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Lost: Remember That Time Our OTP Got Engaged? HOLY COW, ME TOO! [Part Two]

Okay, listen. I seriously cannot focus anymore. Even though I'm sitting here writing a blog that is, overall, completely about Jack & Kate... this is a blog about the on-island interactions, and ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT is the flash-forwards! I'm just putting that out there as a warning right now, because I don't know how well this is gonna go in terms of coherent writing structure. Anyway...

When Caroline and I decided to split up the Post-SNBH blog, it was done for two reasons, really. First being that, obviously, there was really no way in Hell that we could manage to put all of our thoughts about this episode (BEST EPISODE EVER!) into one singular entry; it would have been unbearably long and you would have all killed us, Jaters or not. Second, though, it was because we both were so excited to talk about it and didn't want to take away one another's chance to come on here and spazz a little bit. I offered to take the on-island action because I knew she'd put a lot of great emotion into the FF moments, and I genuinely loved all the subtle relationship growth that happened in island time just as much as in FF time.

Well, okay, not "just as much," because that's kind of impossible [Kissies! Shower kissies! Sex! Engagement! OTP!] but I did really love on-island Jate a whole damn lot.

A few of my Jate friends have said that as awesome as it was to see FF Jate together and in love, they're more interested in seeing how we get there -- and I completely agree. The journey of Jate is what is so beautiful to me, so every second they spend together on the island just totally gets me excited about being one step closer to where we end up in the future. Despite the absolute squee-ness of the FFs, I still really hope that Jack/Kate manage to get their emotions out in the open and become something of an established couple over these next few episodes on the island. I don't necessarily think or need it to happen that way, but there's a part of me that really hopes it does. There's also a part of me that definitely believes Jack/Kate were romantically connected prior to "Eggtown" and "Something Nice Back Home," but that's a theory/prediction for a completely different day and time.

So, anyway, I had high hopes for the on-island interaction between Jack & Kate during this episode, and it actually ended up completely surprising me - because it didn't play out the way I was imagining (well, save for the "Susan Lewis" moment!), but it ended up feeling just right. Perfect for them in those circumstances.

When Kate returns to camp from an apparent hike for water or food, she immediately notices everyone crowded around Jack and his obviously erratic movements, and is by his side in an instant after Rose informs her that Jack had just passed out moments before. Even though it had been Juliet trying to care for him all this time, in comes Kate and her Jack!Alarm starts going off faster than she can say "Yes! Of course I will, yes!" What? Oh, sorry, did I digress again? SQUEE! Right, so anyway, he's trying to brush off that he passed out but she jumps in front of him with her worried eyes and starts gently but oh-so-sweetly groping his face -- to feel for a temperature, yes I do know there was nothing sexual about it. LEAVE ME TO MY FANTASIES FOR NOW! But his fever is out of control and there is simply no way she's believing him when he keeps telling her that he's fine. I'm not saying that makes her different from Juliet, who also didn't believe a word out of his mouth about being okay; I'm just saying it was classic Kate in her "worried about Jack" mode, and it was totally cute.

As for Jack and Juliet, you could see it all starting to unravel rather quickly. When he suggested that Kate be the one to help during his surgery, her momentary pause and body language totally spoke to how unhappy it made her that he was asking for Kate when she (Juliet) was already there taking care of him. Even if Kate were medically trained in some way, I'm not convinced Juliet would have liked Jack's "I want it to be Kate" stance on the surgery any more than she did in this moment. It was obvious that Jack's connection to Kate was still bothering her, and she's probably tried to ignore it and push it aside because she was hoping to convince herself that his kiss was the real deal. But Jack wanted Kate in there with him, and he wasn't going to accept any other options, which clearly set off the alarm bells to Dr. Burke.

But major props and much respect to Juliet for the way she handled it all, because Jack's safety came first to her. And that, in her way of thinking, also included letting him have it all happen his way. She stepped up to the plate and invited Kate to assist with the surgery -- albeit all the while maintaining her own dignity by leaving out the whole "he specifically requested you" part, but nonetheless I give her props.

What I loved so fantastically much was just the way Evangeline Lilly portrayed all of Kate's deepest fears and emotions, all pent-up inside so that all we could do was decipher her face. And Kate? She was terrified. The moment when Jack comes out of his tent to make the short walk to the makeshift-medical center, Kate's right there to prop him up with his arm around her shoulder... and the way they both just stood there in that position for a few moments whilst talking to Juliet was so great, because it showed that inherent comfort level between them to just be that close in proximity and not even really blink an eye about it. I mean, I'm not saying they weren't affected by touching one another or being that close, but trying to build on a romantic moment when really it was just a moment of Jack completely sick and her taking care of him... I'm not going to attempt to go down that road. My point is simply that it showed how comfortable they are with one another. And as they start walking through the sand, you can see Kate staring off ahead, just trying to focus on not freaking out, when in comes the great callback to not only the pilot but to so many other classic Jate moments of the past: "Looks like I'm gonna be your nurse." - "Well, it wouldn't be the first time."

