Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bones: Quick Casting Sides Update for ZOMG Purposes

Spoilers for Bones, episode 408!

My trusty LJ community, bones_spoilers, had some casting sides up last night. First of all, I love that Bones doesn't try to conceal their sides. It's not even fun reading Grey's Anatomy sides, because the casting agents do such a good job of renaming the doctors to the point of unrecognizability and making sure scenes without guest actors don't end up included in sides by virtue of sharing a page with guest-star dialogue.

I've been reading the sides for these season four episodes, and in a few of them, they flat-out tell you who the killer is.

So in one of these sides, there's a single line of description at the end of a page, indicating the beginning of a new scene in which "Booth and Brennan watch from a distance as Max shows Parker the exploding soda experiment."

Um, yay!

Family stuff with Booth (Parker) is always awesome, as is family stuff with Brennan (Max/Russ), so we're super-excited to see them (gasp!) together. The last time these two shared a scene, they were on opposite ends of a barbed-wire fence in "The Santa in the Slush." But seeing them together--in what's sure to be a super-fluffy scene involving Parker being awed by Max's science skills and Max being all grandfatherly toward Parker--is going to be awesome. I love that we're getting to see Parker inside the Jeffersonian--twice so far this season!

Mostly, I love the idea of Booth and Brennan watching their families intertwine. Just the fact that Max wants to spend time with Booth's kid speaks volumes about the value Max places on Booth--and Booth's relationship with Brennan.

Here's hoping there are more sides coming our way in the next few days--as if I could be any more excited about Bones season four!

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