Monday, August 18, 2008

Bones: Yeah, You Could Call This English Excitement

Only two more weeks until the season premiere of Bones, and I think I speak for everyone on the Chaos in General staff when I say, “Holy crap, I’m so excited.”

The other day, Mae expressed her displeasure that it’s not premiering—as originally planned—next week. I mean, it’s already airing weeks before anything else starts—let’s not get greedy. Secondly, it can’t start too early, or you risk people not being on the lookout for their shows to start back up. As I told Leigh, “Most people aren’t like us in that respect. Most people can’t tell you off the top of their head that Bones starts September 3rd, The Office and Grey’s Anatomy start September 25th, and Lost is probably going to start on February 5th, taking over Life on Mars’s timeslot after it inevitably gets cancelled or shifted to the Friday Night Death Slot, but none of that is necessarily determined.

Anyway, regardless of the circumstances, we’re thrilled that this show is coming back so early. For Leigh, Mae, and me, “The Yanks in the U.K.” will be our first viewing on live television—our official initiation into the Bones fandom. You’ll be able to find the three of us on forums across the internet, discussing fresh episodes with other Bones folks. We can’t wait.

As networks start promoting premieres, they invariably release more footage for these episodes than others. Mostly, it’s just because they’ve got one week to promote new episodes, but they’ve got several weeks for premieres. As such, we have a smorgasbord of Bones previews and promotional pictures, all pointing toward one freaking awesome episode.

Even the non-spoiled probably know by now that the season premiere takes place in London. Since this is Bones, the most literal, non-subtle show in the history of television, Booth and Brennan are taking advantage of every British cliché known to America: tiny cars, driving on the wrong side of the road, eating by the Tower Bridge, etc. (I win $50 in fake money if Booth calls it “London Bridge” and is corrected by Brennan.)

In the promotional photos, we see Brennan in academic regalia and Booth giving a big dose of “Seriously?” to a Buckingham Palace guard.

This is already spelling awesome to me.

When we actually see video footage of “Yanks in the U.K.” in the form of promos, it’s even more obvious how amazing this episode’s going to be.

Here are the videos:


Booth’s road rage is amazing, as is his ridiculous escape from the tiny car. “God, getting out of this thing is like being born,” he says. “I need a good spanking.” Cue Brennan slapping his arm and me curling myself into an inwardly-directed fit of anticipation and squee.

I was telling my roommate about how excited I am, and she was, like, “Why the hell are they in London? Since when does the FBI have jurisdiction in England?”

Though Hart Hanson assures us that the case involves an American victim, so the FBI could have jurisdiction if invited by Scotland Yard, it hadn’t even crossed my mind as to wonder why Booth and Bones would be working a case across the pond.

The investigatory stuff is so secondary to this show, and I’m pretty much okay with that.

What’s obviously taking precedence in this episode is the Booth/Bones relationship. Yeah, I’m pretty much okay with that, too. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones that send the partners out into the field together. I love “The Woman in the Sand” and “The Woman at the Airport.” In-the-field episodes allow for scenes to take place in hotels and in plainclothes, which almost always creates delicious tension and plot advancement.

What are we most looking forward to?

Obviously, the suggested dinner between Booth and Brennan at a restaurant overlooking the Thames—with what appear to be wine glasses on the table. That looks decidedly date-like.

Hart Hanson said that the topic of Brennan’s lecture is “working with cops,” which I’m sure is going to provide some great insight into how Brennan views her partnership with Booth.

Mae speculates there’ll be some flirtation between Booth, Brennan, and their respective British counterparts, leading to “jealousy,” she says. We love seeing Booth react to Brennan’s love interests—oh, the precious of “I need a flashier tie”—and can’t wait to see him take it a heightened level of Englandness.

Finally, judging by the combination of promos and photos, I can’t shake the feeling that it looks like Booth and Brennan are going to get stranded, at least for a time. We have video of Booth awkwardly escaping the tiny car through the window and photos of the car on what looks like a tow truck. Now, Carter and Abby and Sydney and Vaughn and just about every other couple on television can tell you that getting trapped in a confined space together can only be good for your relationship. This seems like a momentary setback for Booth and Brennan, not an extended quarantine or something, and so while I doubt it’ll have as huge a consequence as Carby’s “Lockdown” or Syd/Vaughn’s “Salvation,” it should force them to take a break from the case and concentrate on each other for a few minutes.

Mostly, it’s just exciting to be on this side of the Bones fandom at last. Going into the pilot episode, I knew I was in for three seasons of unresolved sexual tension, but now it could happen at any moment.

Let’s veer slightly off topic for a moment so that I can quickly mention something about the season three DVDs. Everyone’s been confused as to why they’re being released in November, when networks usually release boxed sets right before new premieres, giving new viewers the chance to catch up before the season starts. Well, I guess they released the list of episodes, and it includes the first four episodes of this season—perhaps because these were supposed to air last year, but didn’t because of the strike.

Could it be that the fourth episode, “The Finger in the Nest,” which we know from casting sides includes the much-beloved Parker Booth, includes some serious Booth/Brennan development—perhaps even the talked-about kiss? Can we expect season finale material from an episode that won’t even fall during sweeps?

I don’t know, but a girl can hope, right?

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Erin said...

I love you all so much now that you've finally caught up with me. Three seasons of having no one to talk to about this show was plenty. Words cannot express my fangirly anticipation of September 3rd.


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