And then I squee'd a little, and you could see Kate take a second to sort of bask in the memories of it all. But when Jack turns serious again and starts in about what comes next if something happens to him, Kate's face is back to it's state of total and complete terror and all she can do is tell him to shut up. She can't even go there with him - to talk about it means saying out loud that he may not come back to her, and saying that out loud is impossible for her in a moment where all of her energy is focused on not even thinking about that possibility. If I wasn't already completely convinced that she loves him, I'd still say it was valid for her to react that way because at the very least she was dealing with the possibility of losing her best friend. But we all know it was more than that...

Everyone's been saying it but it has to be said again that Kate ended up being totally useless during Jack's surgery. Some people make that point as a joke or even as a way to fault her as a character, but I think it's an incredibly important plot point that she served no purpose whatsoever in that scene. Why bother writing it in that Jack specifically requests her to be there, then have her sit there and hold a totally useless mirror if we all know there's no way in Hell that man's about to stay lucid and awake during the operation? The point of it all was to have her there so that she would see him in pain, be face to face with the reality of losing him, and realize that she may never get another chance to make things right. The point of it all was also to have Juliet see all of that happening; to see Jack keep crying out for Kate when Juliet and Bernard start disagreeing with him, and to see Kate's helpless tears come streaming down her face as she finally manages to get out, "Jack, I..." before Juliet's screaming again and Bernard's interrupting with the chloroform rag.

Yeah, um, what was she about to say with that whole "Jack, I..." moment? Obviously, we all know what I would like to believe she was about to say. Mainly because I'm still slightly bugged that she didn't actually say it at all in the episode, but realistically there just wasn't any time and I can wait for it to happen next week. Please? But yeah, obviously that's what I like to hope she was on the verge of saying, but at the same time she could have just as easily been about to say something like, "Jack, I can't" or "Jack, I don't know what to do" or even "Jack, I'm sorry, I agree with them." We don't know. But it sure is interesting that those two words are what she managed to utter before leaving the tent, don't you think?

After the surgery, when Bernard came out and found Kate sitting in the sand, I was in total fangirl mode because seeing her so torn up and completely terrified... it was sort of like the way she was at the caves in "The Moth," after digging for so long and not making any real progress toward rescuing Jack. It was sort of like that, except this time it was amplified about a million times because so much has happened since then and their feelings for one another have grown so strong. I mean, God, if I were her I'd have been sitting there thinking about how this man just told me he loves me not more than two weeks ago and here he might be dying without ever getting a response from me. That would SUCK, y'all. The thought of never being able to make sure someone knows how much you love them before they die? Ugh. Poor Kate. She was just so scared of losing him, and looking completely lost sitting out there in the dark. Bernard was so sweet to her, too, and it felt like he was very aware of her heightened feelings for Jack, so he was being super gentle with her about everything. It reminds me of my favorite Bob Dylan song, "Just Like A Woman," which has always reminded me of Kate for as long as I've loved this show: "She takes just like a woman, and she makes love just like a woman, and she aches just like a woman. But she breaks just like a little girl."

The best on-island moment, at least in my opinion, came immediately after that, when Kate entered the tent and found Juliet sewing up a knocked-out Jack's incision. As soon as Juliet said, "You know, he kissed me..." I knew EXACTLY where she was going and I could hardly contain myself with the glee. Kate's reaction to this news was one of total shock, hurt, and yet also a strange sort of acceptance over how she probably deserved to lose Jack anyway after all that's she done. You could see her wanting to crumble again, after having just been so relieved at the idea that she'd get another chance to talk to Jack and make it right.

But Juliet did EXACTLY AS I PREDICTED and proceeded to "pull a Susan Lewis" in her own perfect little way. The kiss was nice, but Juliet is no fool -- at least she's not after what she witnessed that night with regard to the connection between Jack/Kate -- and she knows he only kissed her to try to prove to himself that he's not in love with Kate, and that he actually can move on and get over her. God, I just so desperately love everything about that scene. Kate's face as she realized what Juliet was saying... and when she simply said, "Thank you, Juliet," with such earnest emotion in her voice, you knew she was thanking the blonde for taking herself out of the equation and allowing Kate to really have a chance with Jack this time. Her second "thank you" was exactly as she said - thank you for saving his life - but that first one? That first one was all about thanking another woman for loving this man enough to let him go.

