Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seattle - Is There Something In The Water?

A couple weeks ago I remember talking about how excited I was that Meredith was getting some therapy. I found it even more entertaining to hear Patrick Dempsey express his excitement on a recent episode of Rachel Ray. His exact words were, "Meredith is in therapy.....finally." Personally, I think this therapist idea is one of the best storyline/arc ideas that Shonda and Co. have come up with. I offered to go and whip Meredith into shape...but my method involved punching her in the face. Not sure why I never got a call back on that one. (Note: In no way do I want to punch Ellen Pompeo in the face...just her character. I enjoy Ellen.)

We finally have someone who is standing up to her and calling her out. She has a tendency to quit. She has been careless with her life. She does wait for Derek (and I'm sure any other man) to screw up so she can have a reason to quit. I'm not saying Derek is perfect. Believe me. He has deserved a few kicks to the shins...and a couple to a region just a bit to the north. Oh...and am I the only one who was hoping that it was Derek sitting on Dr. Wyatt's comfy couch instead of Hahn? What a great twist that would have been. Seriously.

Week to week I continue to enjoy the clinical trial. Of course I can enjoy it. I'm not a patient. I can enjoy drawing parallels, dodging anvils and foreshadowing. Hey, some people knit. I speculate. But I've got a couple questions. First, are people flying in to undergo this procedure? Seems like a lot of tumors are popping up in the Seattle area. Might be time to check the water. Second, what would have been so wrong with telling the woman from last week that they just couldn't wait any longer to do the surgery so if she really wanted to do it, they had to act now. At least let her go into the surgery believing that her knight was coming...since he actually was. Now the last thought she had was that this wonderful man was all a sham. Okay, I know it was for the irony. But c'mon.

What ABC needs to stop doing is running promos because it only makes it worse. In the latest promos we see just a split second of highly frustrated Derek throwing paperwork off a desk along with Meredith being tickled pink to be working side by side with her "world class neurosurgeon". All she's missing are a couple pom poms and a D on her shirt. Quite a change from last week when they weren't necessarily playing together very well in the sandbox. Derek looks to be weighted down by the pressure of having a successful trial and is asking if his ego is too big. Dude - this is not the time to lose confidence in yourself. Not that I can blame him. He doesn't want to keep killing patients. He doesn't want to let Meredith down. I'm not a doctor but after 3 patients have died in a row...your confidence must be wavering a bit. Buck up, Derek. It's gonna get better.

As I write this I'm wearing my "I think Rebecca has a brain tumor and will be the first successful trial patient" button. It hit me early on in last week's episode when she actually forgot she already had a kid. Put that together with her vomiting and, oh yeah, a hysterical pregnancy and irrational thinking/behavior and I do believe that has the makings of an old fashioned brain tumor. How convenient that she be in Seattle in time for a clinical trial. Whether Rebecca survives and returns home or she ends up dying, I'm not going to be sad to see her go. Her storyline was intriguing in last season but now it's just a distraction until Alex and Izzie get back together. I'll let Mae handle that one.

I wouldn't mind seeing Rebecca as the first successful patient and Derek sort of bowing out of the hoopla and letting Meredith have her moment in the spotlight as the originator of the trial. They share their "we finally did it" moment and he heads home. Realizing there's a bottle of booze to be opened, Meredith grabs it (as we have seen in another promo photo) and heads for Che Shepherd where squee-worthy things can happen. Then they can fade to black. Let them do things that are sung about in various Marvin Gaye and Barry White songs.

...just don't jip me out of anything!

Here's to Thursday!

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