Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lost: Some Non-Jate Business To Attend To

I’m afraid. I told Mae on the phone the other night that I’m worried that after we see this “Frozen Donkey Wheel” business, I’ll be lost. And I’ll hate the show. We’re hearing all this stuff about side-flashes and time travel and alternate universes and Tunisia—I’m very confused. You know, it’s like, I understand electromagnetic anomalies and the DHARMA Initiative and the Purge...I get it. But you start screwing around with time, with the freaking dimensions? I stop being quite so agreeable.

We had a lot of time without Lost, and it’s been a good, long while since we’ve gotten any answers, so I’m grasping for straws at this point.

I want to know...does the time discrepancy only happen if you try to leave on the wrong bearing? This would seem to make sense, since the submariners never had a time crunch. Michael and Walt seem fine. Tom and Ethan and Richard Alpert seem to come and go without incident. [Mae: “And Daniel’s initial reaction to the time difference in the rocket thingie was that you have to stay on the exact bearing in and out of the island. That’s all he was concerned about.”]

And Damon & Carlton said that Doc Ray’s body was floating through the water...”maybe if you’re not floating on the right bearing..." Could be important.


Mae: “It doesn’t seem like [Dan] thinks you’re forever screwed by the time difference...just that you’re screwed if you don’t keep the proper bearing.”
Caroline: “Well, you’re screwed unless you can find your constant.”


Mae: “Penny and Des kick ass, but worrying about everyone else’s constant hurts my head.”

As we understand constants, if your brain gets confuddled between island time and real-world time, you have to find your constant—something that exists in both worlds.

So...Penny exists in both worlds because 1996 Desmond could track down the 1996 Penny and 2004 Desmond could call 2004 Penny on the phone. So since the freighter phone is broke now (thanks, Michael), what do the rest of the castaways have for constants? Rose and Bernard have each other, I suppose, and Kate has her little airplane. But I think Sawyer chucked his Sawyer Letter and Sayid may or may not have lost his Nadia picture—what happens if these people get trapped in non-constant limbo?

Also, why was it that only Desmond got all mixed up? What’s the physics explanation of the difference between Desmond’s freighter trip experience and Sayid’s?

I said a couple of months ago that I thought there could be something to the fact that there may be an important matter of degrees regarding distance from the hatch at the time of the purple sky incident. Desmond, obviously, was RIGHT THERE, while Sayid was obviously a long way off. In fact, if we look at the Oceanic Six, all but one (Aaron) were good and far away from the beach/hatch when that happened. Mae recalls reading somewhere a theory which pointed out that during the purple sky incident, the Oceanic Six were not making physical contact with the island. Hurley, Jack, and Kate were on the pier, Sun and Sayid were on the Elizabeth, and Aaron was being held by Claire. As with my previous theory, this doesn’t explain why Sawyer and Jin couldn’t be off the island. (Sawyer I could understand willingly staying behind—especially since one Katherine Anne Austen is heading out with her ready-made family--, but if Sun’s leaving, then Jin’s peacing, too.) We don’t really know where Juliet was that day, it being her day off and everything.

This theory works great until, as Mae noted, we include the freighter people: “Why did what’s-his-name and the other dude from the freighter both keel over from time travel syndrome? They weren’t on-island when the sky went purple either.”

::Brain stops working::

Caroline: “Blerg.”

There’s also this picture.

There’s not much background here, but doesn’t it look like it could almost be those few people sitting on a little dinghy being pulled from the island to the rescue boat? Their gazes are all fixed at the same thing—looking back toward the island, perhaps?

I’m very confused.

One thing I think is important to note is that I don't really remember how I felt when I read spoilers about some of the other crazy island crap. Maybe I was really confused and frustrated by spoilers about the Purge or about the purple sky. I don't remember. So far, the writers have done an exceptional job of making this crazy crap seem believable. I should stop worrying about not following until I actually have official Lost footage to fret over.

Anyway, check back later today for a Multimedia Edition of the Jate Daily News!

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