AND THEN HE WAS ACTUALLY AWAKE TO HEAR ALL OF THAT. Like, seriously? I think I fell off of my couch for the hundredth time that night, because I was just so excited that Juliet had "Susan Lewis-ed" Kate, thereby insinuating that she would be doing the same to Jack pretty soon, but then she tells him she knows he's awake and, like... she fucking "Susan Lewis-ed" both Kate and Jack AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. Wow. I loved it beyond explanation. She really set the stage for whatever's to come between Jate on the island in these last few episodes before rescue. I feel like there's officially no better time or chance for Jack and Kate to finally express how they feel about one another, mutually, and take the necessary steps forward on the path to starting a relationship. We know they obviously start a relationship off the island, but again - it's all about the journey for me, and I want to see them get to that place together before the island (and, specifically, certain people on the island) is taken out of the equation.

Now is the time. Juliet made certain that Jack heard Kate's reaction to what was said about his feelings for both women, and Kate got reassurance that Jack's "because I love you" still stands up loud and true. It's time to do something about it, and I have this strong feeling that we're going to see some major Jate momentum on-island over the next two or three episodes.

I can feel it in my gut. And my gut, unlike Jack's, is not sick. In fact, my gut hasn't really been wrong about much of anything lately. Hopefully it doesn't start now! But even if it does, I still have faith that Jack and Kate are completely and mutually in love both on-island and off-. And no matter what happens, we will always have this one perfect hour in our story.

8 Responses to “Lost: Remember That Time Our OTP Got Engaged? HOLY COW, ME TOO! [Part Two]”

Sophie Shephard said...

and the way they both just stood there in that position for a few moments whilst talking to Juliet was so great, because it showed that inherent comfort level between them to just be that close in proximity and not even really blink an eye about it.

Oh, man, I love that moment too. Because they do look so comfortable and you can almost squint and imagine that he's not keeling over in pain and they're just hangin' out and being cuddly.

Anonymous said...

Hi again :)

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the episode, and of course I'm not surprised. It was a Jate goldmine.

But ... is this really supposed to be romantic?

Where were you today?

Where were you?!

I heard you on the phone last night. Who were you talking to?

I wanna know where you were. I wanna know who you were with.

No, tell me. Tell me!

But he's not here, is he? No. No, he made his choice. He chose to stay. I'm the one who came back. I'm the one who's here. I'm the one who saved you!

Huh. Maybe I have a skewed perception of romance, but this sounds awfully possessive ... and even … abusive.

Remember Ben's “YOU’RE MINE” to Juliet? This scene reminded me way to much of that.

For a bit in the beginning of this episode I found myself thinking, hey, Jate’s not too nauseating today. But no … give it another half hour and we’re back to classic Jate – Jack yelling, Kate crying. Please, give me passionate cage!sex any day.

Unknown said...

Hey, Lili, I was wondering when you were going to show up!

That last scene? Romantic? No. Trust me when I tell you that none of us were reacting to Jack's outburst with a big "Aww." It was possessive and decidedly non-Jack--although I'm sure you'd disagree with me on that point.

The romance was elsewhere in the episode, obvi. But that last scene was in no way the end of Jack/Kate.

I chalked Jack's craziness up to (a) drugs, (b) Hurley, and (c) Sarah Shephard. It didn't matter what Kate said, he was too drug- and anxiety-addled to accept anything. Yes, that's a problem, and we want him to work that shit out before he gets to be a husband and dad again. But he will.

And then maybe we can stop arguing. :)

Mae Vaughan said...

Hey Lili! Good to hear from you again!

Like Caro said above, there definitely was NOTHING romantic about the fight in the end. Please don't assume that any Jaters (or at least the majority and the sane Jaters) actually enjoyed that scene for any romantic reason. It was heartbreaking, it was disturbing, and it was angst at it's height. Jack was being possessive and he absolutely was resembling the father and husband that he always swears he never wants to become -- Jaters aren't denying that by any means.

If you ever feel like lurking or even joining the forums, we're always open to civilized discussion with Skaters and I think if you read through the latest 10 - 15 pages of post-SNBH reaction, you'd find nothing but rational analyzation and complete acceptance of the fact that Jack, in that scene, was not the kind of man we want Kate to be with. The reason we don't simply write off Jate because of that, though, is that we know angst is all part of the greatest of TV love stories -- and that was definitely not the end of the Jate story, so instead of jumping ship on our OTP we look forward to continuing the journey to see how Jack's redemption comes about and whether or not they can make it work in the end.

We're not delusion. We're actually quite open-minded and aware of the fact that Skate could end up being the winner at the end of S6. I encourage you to at least lurk around our forums, because I fear your perception of what Jaters think has been jaded (Ha!) by the rabid fangirls out there. Just as you, our favorite Lili, are a rational and civilized Skater, most of the Jaters I run with are the ones that can accept and appreciate not only the great flaws of Jate but also the great moments of Skate.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really do love you guys - I come storming in with my criticisms and you only have smart and polite things to say in response! Thanks for having such great conversations/debates with me.

