Friday, August 15, 2008

The Alphabet's New Fall Promo: Glee. Squee. ABC.

Proving once again that the ABC promo department is decidedly NOT run by monkeys, the Alphabet Network has released a new promo spotlighting all of their returning shows.

Holy crap, I’ve watched this thing so many times, and it has yet to fail at leaving me a pathetic pile of squee. First of all, I love promos like this, where networks highlight ALL of their awesomeness—and ABC’s got a lot of awesome going on.

Because here’s who’s in this promo: Digby, the Housewives, Ty Pennington, the cast of Dirty Sexy Money, America Ferrara, the cast of Private Practice--including a sexy “I’m awesome” shot of Kate Walsh--, Lee Pace and Anna Friel in a field of daisies, Digby, the cast of Brothers & Sisters, that fellow who used to be married to Angelina, the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, some dancers-with-the-stars, some Losties, and, finally, Digby.

Um, sold.

It really served to remind me of just how much amazing talent there is on ABC lately. Sometimes I forget that Peter Krause and Felicity Huffman are on the same network again. (I’m still a-prayin’ for a Dirty Sexy Money/Desperate Housewives crossover.) It was like a welcome home party after a long trip and everybody you love shows up and is just absolutely delighted to see you.

What did I love most?

The music. Who doesn’t love Earth, Wind & Fire? “September” is a great song that really DOES get me excited about next month! I mean, September is awesome anyway. The weather starts to cool off, which means fall fashion—my favorite season. I just bought some amazing grey knee-high flat boots that are dying for a cool day. It’s back-to-school time (one more semester!), which means fresh pencils, a new planner, and a solid work ethic for at least a week and a half. It’s sleeping with the windows open and the leaves starting to turn and then...oh,’s Emmys and new television and all kinds of YAY.

Y’all, I just watched it again and I TEARED UP.

I love television.

Here’s the thing—everybody’s all smiley. Eva Longoria Parker is just as excited for the fall season as I am. Ned creates a field full of daisies for Chuck and I’m in love all over again. Betty Suarez goes a-swirling around with mannequins, smiling all the way. Even Cristina is smiling! Bailey has a hilarious Bailey look of disapproval, but even that just fills me with glee.

And, yeah, as they pan from Jin to Hurley to Sawyer to Jack to Kate, I was reminded that regardless of who I spend my summer with (Booth, Brennan, Mulder, Scully, Carrie, or Big), my shipper heart belongs to Jate. When Jack pulls his eyes from Kate to the camera, I ache with the pain of five more months of separation.

What’s the best part?

Derek and Meredith.

I definitely back-burnered Derek and Meredith last season, for two reasons. 1.) They didn’t do much until the finale, which was squeetastic. 2.) I was quite busy with Jack, Kate, and their intense season four progress.

But now, with the promise of actual Mer/Der togetherness (and, you know, with the whole five more months without new Lost), I’m more than ready to get excited about these two again.

Especially after this promo.

It shows the whole cast, then Bailey draws a curtain, leaving Derek and Meredith in front of it with the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen on them.

He’s got his arm around her and gives her a good tug toward him, and in response, she just GRINS. And it’s impossible for me NOT to respond in kind.

They’re TOGETHER. They have a house. They will undoubtedly have angst, but it’ll be more along the lines of what-color-do-we-paint-the-nursery and less along the lines of I’m-going-to-drown-myself-in-the-bathtub.

Meredith will very likely smile like this on the show, in canon, with Derek. I can’t wait.

Congratulations, ABC, I am officially beside myself with anticipation for your new season.

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