Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lost: Fall Hiatus Project an Exercise in Anniversaries

I was pretty excited for August 15th (815), and I put up away messages accordingly. You know, things like 4815162342 and “19 years ago, Kate and Tom buried their time capsule. 6 years ago, Kate asked Mars to stop chasing her.”

I love canon dates. Every October 1st, Mae and I pay some kind of homage to Sydney and Vaughn’s anniversary.

This August 31st will be the one-year anniversary of the opening events of “Something Nice Back Home.” Confirmed by Lostpedia, the newspaper article Jack reads references a game that took place on the night of August 30th. I’ll have aways and blogs and maybe even a t-shirt commemorating the event with something like, “Jack may have been frustrated by A-Rod, but he sure wasn’t frustrated in any other way.” That’s a little wordy. How about, “One year ago, Kate bought Jack razors. He never got around to shaving.”

Gosh, I love happy Jack and Kate.

[So does Evangeline Lilly, by the way: “I think [the SNBH fight] is a bump in the road. I also believe that if Jack and Kate could just sort it out, they could make each other very happy. Ultimately, that's what they need. Without love, everything else pales and feels like the colors are turned down. For Jack to give over the vulnerability of loving Kate, and for Kate to give that over to Jack, it would be so momentous, and that's why they haven't brought us there yet. Essentially, what I feel it will represent is that they actually redeemed themselves. They faced their demons and insecurities and made such a significant step forward in their lives that they will probably now be harmonious in a way they never have been before. But I don't think we can bring them to that point yet; it's too early. However, it would be so nice not to play this subtle angst that has been going on for years and just play something overt and on the nose. I think if you were watching a couple like that who were your friends, you'd want to bang your head against the wall. In this situation, I feel the same thing on the outside looking in, thinking, ‘Good grief! Just get to it already!’ It's hard being so torn all the time. Just settle down!”]

Um, ditto.

Anyway, this blog is about the Lost timeline and the challenge I’m taking on this year.

I’ve printed the whole on-island timeline from Lostpedia, and after commemorating one year post-SNBH (and imagining that, at this point, Jack’s gotten his shit together and is back with Kate), I’m going to watch the entire series of Lost in chronological order, starting with the first specific date—September 15, Sawyer hangs out with Jack’s dad, then kills Meredith Grey’s dad. I’ll watch these date-specific scenes from “Two for the Road” and “Outlaws.”

For the first week, there aren’t that many events, but it all picks up on September 21, as the future castaways prepare for their departure from Sydney.

It’s going to be kind of confusing, I think.

Because while, for instance, the real-time events of “Pilot, Part 2” take place entirely on Day 2, there are plenty of episodes that cover multiple days, creating a situation like Day 73, which is covered in part by “I Do,” “Not in Portland,” “Flashes Before Your Eyes,” and “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

But Lostpedia does a great job of keeping the events in chronological order—even keeping the time of day straight. Like, on Day 41, we start with scenes from “Deus Ex Machina,” watch a little of “The Other 48 Days,” return to “Deus Ex Machina” for the night scenes, hop over to “Live Together Die Alone” for some Desmond flashback activity, and then finish with “Do No Harm” to watch Boone die and Claire deliver Aaron.

Mostly, I’m bored, and this will give me a constructive way to watch Lost while I’m waiting for season five to begin. (Coincidentally, this project will end at the beginning of January, giving me just enough time to start ramping up my excitement for the new season.)

Also, I hope this endeavor will give me a little more insight into the timeline. I’ll be better equipped to offer judgment on specific events if it’s clearer in my head that, hey, Charlie just died or, damn, they’ve had Ben tied up down there for a long time. Or, hey, it’s my birthday and it’s also…Ben’s birthday. That’s creepy.

I’ll keep the blog updated with any new analyses that result from this project and look forward to gaining new perspective on the greatest TV show of all time. It’ll be like three-and-a-half months of anniversaries—can’t wait for November 9th.

3 Responses to “Lost: Fall Hiatus Project an Exercise in Anniversaries”

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad I found this blog. You girls are hilarious. My friend and I are going through and c/p a bunch of quotes from your site to each other and just LAUGHING.

You asked my friend, Mystic, to blog on this site so I'm totally giving it my stamp of approval. Can't wait to see what you guys say about Jate next season! They really are SUCH love aren't they?

I friend those of you who have LJ's... my name is Carrielynne2323 on LJ so if you're wondering why this random person friended you, that's why. I also subscribed to your LJ feed.

Love you girls - Keep up the beautiful spirit you have going on here -- the Jate team needs more fans like you! :)

Mae Vaughan said...

Thank you SO MUCH for all the love! I'm thrilled that you're enjoying the blog! And yes, Mystic... we sort of love everything she does <3

I'm adding you back in LJ right now :)

Can't wait to squee together over Jate and whatever else we share - both here on the blog and over on LJ!

- Mae

Anonymous said...

Mystic is without a doubt a fandom genius so you definitely picked a winner. <3

Okay...I'm going to go catch up on your blog. And whenever you guys celebrate Syd/Vaughn's anniversary let me know b/c I'm SO in! LOL ;-)