be?

I explained my confusion about how the end of season three made it seem as though we would be returning to some Project Christmas-esque details about Sydney's childhood--that Jack had done something really shady in the past that had negatively influenced Sydney's life. Seriously, what was the deal with Lauren's whole "you think it's a coincidence you are your sister are both agents?" if it just turned out that, oh, Jack killed Irina.

Mr. Nemec said he didn't want to say they had made mistakes on Alias. That's how he started answering my question. But they knew coming into season four that they wanted to put Jack and Sydney in contention and they wanted to bring Irina Derevko back into the story. ("By killing her?" I asked. "Yeah.") That was what they came up with. They knew returning to Project Christmas wasn't going to move the story forward at all. Okay.

#3: Couldn't the Followers of Rambaldi dig up Sloane and wreak more chaos on the world?

Mr. Nemec says, "Well, yeah." But he didn't think that would ever really happen, because over the years, the Followers of Rambaldi had become a corrupt organization, culminating in Sloane's leadership. Without Sloane, the group, which was already pretty fragmented, is nonexistent and doesn't pose a threat. Even when we're talking about eternity.

I hope I get to have more conversations like this one. Because Mr. Nemec was so nice and really seemed to enjoy chatting about Alias. I mean, wouldn't you like talking about the intricacies of your work with someone who really wanted to understand them? Because I would love to explain the details of the bill I'm working on, but it's freaking boring. Alias--not boring. And he actually had answers! I mean, I love love love deconstructing Michael Vaughn with Mae, but at the end of the day, we can't come to any conclusions. Writers literally construct these universes. If he says the Followers of Rambaldi can't dig up Sloane, then they can't. If he says Irina Derevko was always, always evil, then she was.

Ah, sweet relief.

Quick Updates on Two Has-Been NBC Dramas

TVGuide.com is reporting that Anthony Edwards says George Clooney would be “a fool” not to return to ER in its final season. I can’t imagine why Clooney would even imagine stepping foot in County. Although, I must say, if they can get Clooney, then they surely should be able to convince Maura Tierney to make a couple more appearances. And you know what that means…

TVGuide.com also says that Janel Moloney of West Wing semi-fame is guesting on Law and Order: Criminal Intent sometime early this season. Oh, Donna.

That’s really all I have to say about that.

No, you know, it's really too bad that she's had such a hard time post-WW. For a time there, she was really part of one of my favorite ships. I've since reconsidered my Josh/Donna allegiance and chalked up that obsession to general ship dearth in that period of time (post-Carby, pre-Jate). Still, though, I always enjoyed her character and think she's generally pretty talented.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fringe: Confusion on the Macro vs. Micro Level

When I first wrote about my feelings on Fringe, it probably wasn’t very encouraging. After the pilot, I just wasn’t crazy about it.

I thought Olivia Dunham took herself too seriously, I thought the second half had a serious drag problem, and I wasn’t sold at all on the Peter/Olivia dynamic.

Seeing episode two this week, an episode that producers tell us is more indicative of the series, I’m now quite excited about the future of Fringe.

For starters, I’m finally drawn into the mythology. I know, I said finally. It’s episode freaking two and I’m saying finally. But it feels like Fringe has been talked about forever. Anyway, I’m on the edge of my seat wondering what in the world happened to Peter as a child. I’m so intrigued by what happened in the Bishop family back in the day. Oh, daddy drama.

Olivia’s also growing on me. When we weren’t dealing first-hand with her issues, I enjoyed her take-charge attitude as well as her interactions with the off-the-cuff Peter. Television relationships always fall into some kind of science/faith dichotomy. For Mulder and Scully, he’s the believer while she’s the skeptic. For Booth and Bones, she follows logic and reasoning, while he follows his heart. Jabrams’s relationships don’t conform to such a clear-cut dichotomy. I mean, how would you describe the fundamental difference between Sydney and Vaughn? They may be a bad example, because they so rarely argued about philosophy. Jack and Kate’s is also less clear, perhaps because their relationship isn’t based on work, meaning that their inherent difference is rooted in social location and not in psychology or philosophy.

