Friday, May 2, 2008

Lost: Remember That Time Our OTP Got Engaged? HOLY COW, ME TOO! [Part One]

Did you really think we could fit all of our thoughts about "Something Nice Back Home" into one post? This afternoon, I'm tackling last night's flash-forwards, and Mae'll be around later to gab about what actually went down in real-time. If you want the short version of what we're about to say, I think the word you're looking for is "Squee."

Wow. Yesterday we heard rumblings about tonight's episode which included a source telling Jaters we'd be getting more than we've ever asked for.

Now, one need only do a quick search of these archives to see that I've asked for an awful lot from Jack and Kate. I've had posts about their island engagement, their inevitable firstborn daughter Caroline, and their post-island happy family life with Aaron and Caroline. So neither Mae nor I could think of anything that would constitute more than we've ever asked for.

Houseful of Jabies? Jate wedding? What?

I must say, it was fun to not be spoiled. It was kind of perfect, actually. I knew to be excited, I knew I was in for an awesomely Jatetastic hour, but I didn't know any specifics. I had butterflies! I went to dinner and a movie with some friends--I'm trying to have a life away from my couch--and was a complete wreck. Frankly, I doubt these people will ever ask me to go out again. Before we went in to the movie, I passed my phone off to a friend so I wouldn't have the urge to text Mae for the next two hours. (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, by the way. I don't understand everyone's obsession with Kristin Bell.)

The butterflies lasted until long after I'd gotten off the phone with Mae for a post-show debrief.

Oh. My. God.

Let's talk about the flashforwards first. I mean, we pretty much knew it was Kate, right? As soon as Jack woke up, I'm looking around his room going, "Where is she? Where is she?" He picked up her panties, he tossed aside Aaron's toy Millennium Falcon, but I wasn't going to rest until I saw her face. (By the way, love that Aaron has Star Wars toys. He should get together with my mom's little charge, Mary Alice, who is four and who LOVES Star Wars. We sat together and looked at Wikipedia and she knows all the characters. So cute.) When we first heard the voice in shower, I was a little startled because at first it didn't sound like Kate. I had that moment of doubt, like maybe they'd been pulling the wool over my eyes. (Thanks for saving me a trip to the shrink, boys!) But lo and behold, there she was, all clean and showery and KISSING JACK! Teh hot!

You should remember, of course, that this isn't the first Kate-Jack-shower scene we've ever seen. There's that awkward early season two scene where Kate showers at the hatch and Jack stumbles upon her. It's a little flirty, a little sexy, a little it. Last night's scene obviously eliminated that awkwardness and replaced it with an instant feeling of familiarity. Kate buys Jack razors, the hospital knows to reach Jack at the same place where Aaron sleeps...these guys live together, and they have been for a while.

Cuts to commercial and then we're back at the Austen-Shephard residence. Jack is reading a bedtime story to Aaron (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, WHAT ELSE?) and Kate's standing in the doorway, watching. It's such hands-down fluff I don't know what to do with myself. There's a first-season episode of Party of Five that I just watched with Lily a few weeks ago where, concerned about Baby Owen's limited vocabulary, Charlie (AKA Matthew Fox AKA Jack) preciously reads him a story. And I was just blown away by the cuteness. I mean, is there anything sweeter than a good-looking guy, a book, and a baby? It was Party of Five and it was trite and cliche, but it was so wonderful, in that This-Man-Will-Always-Be-Jack-Shephard-To-Me kind of way. I was so touched (and surprised) to see this moment play out for Jack.

And then the scene in the hallway. HOLY COW. I've been saying for a while now that I was confident that the consummation of the Jack/Kate relationship would blow dirty cage sex out of the water. I'll concede that it wasn't as, like, dirty and raw and desperate as the cage sex was--and obviously it was less graphic--but there were elements of Jack and Kate's foreplay here that just didn't, don't, and will never exist with Sawyer. First of all, conversation. Then you have, like I said, familiarity, a real sense of sharing. Sharing responsibility, sharing a kid, sharing a house, sharing a bed.

It's like Josh Holloway once said, "I think Sawyer's a fun weekend, but Jack's the keeper." You can tell that they've been together for a while, but it's not getting old. It's not boring--in bed or out of it. JACK IS NOT KEVIN CALLIS.

Also, we could also note that this obviously wasn't the consummation of Jack/Kate. This was just waking up on an ordinary day. Will we actually see their first couply kiss, their first night together? Who knows.

