Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Office: Their Summer is Hotter than Beijing's!

At Comic-Con, writers from The Office announced that the season premiere would take on a new challenge—they’d be broadcasting summer in an untraditional way.

As TV series have moved away from strict adherence to real time—Lost goes on its own calendar; Grey’s has no idea when it’s taking place—the need to bridge the hiatus has become less and less of an issue. It can, for some shows, be a tool for plot advancement, as we watch Desperate Housewives turn this four-month hiatus into a five-year plot gap. The Office, however, has actually tried to maintain real time in the past few years. Last year picked up with Jim and Pam having already started their relationship and Michael and Jan having moved in together. They even had this funny YouTube video about what the characters did on their summer vacation:

Yeah, I just watched that again, and I’m pretty sure it’s the funniest thing they did last year.

So. Comic-Con. Jen Celotta and Mike Schur (!!) told OfficeTally that the premiere was going to be about summer (and perhaps even titled “Summer”) as they use each act to represent a week.

I kind of shrugged my shoulders and went about my business.


And then I really thought about it.

And I remembered what I said while in a fit of finale rage: “I would venture to guess that the season five premiere will pick up three months later, once Pam has returned from design school.... If Pam and Jim are not engaged by this point, then it’s even more pathetic because Jim’s either a huge pansy or Pam said no. And if they ARE engaged by this point, then you didn’t show me it and I’m going to be hella upset!”

Well, if they are showing summer, this quandary might no longer exist!

It’s a Jamtastic miracle!

Because much as I enjoyed the reveal that Jim and Pam were already together in “Fun Run,” it was kind of disappointing that we didn’t get to see their first date or their first kiss. Many have tried, but nobody has yet reached the squee factor in any kind of fanart medium. Sorry, girls.

Here’s what “Fun Run” did give us. It does seem kind of wrong to complain.

Kristin dos Santos said today that The Office was using USC’s campus as the Pratt School of Design, suggesting that we’ll get to see Pam at art school. Again, I highly doubt that Pam’s actually going to quit receptionisting to be a full-time artist, but it’ll be interesting to see her doing anything other than “Dunder-Mifflin, this is Pam.”

Also, please, God, let’s see a Jam proposal. I can’t wait any longer. Jim’s been such an ass about the whole thing that I almost hope Rich Sommer is playing Pam’s new artsy fartsy Brooklyn boyfriend.

(No, I don’t. I take it back.)

We’ll also get to see Jan’s pregnancy progress, which makes me laugh just thinking about it.

I didn’t think I would be, but I’m actually starting to get excited for The Office’s premiere. I mean, I hold no hope that it will ever reclaim the Funniest Show Ever title from 30 Rock, but I think this season has potential.

Especially if Ryan’s going to be incarcerated.

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