For Olivia and Peter, who do work together—basically the same kind of set-up Booth and Brennan have—the difference seems, at this point, mostly located in their personalities. Olivia is very by-the-books, while Peter’s got a roguish attitude about him. (He defibrillated that girl using big pieces of metal and a shocker thing!) Both characters are rather harsh; although, for some reason, Peter doesn’t come across as cold, and Olivia does. Ah, double standards. It’s hard to describe with so little to go on.

I think I’m really going to enjoy this week-to-week thing. I never have to worry about old man babies ever again. (God, that was scary, wasn’t it?) I’m still concerned, however, about the fact that the Others can’t have babies. I never have to worry about last-image eye scanners ever again. I’m still concerned, however, about that glass eye they found in the Arrow. Yet they’re still keeping me on my toes with this whole Massive Dynamic dynamic, all this business about “The Pattern,” and now the mystery behind Peter’s childhood. There’s definitely going to be enough mystery to populate Fringepedia for years, but I’m finally understanding how the “Monster of the Week” idea is going to work.

It even seems like it will work better than The X-Files did. On TXF, each episode could be easily categorized as MOTW or mythology. They were all one or the other. Fringe seems able to do a better job at linking the two—the week-to-week mysteries are part of the long-term mythology, the Pattern.

Now, do we think those dudes in the incubators had anything to do with the Peter mystery?

Bones: A little danger never hurt anyone, right?

I love danger angst.

You know what I'm talking about. When one member of my couple is in need of rescue, injured, sick or going through some sort of heavy emotional situation? You've got my full attention. Coming from someone with adult ADD, that's quite a challenge. Nothing brings out the true emotions better than a little danger. Booth desperately trying to locate Brennan while she's buried alive; Brennan witnessing Booth being shot and screaming over him, "Come on, Booth! Come on!"; Derek breathlessly waiting outside Meredith's room while the rest of the team worked to save her. I could go on and on but I think you all get the point.

Let me also take a minute out to explain to everyone that I am not a cold, heartless bitch.

In 3D life I don't like seeing people get hurt or go through emotional hell. I'm just as protective as Booth. However, since they are on tv, I know they aren't actually going through any of that stuff. David Boreanaz didn't really get shot. Ellen Pompeo didn't really drown/die/come back to life. Michael Vartan didn't really get shot 1938742083 times. They all got into their high end vehicles at the end of the day and headed home. But they did create some of the best emotional moments on their respective shows and within their couples.

Each season of Bones has brought some sort of danger to our beloved couple as well as the other members of the squint squad. Logic would suggest that this year will bring more of the same. Mae, Caroline and I have all talked about the possibility of Brennan being thrown into some sort of danger and Booth doesn't get there in time to save her from injury. There's no doubt in my mind she'd put her size 9 in someone's ass but it just won't be enough. She winds up in the hospital and we cut to scenes of him by her bedside perhaps as a peace offering for being jipped of bedside scenes when he got shot. Booth then begins his own mission to end the lives of those who hurt her. All the while looking sexy as all hell. Reminiscent of how hot Vaughn looked when he was heading in to finish off Lauren. Yeah, baby. That's what I'm talking about.

Oh and please don't tell me there would be people worrying that Brennan was really going to die. Her nickname is in the title of the show for F's sake. No Bones? No Bones. Literally. That's as stupid as thinking Meredith Grey was going to die on Grey's Anatomy.

Now, as great as it would be to see Booth shell out some highly emotional scenes, I've got just one little problem with it; Brennan wouldn't get to see him being emotional. Almost every time Booth has been in panic mode it's been because Brennan is in danger. How about we throw him into panic mode with Brennan right by his side this time. And let's say...oh i don't know...something happens to a member of his family to get the ball rolling. Oh, and by member of his family? I mean Parker (I really do love kids, I promise).

Nothing extreme - I don't want the kid to die or be messed up for life. As a result, Brennan finds herself having to look after Booth in the same way he's done for her a dozen times. Not that he'll just start shooting in a blind rage but the man would definitely become a whole new level of pissed and would not hesitate to take down anyone who stands between him and his son. I would be extremely interested to see how Brennan would deal with him as this would be uncharted territory for her. We got a taste of "Parker Panic" in The Man In The Cell but I'm ready for a much bigger chunk of that pie.