To be honest, I haven't really read much of the Jaters' responses to this ep, because life is crazy busy as usual and most of my time online in the fandom is spent with Skaters. But I do love how reasonable it sounds like you're being about it -- if that's how most Jaters are responding, then that's totally cool. I only lose respect for shippers when they lose sight of the flaws of their own ship or the merits of the rival ship. It's a complicated love triangle for a reason!

The thing is, I definitely do disagree about Jack being OOC in that scene, though. We've seen him lose control like this countless times. If he really can pull it together in the future like you think he can, I promise I'll reevaluate how I feel about Jate. But I just can't shake the feeling that Jack has such a superiority complex ... that he is always making Kate feel bad about herself ... that too many of their interactions end with him yelling and her sobbing. I just don't know if that pattern can be broken.

That being said, I'm also incredibly open minded -- and I really did appreciate the cute Jate moments in the beginning of the ep. I'll always prefer Skate, but if Jack can work out his issues, I'll be content to watch the two of them figure out a happy ending together when S6 finally rolls around.

Mae Vaughan said...

I do really adore you, Lili! <3 And personally, I agree with you that Jack's behavior in that scene wasn't OOC - I just think it was one of those instances where he wouldn't have been that big of an asshat were it not for the drugs and booze. They still would have fought, because he has serious paranoia and jealousy issues, but I think it was OOC only on the level of being influenced with drugs and alcohol to go a lot further than he probably would have sober.

The thing that a lot of Skaters and probably ALL of the Jack-haters forget about this man is that it's not like he's inherently a bastard. Just like Kate's not inherently a muderer and Sawyer's not inherently a con-artist. Jack is a guy who grew up being told that he would never be good enough, never amount to anything, would always fail and would always be, at most, second best. It's pretty obvious that the entire reason he became such a brilliant and successful spinal surgeon was to prove his father wrong about all of that and shove it in his face, so HELL YEAH he has a complex about being in control and coming out on top. He always has to be the best and it's not okay unless he achieves perfection, which is REALLY SAD. These are not qualities that we love about him, but they're true and they're part of who he is and what he needs to face/get past before he can become a better man.

Couple that complex with the fact that Sarah cheated on him and you've created this incredibly fascinating being who is basically destined to shoot himself in the foot because he's either going to strive so desperately for perfection that he drives his ideal dream life away (e.g. what happened with Sarah) or he's going to be so consumed with the fear of coming in second to another man again that his paranoia and jealousy will drive away the perfection in his life (e.g. basically every single fight with Kate).

All of his complex layers are what make him so intriguing to love, because it's though we can still see that little boy inside of who can't stop hearing daddy tell him what a failure he'll always be in life. And until Jack deals both with what happened between him and his father and what happened between him and Sarah, it's unlikely that he'll ever really get to a place where he can let it go and trust not only himself but the woman he loves. Jack and Kate actually having an open and honest conversation about her relationship with Sawyer wouldn't hurt the cause one bit, either, really.

So yeah, we're aware of what an asshat he was being and that Jate will never make any progress beyond that moment if he doesn't deal with his demons and find redemption somehow. But again, it's the journey toward all of that which we find most interesting :)

P.S. I really admire and adore you for having such an open mind. If and when Jack does find redemption, I'll be interested to hear if you saw it the same way and if your opinions on the triangle have changed at all. Much love, my friend!

sirwyn said...

First time posting here. This post may be suprising to many of you, as it is to me. The reason being is because I am a guy I really don't understand why I have such a passion for Jate, but I do. Right from the begining of Lost I felt this way. When Kate went into the cage with Saywer I was devistated. Then when Juliet said to Kate "you broke Jack's heart" I realized that she broke my heart too. Ever since I too have been waiting for a moment like last week's episode. That episode was awsome and I really love it. Really appreciate reading all your comments. You have a beautiful way of expressing your emotions. Love what you wrote. Thanks

Mae Vaughan said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! Glad you like the blog - be sure to bookmark us or subscribe or whatever, because we handle issues of "Jate Daily News" on a pretty regular basis (are you kidding me? Usually it feels like the only thing we write about!).

And I personally find it very refreshing to hear that a man can really appreciate the Jate relationship and the main essence of 'shipping in general. Don't ever apologize or feel weird about putting an emotional investment into great stories of romance & angst -- they're the stories that show true depth and I think anyone who can enjoy following that sort of story (no matter what couple you prefer on any show) is a person thinks on a deeper level than most. It's relatively easy to obsess over mythology and come up with crazy theories, but to really analyze understand the emotions behind character interaction? Now that is a real feat.

Hope you stick around and continue to keep up with our musings! Thanks again!