Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chaos in Stereo Episode Three: Ridiculous Podcast Fun

Oh, that's not what RPF stands for? Well, in this installment of Chaos in Stereo, we're definitely having RPF while discussing RPF in the traditional sense--real person fandom.

What brings us to this topic of conversation? Funny you should ask. With Leigh, Mae, and me all entering the awesome fandom that is Booth/Brennan, we've also been introducing to the insanity that is David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel. I mean, we have other examples of RPF, but that's really why we're here today.

If you wonder why anyone would be interested in RPF (or if you're like us and are pathetically entranced by it), have a listen.

6 Responses to “Chaos in Stereo Episode Three: Ridiculous Podcast Fun”

Anonymous said...

Hate to burst bubbles, but David has been married for 8 years and has a son. He's a lovely family man, that loves his wife. Alos, Emily has a boyfriend she's been with for some time, now. Booth/Brennan is one thing, but when you start shipping the actors, it's just crossing that line that doesn't need to be crossed. And, personally, I think it's disrespectful to the actors, since it doesn't show any respect for them or the significant others they love. I haven't heard the podcast, because I don't care for RPF. Besides, I couldn't find the link for the podcast lol Unless, it's right in front of my face and I didn't see it.

I say just stick to shipping Booth/Brennan. David and Emily aren't the only lead actors that have chemistry. So, I don't know what the big deal is. They aren't like "special actors" because they have great on-screen chemistry. David can have chemistry with a pencil and make the scene hot. David has a natural charm and every female he has co-starred with, had chemistry with him. *shrug*

Unknown said...

You're not bursting bubbles--we totally know David's married and Emily has a boyfriend. (Our other big point of discussion is Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan, and the former happens to be married to Ben Affleck.)

We're confused about the role RPF plays in fandom. Is it creepy? Is it harmless? That's what we're talking about--not just being ridiculous and gushing about how much we want David and Emily to leave their significant others and hook up with each other. We know that RPF is situated in a weird spot of the fandom world. I actually really like your comment about it being disrespectful, as that's not something that's crossed my mind before.

Mae's gone on vacation and won't be back until the beginning of August, leaving me alone with my thoughts for far too long. I'm hopefully going to do a post-podcast blog on this topic, wrapping up our thoughts and offering something more insightful and analytical. If the podcast isn't working on your computer--it's the embedded box below the text that looks like it could be video but isn't--then check back for that blog.

Thanks for commenting!


Mae Vaughan said...

I'm not quite yet on vacation, Caro - still in the states for a few more hours :-) But I agree with both of your comments/replies.

Anonymous: I can understand not wanting to listen to the podcast because you don't like RPF, but if you actually had listened to it you would know that "I don't like RPF, it kind of freaks me out..." was pretty much the entire thesis of those 46 minutes. Like Caroline said already, it wasn't gushing and wishing that two actors would leave their significant others - the only RPF I've ever gotten into is the kind that deals with legitimate celebrity couples, not ones that are not and never were actually romantically involved.

Again, listening to the podcast would hopefully shed some light on the fact that our feelings and thoughts regarding David/Emily are not ones of squeeful fangirl romanticism - we merely dissect their interactions and comments as we try to understand what exactly may be going on there. Do we come to our own conclusions about what may be lingering below the surface between those two? Sure we do. But we do so with thorough analysis, not simple 'shipper idealism. I do see how RPF can be disrespectful to the actors, which is precisely why I happen to hate RPF with non-legitimate couples... but something stands out with David/Emily, and it's something none of us have ever seen between platonic co-stars in all our 'shipping years, which is exactly why we wanted to dissect their interactions. They confuse us, and we're just trying to understand it better.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

- Mae

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that DB and ED were in Las Vegas for the event held by the NATPE (National Association of Television Producers) from 29.1.-31.1.2008.


Unknown said...

Mystery solved! Thank you!


Mae Vaughan said...

NAPTE! Of course! I honestly can't believe I forgot about that, seeing as it takes place every single January in Vegas.

Phew! Good. Many thanks for clearing that up. I have no love for clinging to RPF situations that have perfectly rational explanations, so I always prefer to dig out said rationale behind it - if and when there is such a thing, of course - before blindly speculating that something illicit is going on instead.

Heh. Aw, it's like when I crushed the dreams of a Demily-shipping friend last month by pointing out that Emily was in Utah for David's charity hockey game simply because they were all there on a ski trip with Reichs, LOL. Yes, like our podcast said, RPF is only good when keeping at least one foot in reality. Thanks again for clearing this one up!