Cutie pie Ty Panitz will be back for 2 episodes right off the bat. The first of which comes at us tonight. This kid has only been in, what, 4 episodes in 3 years? Now he's in 2 in the first half of the season? Que interesanté! Lets bring him in and develop a connection with Brennan. Then, since we also learned that there will be some Max/Parker time (yeah, you read that right), we've got a bond starting to form there which equates to an intensified "Parker Panic" because they all have a connection to him. As we've all seen, Max is a pretty ruthless guy when it comes to protecting his family. However, I have a feeling than an angry Booth might give him a run for his money.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either of those arcs.

Aww, hell. Let's do both!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House: Proceed With Cautious Optimism

Okay, I know I said recently that I was semi-excited and interested to see more of Thirteen's story in the new season, but that was a whole damn lot of Thirteen just in the premiere.

I don't necessarily think that bodes very well for my hopes that anyone - anyone at all - will get their own fair share of stories this year. Might as well have just renamed the show "Thirteen" for how much she was in every single scene and always, always talking. And, oh, the exposition. She's sick. I get it. I was thinking that would be interesting, but I was also hoping that it would be slowly drawn out in tiny inklings from week to week - not an overload all in one episode.

There was so much Thirteen, it practically overshadowed the real story of House/Wilson and their quickly deteriorating relationship. And, really, even I will come right out and say that nothing should ever overshadow something that defining.

Kutner and Taub still bore me. Foreman is still an annoying ass that I'd rather just disappear.

Cameron really... needs to stop using the "dead husband" card so much, because it always makes me want to shake her and scream, "You only married him to make yourself feel good and to give you something to hide behind when people try to call you out on your enormous fear of commitment!"

But, ya know, more on that later.

Chase, on the other hand, had me smiling from ear to ear. Have I mentioned yet how much I love this new and improved version of Robert Chase that has emerged ever since he stopped working for House? Because I love him. Desperately. And I got a huge kick out of him pulling rank and copping an attitude to Foreman and the new kids just because he can. Heh. Yeah, he was kind of an asshole, but good for him. He's grown some balls.

Speaking of Chase (and, really, Cameron), let's get down to the real reason I sat down and started typing tonight: C/C SPOILERS!

Lately there has been a bit of small wealth when it comes to information about Chase, Cameron and their apparently-still-existent relationship. Just the fact that both David Shore and Katie Jacobs are swearing up and down that they're going to use them more and focus on their story more this year would be enough to get me bouncing with glee... if I actually ever believed a single word either of them ever says. So instead, I take that "promise" with a grain of salt and focus my attention on the solid spoilers from other sources - especially the ones from the actors themselves.

Here's a run down of the major points we've gotten so far:

They are currently shooting the season's sixth episode and Jacobs tells me it's an hour that will focus on... wait for it... Cameron and Chase: "Cameron will have a case, and through that storyline, we'll be able to explore Cameron and Chase's relationship and where they're at right now. We have sort of an embarrassment of riches with so many talented cast members, and it wasn't like we were trying to ignore any of our characters, but I think we are doing a better job of utilizing all their talents this year. At least I hope we are." - Source

This is one of the only things from Miss Katie that I believe without hesitation, seeing as I've heard it elsewhere, too. And it's also nice to see her acknowledging that they flat-out ignored Morrison and Spencer for the entirety of last season. Ausiello also talked to her about similar points of interest in this video.

Before, costars (and fan favorites) Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer were engaged in real life, while their characters dated casually on the show. After: The real-life relationship has fizzled, but the lovers will now take it to the next level on screen - Source

Hm. Yeah, I'm definitely thinking I'm going to spend a good amount of time this season fighting an internal battle of squeeing like a fangirl whilst also cringing at how awkward it is. Sigh.

Everyone's least favorite Kristin visited the set and interviewed each of the cast members - both Jesse and Jennifer discussed Cam/Chase and the direction of the relationship.

