Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bones: Naked. Bed. Booth. Brennan. Yikes.

Here’s what I love about Bones.

While Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are trying to convince me to spend my summer searching for non-canon Lost clues, Hart Hanson comes out and tells me things.

Big things.

Like that Booth and Brennan will “definitely” kiss for real this season.

Like that Booth and Brennan will end up “in bed together” this season.

Like that Booth and Brennan will end up naked in bed together this season.

Um, what?

See, there are lots of reasons—anvilicious reasons, but reasons nonetheless—why non-couples end up in bed together.

Ask Mulder and Scully.

Ask Lynette and Hot Pizza Guy.

Ask Seth, Summer, Marissa, and Ryan. (I haven’t seen this one, but Mae has, and it looks seriously awkward.)

This part—the just plain “in bed” part—was the first piece of the puzzle Hart Hanson gave away. We were reeling with speculation, but since this is a pretty typical fare for fandom (and especially fanfiction), we had a lot of pretty simple explanations.

Like they’re on a case in a desolate area where there’s one hotel. One hotel with one empty room with one bed.

She’s got the flu, so he spends the night to make sure she’s okay. They’re watching a movie on top of the covers on her bed and fall asleep.

You want more?

It doesn’t matter the scenario. What matters is that, inevitably, this is what happens. “I’ll take the couch.” “Don’t be silly.” “Bones, I don’t think this is a good idea.” “Booth, we’re both adults. It’s a big bed.”

Cut to eight hours later, when Booth is totally the big spoon.

We’ve seen it before. We love it, but we’ve seen it before.

We’ve also seen situations in which our favorite characters end up naked together.

Ask Mulder and Scully.

Ask Sydney and Vaughn.

Quarantine, close-quarters ops—total options for Booth/Brennan nakedness.

But Booth/Brennan nudity in the same breath as Booth/Brennan bed-sharing? Holy cow.

‘Cause we can think about scenarios in which they’d have to share a bed, and we can think about scenarios in which they might be naked, but why both at the same time?

Leigh suggested an unfortunate situation in which our beloved Booth and Brennan are trapped somewhere in wet clothes. You know, a body heat issue. Hypothermia. I think this happened on Taxi once.

Mae and I are pretty sure at this point that it’s a dream. (More on that later.)

It could also be—but don’t hold your breath—that Booth and Brennan have sex. This would be similar to Damon and Carlton calling their super secret the “Frozen Donkey Wheel,” which turned out to be, in actuality, a frozen donkey wheel.

Frankly, I can’t wait for this. I WOULD love to see them in bed naked together (somehow, however) and Brennan's on her side facing away from booth and he's got, like, one finger almost touching her. He desperately wants to touch her, but he just can’t.

Mae: “Gah, dude. Just...gah.” [So glad she’s back, by the way. I missed this girl!]

But given a few other comments from Hart Hanson, it seems most likely that the whole thing is going to be a dream. Now, Mae has pretty much convinced me that Booth is now aware of his everlasting love for Brennan. So it would be more telling, I suppose, if this was Brennan’s dream.

In any case, this is a serious anvil situation. Just like Lorelai had to eventually face the drama her subconscious created by giving her a Married to Luke dream, Brennan and/or Booth will have to face their feelings after a Sleeping with My Partner dream.

Oh, man, Brennan explaining how dreams work. I can picture it now.

Regardless of how this happens, the fact is that we’re going to get a Booth and Brennan in bed naked together scene.

Just imagine the icons, y’all.

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