Monday, August 4, 2008

A Grisly Sex Crime Reunites Long-Lost Lovers--That Got Your Attention, Didn't It?

I’ve long had a dream of a Dirty Sexy Money/Desperate Housewives crossover, wherein Peter Krause and Felicity Huffman are reunited for a steamy affair—and maybe even an inkling of a past love triangle with that sneaky Mary Alice Young.

Ten years ago, Krause and Huffman were the stars of Aaron Sorkin’s first series, Sports Night, which became one of my top-five favorite shows when I Netflixed the DVDs a few years back. I’ve talked about my love of Sports Night and the Casey/Dana saga here before, and I’ve probably mentioned my hope for their eventual reunion.

Well, Ausiello’s got news of the second-best thing.

Josh Charles and Teri Polo are guesting in an upcoming episode of Law and Order: SVU. The two, who had an on-off relationship on Sports Night which served as the (ultimately unresolved due to cancellation) season two cliffhanger. As Dan and Rebecca, Charles and Polo were perhaps the most evolved, complicated romance Aaron Sorkin ever wrote. Sure, I loved my Casey/Dana, but those two were always so immature about everything—they just used big words. Dan and Rebecca had actual problems, like Rebecca’s unfortunate marriage to another sportscaster, Steve Sisco, Dan’s emotional trauma, and their general poor timing.

I’ve told this story before, but it’s worth repeating. I had the awesome opportunity to meet Teri Polo when I spent three days with a crew pass from heaven on The West Wing’s location shoot here in Washington. When I shook her hand, all I could say was, “Oh my God, I love Sports Night.”

Someone on Ausiello’s page commented that this episode airs on the same day (Sept. 30) that the new special edition boxed set of Sports Night: The Complete Series comes out. Having not heard about these DVDs, I was quite intrigued. The good-old boxed set that I purchased (Netflix wasn’t enough) and have gained and lost friends over has no special features—just 45 amazing half-hour episodes.

Apparently this new set has commentaries, a gag reel, reminiscing featurettes, and lots more. I’m going to have to have these.

Anyway, seeing Dan and Rebecca back together is going to be a treat, but it doesn’t come without its own perils.

The upshot? They’re playing a married couple. (Suck it, Steve Sisco!)

Also, Teri Polo’s hair looks way better now than it did ten years ago.

The downside? It’s Law and Order: SVU, and Ausiello says their son is a suspect. It’s not going to be happy.

Still, think of the shiptastic possibilities. Think of the icon communities reinvigorated by new screencaps. (I really don’t know why I’ve been thinking in terms of fanart lately, seeing as I’ve never been too into it.) There will be those of us who can put aside the hypothetical story of a gruesome sex crime to reminisce with some old friends.

Like The X-Files movie, only better.

Oh, snap.

But seriously, yay! I’m definitely looking forward to this.

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