And then Jesse gave this particularly angsty (and yet exciting!) piece of insight: Cameron was always the one who was unsure about the relationship. It was a role-reversal: Chase was very sure about it and wanted to be with her, and she wasn’t. So, that hasn’t really gone away. Normally, if there are problems in a relationship at the beginning, unless they are really solved, they tend to come back. That sort of comes back. It ends up with Cameron having to decide what she really wants. - Source

There's also this video in which Jesse Spencer pops up somewhere in the middle and informs us all that PPTH will have it's very own "hospital held hostage" situation this year. If this were ER, I'd be rolling my eyes - but seeing as House hasn't used this plot bunny yet, I'm filled with anticipation and way, way too much unsubstantiated speculation.

Last, but certainly not least, Ausiello came through yet again and addressed that pesky "Cameron will get pregnant" rumor that's been circulating and re-circulating practically all summer. Basically, what he got as an answer from on-set spies was, "No - at least, not in the first 10 episodes." (Source) Hm. Curious. He did, however, scoop that the Cs will finally move in together during sweeps. Which kind of answers a bit of that "take it to the next level" scoopage from up above...

OKAY. So basically, I want to be stoked and I really feel like I should be stoked... but I can't help being a little wary when it comes to Shore and Jacobs at the helm.

I could speculate (and have, outside of the blog) until I'm blue in the face about this whole "hostage situation" issue (because if watching ER taught me anything, it's that crazed patients with guns like to take the ER hostage - ER = CameronLand), but I think I'll reserve that for it's very own delusional blog.

The one thing I'm really, really psyched about is the semi-angsty information that Jesse gave about Cameron having to really consider her feelings for Chase and make a final decision about what it is that she wants. See, now, that is my kind of storyline - especially because it's been a damn long time coming. Even though I squeed like a little girl when she showed up on his stoop and said she couldn't wait until Tuesday, I've always recognized that it was kind of out of nowhere and random. And Chase, as was shown several times last season, still has trust and self-confidence issues with Cameron and their relationship with regard to her past romantic feelings for House. You can't really blame the guy for wondering - I'm sure it's crossed his mind a time or two (as it's crossed mine) that she may very well have chosen to be in a relationship with him merely because it was convenient and easy to hide behind. Because Cameron sure does love to hide behind whatever she can in an attempt to avoid what her true motives are...

...which brings me back to the dead husband. Oh yes, Cameron, how selfless and caring of you to marry a man you knew was going to die soon. And how easy to create the appearance of ultimate commitment when you know it's actually completely short-term. I love Cameron, and I don't doubt that she really did love that guy, but I do think her motives were tainted - and she still doesn't realize that about herself.

And so, with Chase, it's time to deal with this fear of commitment that she's been avoiding by walking around as the tortured widow and the seemingly-committed girlfriend who, really, hasn't ever done a single thing to show real commitment other than not breaking up with him yet. And like Jesse stated, Chase loves her and has always known that he wants to be with her - he's never faltered when it comes to his hopes for a future with her, and it's only a matter of time before he challenges her to (a) prove she's truly over House, (b) convince him that she's with him out of more than just convenience, and (c) take some sort of action to prove she's willing to commit to him long-term.

Seeing as Episode 6 is basically centric on their relationship, I'll take a wild shot in the dark that their little angst-fest will take place mainly during that hour. And given the whole "they move in together during sweeps" bit, I'd say it's pretty obvious that what Cameron finally decides she really wants... is Chase.

Still, this is a lot of spoily information that I'm only just slightly bouncing around with glee about. Because, really, it could all play out in two or three episodes and then we barely see either one of the characters at all for the rest of the season. I'm excited, yes, but it's definitely more a feeling of cautious optimism than anything else.

I mean, this is Shore and Jacobs we're talking about - it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they're just setting me up for a heartbreaking fall.

The Office: Okay, Fine. I'm More Than *Reluctantly* Excited

Boy, that's cute.

I love Jim and Pam.

Tomorrow, let's talk Fringe, okay?

Emily and Jenna: More Mashy Fandom Time!

Last night, tracielyn at the LJ community 206_bones posted a link to this photo gallery from Sunday's "Fur Ball at the Skirball" event, hosted by Jenna Fischer and attended by Emily Deschanel. Jenna and Emily posed for a couple of pictures together, and I know I'm not the only one who geeks out over Pam Beesly and Dr. Brennan coexisting--it's oddly fascinating and fun.

