Friday, June 27, 2008

Bones: Never Knew Love Like This Before

Alright, fine. I concede. I was naive and stubborn, and I really had no idea what I was up against. What I want to do is to blame every one I've ever met for not telling me what I was missing; not making every effort to get me into the fandom before I missed out on something undeniable.

I want to do that, but I can't - our very own Jen, along with a mutual friend, has been on my case about how crucial it is for me to watch Bones for at least the past year, if not longer. Four of my closest, most trusted and complementary friends from the 'shipper world are head-over-heels, crazy in love with show (read: in this case, "show" pretty much narrows down to "'ship"), and I should know by now that if it's ever more than just one of them that's fallen hard... well, I'm better off just joining the ranks.

But I didn't simply go quietly and allow them to school me on all things Bones - no, I instead was incredibly resistant to the idea of taking on yet another fandom when my brain was already overloaded with all things Lost, not to mention Grey's, House, Brothers and Sisters and Friday Night Lights. It really doesn't work out well when I attempt to split focus, at any given time, between more than one "current favorite" when it comes to 'ships, and that was really the problem, you see -- it wasn't that I didn't want to watch Bones or that I thought it would be stupid, but more that I knew simply based on the premise of it's main 'ship that I was likely to fall hard and fast.

For the record, "hard and fast" ended up being the understatement of my life.

I gave in to the whining begs of my friends and put Bones at the top of my "Summer Catch-Up" list so that I could just get it over with and get them to shut up. I knew I would like it (I mean, barely 15 minutes into the pilot and they throw out an X-Files reference - I'm sold), but I was content to let Booth/Brennan live on the same plane of 'shipper importance that I've moved Derek & Meredith to over the past year. Lost would still rule supreme, and Jack/Kate would not be dethroned as my absolute current favorites.

Unlike a basketball finals bracket, my list of important 'ships would not need re-seeding simply due to the addition of a late substitute.

What I never prepared myself for, however, was the possibility of Booth/Brennan not only completely surpassing the level of love that I have for Derek/Meredith, but truly landing on the same plane as my Jate obsession. I never saw that one coming.

It's officially a damn good thing that Lost isn't returning until January again, because that means I can spend the entire fall focusing solely on Bones without suffering brain damage from trying to 'ship two (tied for first place!) current favorites at the same time. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do come January. I've never experienced two all-consuming 'ships concurrently. I'm both excited and terrified at the prospect.

The thing is, everyone told me that I would love Booth/Brennan. I never doubted them, as I've already said, but just expected them to be like another Mulder/Scully partnership - not that that's a bad thing, it's just less urgent; more understated, less "take me now!"

Instead, what I got was a relationship unlike anything else that I've ever experienced on television before. Yes, Booth/Brennan are incredibly Mulder/Scully-esque in their partnership (their beliefs are inherently opposite, and every path to truth is riddled with constant bickering), but the immediate sexual tension and underlying, burgeoning friendship between the two is something very akin to Seasons 1 & 2 Sydney/Vaughn of Alias. Except that, even then, the comparison falls short as Booth/Brennan have more of a frustrating love/hate dynamic than the sugar-coated, Disney-Happy-Painted dynamic of early Syd/Vaughn.

And, honestly, the frustrating and semi-hateful version is actually a lot hotter.

What really secures my all-consuming love for this series/'ship is honestly the character of Temperance Brennan herself. I could (and will) write an entire blog about her complexities and the ways in which she makes me (and, obviously, Booth) want to simultaneously hug her and ring her neck.

I'm a huge, huge fan of strong-willed yet completely emotionally damaged female protagonists (Sydney Bristow, Kate Austen, Abby Lockhart, Summer Roberts, Meredith Grey...) because I find their complexities to be what makes them so consistently fascinating to try and understand, however Temperance Brennan stands out from the others.

I'll save the details for my Brennan-centric blog, but basically I have never - never - experienced a character that was so entirely aggravating and unbearable while at the same time deserving of so much empathy and support. My psychoanalysis (which Brennan would hate) of her onion layers of emotional detachment seems never-ending, and I desperately love the challenge she presents for this clearly destined OTP.

Let me just say, before Caroline reads this and freaks out, that it's not as though Booth/Brennan have replaced Jate in my heart as my number one loves, but the two are most definitely sharing the title right now. They can share simply because I find them both to be so drastically different and yet almost the same at the core. It's not that I love Booth/Brennan more than I've ever loved any other 'ship, ever - it's simply that I've never seen anything like them before. I've never seen anything like this show before, honestly.

How refreshing it is to find a procedural drama that is actually centered around character development, interpersonal relationships and budding romances instead of this week's bad guy and nothing more. I love that we get to see the characters outside of work. I love that we get to experience the BFF bond between Brennan and Angela. I love the familial aspects of the show, both with regard to "friends are family" and the characters' actual families away from the job. The crime of the week is what all of the good guys come together over, but (just like with Alias) it isn't the driving force of what makes this show brilliant.

And to think - David Boreanaz was originally contracted to appear in only 13 episodes every season, leaving Brennan to interact with other FBI Agents in the meantime, until Hart Hanson felt the "lightning in a bottle" that he had working in his favor during David and Emily Deschanel's first audition together. Hart asked David to reconsider working full-time as to not waste the rare wonder that is perfect chemistry and obviously David obliged, resulting in the wondrous dynamic of the Booth/Brennan pairing that I've spent the past week and a half with falling madly in love.

Thank God for that undeniable spark and overwhelming sexual tension between Boreanaz and Deschanel, huh?

But that's a blog for another day...

2 Responses to “Bones: Never Knew Love Like This Before”

Erin said...

Oh no. You don't get to say that no one ever told you how amazing Bones is. I find it impossible to believe that after all of our conversations in the last THREE years, I haven't mentioned it at least once and told you to watch it at least once.

It really is amazing, yes?

misty said...

four words: I told you so!!