Monday, August 25, 2008

Bones: Sneak Peeks Are Driving Me Bananas!

You know, we spend a lot of time criticizing Kristin Dos Santos, and most of the time she deserves it, but every once in a while, she really does come through.

Most of the time, it’s in the case of unadulterated footage, as is the case with the Bones clips she has released in the last few days.

I know, I know. You’re overloaded on Bones. Please, Caroline, stop talking about Bones.

Well, too bad, because that’s pretty much all that’s going on right now.

Last Tuesday night (I think), I saw this clip, which has much Booth/Brennan deliciousness:

[Ugh-embedding's not working. Link.]

Now, we had all been talking about the possibility of a Brennan/British Brennan hookup. While we don’t like to entertain the idea of Brennan with anyone but Booth, we also know that Brennan’s dalliances with other guys tend to force Booth to pick up his game a little. Which we like.

So a little British tension goes a long way, as far as we’re concerned.

Now, joy of joys, we get tension without follow-through, which is like Christmas morning for us Booth/Brennan shippers. Brennan has the opportunity to sleep with British Brennan (Ian Wexler), but chooses not to.


Are you thinking it’s because Brennan’s rational brain says “No, thank you”?


Rationally, Brennan says, she should go home with Dr. Forensic Anthropologist.

But for once in her life—hopefully the first time of many—Brennan rejects reason (I know!) and decides not to hurt Booth’s feelings by ditching him for “an hour of fun.”

Just…I’m so proud.

Brennan kisses Dr. Wexler fondly on the cheek and sends him off on his merry way. Returning to Booth at the table, they banter, drink beer, and enjoy the lovely view of the Thames. Very romantic, very fitting.

We all agreed it seemed like it would be the closer of the episode—it sure seemed like a nice tie-up to this British nonsense. And considering that just about every episode from the last two seasons has ended with a sweet scene of Booth and Brennan having a heart-to-heart, it sure seemed appropriate for this to end their jaunt across the pond.

And then we saw this clip, and we knew it wasn’t the end.

(Sorry for the crap quality, but it’s all that was readily available.)

Y’all, Dr. Wexler dies.

Hey, Booth, threat neutralized.

Here’s another:

And the last:

Let’s talk.

First of all, I love these British hijinks!

Booth’s road rage is very funny, if ridiculous—he should have let Brennan or, I don’t know, the London resident, perhaps, drive the car.

I love that their English associate is decidedly not friendly toward Booth and Brennan—it seems like she’s pretty disinterested in having help from these Yanks. It’s always interesting to see the “outsider” perspective on Booth and Brennan. Maybe my favorite scene ever is Angela riding along with the team while they’re bickering: “Is it always like this when you two are together? It’s kinda hot.”

These clips aren’t telling us a whole, whole lot, just acting as nice teasers for an episode that obviously has a lot more story to tell than we originally expected.

Having watched it again, we see Booth, Brennan, and Dr. Wexler discussing what I assume is the heiress case—apparently “the butler did it.” I bet this scene by the river comes at the end of the first hour of the two-parter. Wexler’s death is likely the case that drives the second hour. (Seriously—good thing Brennan didn’t go home with him, no?)

What was so exciting about that first clip is that we can almost see the wheels turning in Brennan’s head. The sentiment that’s been passed around our group in the last week or so has been, “She’s figuring it out.” We can’t wait to see season four play out, because it sure seems like Brennan’s on the cusp of realization. This year’s going to be a whole new ball game.

What’s great is that there seemed to be a whole lot of Booth/Brennan development in that first clip—we thought there must be a ton of backstory behind all of those subtle glances and poignant comments. (Not to mention Booth’s “I’m just here to help you pick out a guy.” What does that mean?) And perhaps there is, but it’s tantalizingly fascinating to wonder what all comes next.

I know I said last week that I was excited for the Parker episode because it was originally written as the season finale, but that was wrong on a lot of levels.

It was actually “The Crank in the Shaft” that I should have referred to, and even that would have been wrong, because while that will be the last technically season three episode to air, it’s actually “The Yanks in the U.K.” that was written as 3x20—the finale.

It’s so confusing with all of this season three/season four, airing out of filming order nonsense, and I’m sorry for getting it all mixed up.

Here’s the other thing.

Hart Hanson won’t shut up about Booth and Brennan naked in bed together. The last thing I heard from him was that “it might be in the finale.” Nobody is going to be surprised to see this scene when it happens, but I have to wonder—is he pulling our leg and this scene is actually much earlier than we’re anticipating? You know what—never mind. Let’s not even go there.

Nine days!

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