Plus, is it just me, or do they have almost the exact same hair color? Emily has rather angular features and Jenna's face is much softer, but do they kind of look alike to anyone else? Look at their smiles!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost: Project Initiated--Hello, Next Four Months!

This year, I've decided to approach the Lost hiatus in a new way. Every day, I'm tackling, scene-by-scene, the events of the corresponding day in Lost time. Lostpedia has an awesomely intricate timeline, right down to which events preceded each other on individual days.

Today was the first day of The Project. (I picked September 15 because it's the first day to which we can actually pinpoint a specific date.) I had a scene from "Two for the Road" and a couple from "Outlaws." On this day four years ago, Christian Shephard and Ana Lucia parted ways in Sydney on less than amicable terms. She left him at a bar, where he met and drank with one James Ford. After some self-pitying drunk male bullshit, Christian unknowingly convinced Sawyer to "end his suffering" and take care of business--namely, murdering Frank Duckett, who Sawyer thinks was the cause for his dad's crazymaking.

It's not until after the brilliant con artist shoots Meredith Grey's dad in the chest that he realizes John Doggett set him up. Oops.

Meanwhile, Christian Shephard may very well have had his last drink ever with my archnemesis, for he finds himself dead by the end of the evening.

So there's something I hadn't quite realized until now--Christian's alcohol-induced death occurred practically in tandem with Sawyer's cold-blooded murder. Coincidence? I think not.

Bones: Okay, I Don't Know What That Means

None of my co-bloggers have taken the bait on this one, and I have a little downtime this afternoon, so I’ll take the challenge.

What the hell happened on Bones last week?

Now, obviously, I understand the case. That part was pretty straightforward and relatively boring. It was the Booth/Brennan stuff that really got my brain worked up.

Brennan’s dating two guys. It’s a big fat monogamy anvil.

So is the murder this week—foul play arises when a Cheaters-esque reality show goes even more awry than usual. Now, Bones doesn’t usually go all Grey’s Anatomy and make the professional perfectly mirror the personal. This season I’m sensing a change.

Brennan dates two men while investigating a two-timer who got whacked?

Booth and Brennan investigate a homicide in which half of a forensic anthropologist/federal agent team gets whacked?

Hello, parallels!

Anyway, these anvils are so far serving their purpose, as we got a really juicy taste of delightful Booth and Brennan there are the end of “The Man in the Outhouse.”

What’s problematic for is…I don’t really know what’s going on.

If you haven’t already, see for yourself. (The scene I’m talking about is the very last one in the episode.)

I heart Sweets. I love him by himself, I love what he does for Booth and Brennan, I love everything about him.

Having been dumped by both the guy she was using for his intellect and the guy she was using for sex, Brennan finds herself “considering the argument for monogamy.”

First of all, whoa! Progress! [Booth’s feeling the same way: “Write that one down, Sweets! I have a positive influence on her!”]

She goes on to say, basically, that she dislikes feeling rejected and accepts the possibility, suggested by Sweets, that she and Booth have a “surrogate relationship.”

This surrogacy provides (almost) all the benefits of an actual relationship, but obviously in a safe environment with someone who Brennan trusts, respects, and loves already. None of the difficult stuff.

Now, here’s the thing. I’ve been in relationships like this. It never works. Because eventually one person wants the relationship to transcend surrogacy, and that just creates a huge mess, because suddenly you have way more to lose than you would have if you had just started out in a full-fledged relationship to begin with.

And when you fight, you can’t kiss and make up.

Not fun.

Could be good for Booth and Brennan, however, to watch one or the other force that conversation.

For now, though, Booth seems content to accept this surrogate thing. Kind of. Because for Booth, it’s surrogate schmurrogate. After picking up the pieces of Brennan’s semi-broken heart, Booth offers to buy her dinner. “Surrogate nothing—it’s a meal,” he says, and rejects Sweets’s offer to tag along.

What’s really amazing, though, is what Booth says to Brennan’s assertions that her relationships are temporary: “That’s not true, Bones. You’re wrong. There is someone for everyone. Someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with. You just have to be open enough to see it. That’s all.”

