Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lost: Three Words of Scoop!

First Lost season five scoop!

It’s pretty minor, just the title of the season premiere. Entertainment Weekly’s Doc Jensen announced that the next new episode will be called “Because You Left.”

I think this is solidifying my theory that season five is going to pick up chronologically where season four left off—three years post-rescue. I really think it’ll start on-island, in a situation we’re unfamiliar with, where everything has gone to hell in a DHARMA van—except for Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship, of course.

“Because You Left” could definitely tell the story of everything that’s happened on the island since/“because” Jack and the Oceanic Six left.

Of course, the premiere could also be off-island, focused on Kate and her life with Aaron post-Jack. (Things aren’t great for her, either, because Jack jumped off the deep end and “left.”)

Basically, I think the “You” here is undoubtedly Jack.

I really think the episode will happen on the island, though. I imagine it’ll open, like, in a scene of absolute chaos. Perhaps we think we are seeing a flashback to when The Hostiles ruled the island. Everybody’s wearing ratty clothes, hunting boars with their bare hands, and fighting each other for mangos. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you think you see…is that…Sawyer? Trying to maintain the peace by establishing a live together, die alone mentality in the anarchic world of post-Jack Craphole Island?

There’s a lot of potential here for irony, as we watch the island and/or its inhabitants clamor for leadership and lament the loss of Jack, all the while knowing what kind of situation Dr. Shephard is in at home.

Short post, I know, but there’s only so much you can do with three words. You know, it’s funny. When the finale ended, the first feeling I had was one of absolute relief. I put up an away message that said, simply, “eight months of freedom.” Season four was exhausting, y’all. From the Jacket kiss to “The Constant” to the freighter people to Ben’s time travel to “Something Nice Back Home” plus all that talk about the damn “spectacular kiss,” I’ve never had so much up and down from one TV show in one (shortened!) season.

Now, though, I’ve had my break, and I’m ready for the info to start coming in. Bring it on.

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