Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sex and the City: The Movie: What Exactly Were You Expecting?

When I was in fourth grade, I often found myself very frustrated by the movie reviewers in my local newspaper. Obviously, I was going to children's movies, and the reviews were often scathing. Let's face it--there are many more Flushed Aways then there are Finding Nemos. What irritated my nine-year-old self was that they didn't have kids go and review movies. Sure, grown-ups are going to find Mary-Kate and Ashley movies annoying, but for a girl who grew up on Full House, Two of a Kind, and So Little Time, the Olsen twins are awesome.

I have the same problem with film critics today, except instead of kid movies, I'm confused by the reviews of movies like Sex and the City.

Sometimes, you just have to accept things for what they are.

I'm a women's studies major, and I thought Katherine Heigl's comments about the portrayal of the women in Knocked Up were a little off-base. It's a Judd Apatow movie, for crying out loud! Don't read too far into it.

So for people to complain about Sex and the City: The Movie for being superficial, shallow, and lacking in plot begs the question: Have you ever seen the show?

As a casual but persistent viewer (I've seen every episode, but I've never visited a SATC forum), I can attest to the fact that Sex and the City: The Movie was precisely what it needed to be. It was a fitting send-off and a delightful epilogue to the series. It offered closure and happy-ever-after for the characters. Everyone kind of got the "next step" of their happy ending. Charlotte got Baby #2, Miranda and Steve finally decided to be together instead of just letting their lives fall conveniently into place, and Carrie--oh, Carrie--got married.

It's funny because in my little pre-movie anticipation blog, I talked about how we all figured Carrie would end up living happily-ever-after with Big and Manolo Blahniks, but I was actually touched at how intertwined those two were. I love that it all came back to a pair of designer shoes.

The whole film, in addition to being a nice send-off, was a sweet tribute to the series. Throughout the movie, even I, as a fairly casual SATC-watcher, noticed many homages to the series. You had, of course, the girls ooh-ing and aww-ing over that damn tutu and the not-so-subtle dialogue about Cosmopolitans that really brought the story to a perfect ending. But there was also Big and Carrie passing each other in the cars, a nod to a moment in the series finale. There were more, but now, a week after I saw the movie, I'm at a loss to remember them. I knew I shouldn't have been such a slacker! A quick Google search is getting me nowhere. If you've found a blog or something that lists all of the film's meta references, link me to it, please!

If you had never watched the show before, you may not have liked the movie. Charlotte's outburst in the restaurant (how good was Kristin Davis's squee?) may have seemed silly if you hadn't spent the better part of a decade with Charlotte York Goldenblatt. Then it's just adorable. Also, that was a seriously long movie with a seriously short plot. When you love the characters already and have missed them for so long, you relish in spending two-and-a-half hours with them. Hell, bring on the DVD so I can see some deleted scenes, please. But at times it was especially lacking in plot and overflowing with SATC chintz, which could make for a tedious experience depending on your personal tolerance for Carrie Bradshaw.

Here's my one request: please don't make another movie. The ending of this film was so fitting. The story is over. Please don't ruin it by trying to keep it going--you won't do the characters justice and you'll create unnecessary drama that nobody really needs. It'd be a money choice, not a story choice, and while I definitely see the monetary value in continuing the film series, you'd be doing a disservice to the girls. Quit while you're ahead, folks.

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