I love it when they write romantic things for Booth to say! I mean, God, the subtext on Bones is spread about a half-foot thick. Because I don’t think it takes a television expert to decipher the true meaning of Booth’s softly-spoken entreaty: “Me and you. It’s going to happen. Not today, but someday soon. As soon as you figure it out and allow yourself the possibility of an extraordinary love.” Do you not think he was saying that with those dreamy, dreamy eyes?

(Seriously—David Boreanaz may be better at shipper eyes than Patrick Dempsey.)

What’s more—I kind of think she heard him.

I’ve officially decided that the theme of this season is Brennan Figures It Out. The wheels, they are a-turning, and I can’t wait to see what happens once her brain starts acting on her newly-discovered awareness. (Maybe this awakening presents itself in the form of that rumor we’ve been hearing about babymaking.)

Until then, let’s see how they progress in this “surrogate” relationship. I have a feeling it’s not actually going to change anything for them day-to-day, but it’s definitely a nice push in the right direction. And as long as I’m confident of the ultimate destination, I can be patient.

The Office: Reluctantly Excited. Yay.

Happy Monday, all!

NBC’s been overloading in the Thursday night promo department recently.

Mostly, they’ve been about this Jan/Michael/Holly drama that seems to be a-stirring. Don’t get me wrong, this is undoubtedly going to be an awesome storyline, but “wiki wiki wiki what?” has officially been killed.

It’s hard not to feel like this Holly thing isn’t going to work out, for a number of reasons:

#1: Amy Ryan’s not sticking around for too, too long.
#2: Toby is coming back. (Ick.)
#3: The writers are incapable of straying from the cliché relationship BS that happens all too often on television.

Also, I feel like with this pregnancy, there’s no getting rid of Jan anytime soon. For as much as Michael messes stuff up, he seems like he’s really getting a taste of his own medicine. Which sucks for me, because I was hoping that being around someone like Holly would make Michael a little more tolerable.

I’m getting the feeling, though, that as the series draws to a close in, what, probably two years, they’ll be trying to bring Amy Ryan back. Let’s face it, I love Jan for her insanity, but I really don’t want Jan and Michael to end up together.

What I’m really in it for, though, is Jim and Pam. I’m surprised to see that these promos aren’t highlighting Jam—even though there’s a quick shot in there of a juicy kiss, most likely a hello kiss at the Pratt School of Design.

For the first time, I’m excited.

I’ve been wallowing in self-pity and anger since the finale, as I seethed at the ridiculousness of Jim and Pam not ending the season engaged. And while I can’t imagine them getting engaged at this point will be anything but anticlimactic, I’m looking forward to seeing their story unfold, even if I do think they’re headed for one of those till-the-next-sweeps break-ups. (See: Hodgins, Jack and Montenegro, Angela.)

Anyway, ten days until the season premiere and I am officially jazzed. It's amazing what four months with no television will do to you.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Gossip Girl: Never Be Rufused

First off, I’ve got to squee about how happy I am that Dan and Serena are sort-of kind-of back together. So friggin' cute! Though it’s going to be short-lived, since all signs point to S&D 2.0 ending during next week’s blackout. I don’t see why they have to break up again, other than it opens up new plot possibilities.

Damn, Blake Lively has a great job. She gets paid to wear amazing clothes and make out with her boyfriend. I’m kidding. Sort of.

But after this week’s episode, I found myself thinking about Vanessa. Which is new and different, since I usually don’t care that much about Vanessa. Other than griping about how much they changed her character for the TV show.

For one thing, we’re finally getting an explanation for why it is that Vanessa never seems to go to school. She’s being home-schooled. By… whom, exactly? Since the show seems to be staying true to her family background, V’s parents are artsy hippies who live in Vermont. She’s living with her flaky rock-star sister. So I guess she’s got a private tutor? Even though she can’t afford her rent?

As hokey as it might seem for TV, it would be nice if they took a page (hah!) from the books and forced Vanessa into Constance Billard. Without that connection to the rest of the cast, she’s just hanging out there in Brooklyn by herself, sticking her nose in other people’s business.

Vanessa started out as the GG counterpart to The OC’s Anna – quirky indie girl who is friends with the dorky outcast while he pursues his dream girl. But as time goes on, she’s become more the Theresa/that-character-played-by-Nikki-Reed: a girl who’s supposed to be the same age as the rest of the kids, yet seemingly doesn’t go to school, has a full-time job, and can build houses and coffee bars all by herself.

I forget where it was, but a few weeks ago I read a review of these first episodes. The writer thought that we might be heading down a Rufus/Vanessa path. I don’t know if it’s because that critic put the idea in my head or if I would have gotten there on my own, but I saw it this week. Ew, ew, ew! The idea is so thoroughly squicky. In so many ways. But if you think back to last season, the Rufus/Vanessa dynamic has always been vaguely inappropriate and too close. It has to do with Vanessa’s character being treated too much like an adult and not enough like a kid. And the extreme nosiness on her part that was meant to show her history with the Humphrey fam.

I can’t say loudly enough how much I hope they’re not going there with Rufus/Vanessa. That one article is the only place I’ve seen it mentioned and it was pure conjecture on the part of the writer. Please, please, let it stay that way.

And, hey, maybe while they’re not hooking Rufus up with his son’s ex and practically his surrogate daughter, they can explain the deal with Rufus and Lily. When last we saw them, they exchanged “I love you”s and giddily came to the off-screen decision that she would go ahead and marry Bart anyway. What the hell happened in that room? It’s been four months and inquiring minds want to know.

Grey's Anatomy: Can I Do The "Told Ya So" Dance Yet?

Premiere Spoilers. Again. Big time, seriously, this time.

I love how a mere 45 minutes or so after I posted up my last blog insisting that "mysterious man on gurney" was, in fact, Derek, this new sneak peek from the premiere pops up on YouTube:

Who, me? Gloat? Yes, I think I shall, thank you.

DEREK! Woot!

Now, if that isn't the most obvious "Meredith's having an attack of her over-active imagination" moment that could ever be, I don't know what is. So we've solved that little Ausiello mystery now. And hey, technically Shonda just promised he wouldn't get in a car accident - which he didn't, really, because this isn't actually happening.

But it's going to kick ass either way.

So that leaves, what? Rose stabbing him or him falling ill to a heart attack so that he can hang out with Denny in limbo. I always figured the heart attack option was the most likely for the "this is really going to happen" scenario.

Won't it just be so angstfully entertaining for them to fool everyone in the opening teaser with the idea of Derek dying in a car accident, only to have him actually be just fine until the very end when - oops - now he's dying of a heart attack for real?

Love it. Seriously.

Grey's Anatomy: Derek On a Gurney - Yes. Derek.

Spoilers for the S5 Premiere. You've been warned.

For the record, I was not "in a tizzy" over the not-so-brand-new Grey's promo. My mother saw it for the first time this afternoon and called me freaking out about who she swore was Derek lying injured on a gurney. Promising her that it wasn't because we had all analyzed that promo to hell and back, I merely found it entertaining that my mother (who typically rolls her eyes at my 'shipper tendencies) was having a fangirl panic attack of her very own.

I'm not passing any judgment on which one of Ausiello's multiple choice possibilities is actually going to take place. It doesn't really matter, because you end up with Derek sick/hurt/severely injured in one way or another... whichever option you choose. And I'm psyched about that. Even if it is just fantasy-hurt and fantasy-Meredith having a fantasy panic attack over it all. Angst is life blood to me.

All I am trying to argue is that, after taking yet another close look at yet another screen cap of that "man on the gurney" moment, it is - in fact - Derek Shepherd.

Click on it. It'll get even bigger. Even easier to see the facial structure.

My newly-obsessed mother emailed and pic-texted that photo to me after she snapped it with her phone whilst pausing the promo on her ginormous HD TV. The lighting and coloring is a lot brighter and clearer than what you can see on YouTube, and... yeah, that is definitely Patrick Dempsey. That is the McDreamy nose.

I argued with my mother about it for hours today, but then she sent that photo and proceeded to call me immediately and yell, "It's Derek!" in my ear yet again. I took a look, showed it to a few other fangirls (Leigh included) who were on the "it's totally NOT Derek" train, and we then surrendered to my mother - the non-fangirl had a more objective eye than the fangirls in this situation, I think. Ashamed? I think perhaps I should be.

The thing is, just because we see Derek standing behind Chief Weber as he says, "We're going to save this man!", that doesn't mean Weber is talking about this illusive man on the gurney (who is, again, clearly Derek). Promos are notoriously misleading, so why should we just assume that everything we're seeing is connected? Chief could be talking about ANYONE. And then Derek-on-gurney is just, ya know, either Meredith's imaginative nightmare or... something that happens later in the episode. Who's to say it's even a car crash? If you watch the promo, you can see people putting pressure on his chest -- either they're doing CPR compressions or they're putting pressure on a wound. A stab wound, perhaps? From Meredith's nightmare imagination? Who knows.

Again, my point is not to to try and guess which Derek scenario is or is not going to happen. I don't really care, because I get "injured Derek" and "panicked Meredith" no matter which way it goes. I'm happy.

If I'm wrong about it, I'll eat my words. Fine.

But that guy on the gurney that everyone, at first, thought was Derek and then later decided it couldn't possibly be Derek - just because Shonda reiterated her "promise" that he wouldn't get in a car accident? It's Derek.

Fantasy, reality or flash-forward, I don't know. And I don't care. It's Derek.

That's all I'm sayin'.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Dream A Little McDreamy of Me

Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy's season five premiere.

There’s a lot of talk going around about the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere, yet very few actual spoilers to go on.

This promo came out recently, and it sent Mae into an absolute tizzy:

She was all worried that Derek was gonna get injured. Frankly, it didn’t really concern me. As a commenter on SpoilerTV pointed out, you can see Derek in one of the shots of the chief being all concerned about saving the mystery patient.

No, I’m not worried.

What is interesting is this post from Ausiello yesterday, in which he said two of the following four things would happen, one in real life and one in a dream:

(A) Rose stabs Derek.
(B) Derek suffers a heart attack and is visited by the ghost of Denny.
(C) Dr. Burke returns to Seattle Grace and shoots Derek in the face before turning the gun on himself.
(D) In a flashback, we learn that Derek got into a car accident shortly after leaving Meredith in the candle field.

Okay, so we know Burke’s not coming back, so we can ignore that.

Any of these things could happen in a dream or flash-forward or whatever, but this means, if we are to believe Ausiello, that Derek’s either getting stabbed, having a heart attack, or getting in a car accident.

That makes me a little nervous.

Mostly, I’m just confused. This ep is called “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” and we’ve heard whispers about there being dream or fantasy or flash-forward qualities to this premiere. Theoretically, Meredith could freak about (A) or (D) in her imagination, and (B) could happen in a flash-forward that takes place twenty years from now or something. But I find it a little hard to believe that there could be dreams and flash-forwards in one episode—is there going to be time for actual right-now plot development?

Ausiello specified that it happens in Meredith’s imagination, so (B) seems a little unlikely, because it seems like something that would happen in Derek’s imagination. Although obvs Meredith knows about near-death experiences and how Denny comes to visit you when that happens, so maybe she would think that.

I bet this is what happens.

Derek doesn’t show up right away back at the house.

We’ve been imagining that since the credits rolled on last year’s finale. And, really, what story purpose does Derek coming back really serve? You go and do a scene where he breaks up with Rose (the scene where she obviously jokes about being pregnant) and then you send him back to Meredith? That’s silly. Derek and Meredith love time is going to happen at the end of the episode. And I guarantee Meredith’s not going to be sitting up on that hill for the whole hour.

Derek gets in a fender-bender (D). Derek is fine. But obviously it’s a pain in the ass. Ooh! Maybe the guy who hits Derek is the whoa injured dude. And so imagine that Derek’s getting all dragged into this police mess about whose fault the accident was, and Meredith’s frustrated because, seriously, enough with the obstacles already. Anyway, Derek goes to the hospital.

Meredith sits there in the grass and waits for Derek. He’s taking forever. She worries that he’s too busy getting stabbed by Rose (A) to come back to her. Then she gets paged.

Maybe she gets to the hospital, sees MVA guy, stupidly assumes it’s Derek, and that’s where her desperate “NO!” comes from. Then she spins around and, yay, there’s McDreamy.

Happily ever after starts…now.