When we heard that Charlie "imparts a chilling message" to Jack via Hurley, I assumed (correctly) that it would have something to do with Aaron. Jack and I were both sufficiently creeped out by the message, but I gotta say, I'm not sure Charlie and Hurley are right. Because looking back at what Richard Malkin told Claire, all signs are pointing to Jack and Kate being the "predestined" parents of Aaron. "I found a couple in Los Angeles," Malkin told Claire. "The baby will be safe in their care. I know this sounds ridiculous... They're not strangers, Claire. They're good people." I made note of this quote several months ago--when I hoped against hope that we'd get to see Jack and Kate coparenting Aaron--and, gosh, it sure makes you wonder, doesn't it? Within the canon, I wonder if Malkin foresaw these exact circumstances; looking at the show from the meta perspective, I have to wonder if JJ and Darlton had this all planned out from back then.

Then...the proposal. Le sigh. It was super-fun not to know what was coming here. (It was one of those moments where I sat back and thought to myself, This is what the non-spoiled folks feel like ALL THE TIME.) When Jack asked Kate if she meant what she said about him being a good dad, I thought for sure the "more than we ever asked for" would be him asking her to have another baby. The squee factor of the proposal was, I'm sure, roughly comparable to the squee factor of "make a baby with me." (For the record--incredibly high. Ask my roommate. She was terrified.) Frankly, it WAS more than I've ever asked for. It was sweet and sad and, as someone on mentioned, full of guilt. But I didn't think the sadness outweighed or negated the sweetness and love I saw in Kate's eyes. I took it as these two are very, very happy together, but there's a guilty, worryful feeling behind it. They're happy and they like being happy, but they feel guilty for feeling so happy when they know there's people on the island who are maybe not feeling so happy and they can't contact them or help them 'cause they're big fat liars. LOTS OF FEELINGS!

Then there's this secret Sawyer business. Mae, brilliant spec queen that she is, says it's about Clementine. I LOVE this idea, because it could set up a reunion of Kate and Cassidy, which is probably one of the freakiest island connections of all.

TWoP boards, which are largely populated by Skaters, are really hating on this episode, using it to justify a belief that the team has tossed an ultimate Jack/Kate together-forever ending into the garbage. I literally could not disagree more.

First of all, we've all seen "Through the Looking Glass." Having seen this episode gives that airport scene a new context, and you can see just how much pain Kate was in in that scene. Because she knows now what it's like to live with Jack and raise a baby with Jack, but she can't have it because he's being so weird.

More importantly, I think we're all under the assumption that, however much we like or don't like it, the Oceanic 6 are eventually going to end up back on the island. (I'd much rather see Jack and Kate ending up like they were at the beginning of this episode, but that doesn't seem likely considering the massive amounts of Jangst built up inside those two.) So in order for everyone to end up back on the island, we're going to have to see Jack and Kate come to the same conclusion about their lives, the island, and Aaron. And this difference of opinion was all that was keeping them apart to begin with, what with Jack being all "We have to go back" and Kate being all "No, we don't."

And, you know what, monkeys, even if my ship doesn't end up together--absolutely unthinkable--I'll always have this episode. I'll pretend in my mind it was the last episode of Lost I ever saw, the same way "Kisangani" was the series finale of ER.

Finally, I'd just like to throw out a HELL YEAH to my Chaos colleagues. Last night, Mae and I went, like, five-for-five on predictions. I predicted here that Pam would have glasses on The Office, Mae predicted here that Jack would need an appendectomy, Mae and I teamed up to predict what we lovingly refer to as Juliet's "Susan Lewis That Shit" moment here, I said here that Ghost!Charlie would be upset about Jack raising Aaron, and, you know, we've all been predicting since here that Jack and Kate would at some point play Mommy & Daddy to Aaron. Way to go, blog girls. We officially predict Jate as the ultimate Lost pairing---now make it happen!

3 Responses to “Lost: Remember That Time Our OTP Got Engaged? HOLY COW, ME TOO! [Part One]”

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog! LOVE. IT. I just bookmarked it.

The shower scene... so glad to see someone drawing the parallels between season 2 shower scene and this one.

The hallway scene... no you're right it wasn't as raw and desperate as cage sex nor should it be- the stink of desperation should not touch Jate. What I loved about this scene was seeing Jack fully engaged in the kiss. Our first Jiss while lovely caught Jack off guard while the hallway scene... ::fans herself:: My word!

Last thing... you wrote: "Also, we could also note that this obviously wasn't the consummation of Jack/Kate. This was just waking up on an ordinary day. Will we actually see their first couply kiss, their first night together? Who knows."

Just another day? I didn't get that vibe at first. I think the argument could be made either way. This may have been the first time they were together. I think of Jack clearing the wine glasses away and Kate's offer to come over for a drink sometime and their conversation of how glad she was that he changed his mind. This all played out (to me) like this was just now happening. Plus Jack waking up naked in Kate's bed (obviously post coital), moving on to making out with naked Kate that morning (obviously headed toward coital) and running to the bedroom with Kate that night (more coital) doesn't smack of the "ordinary", but rather two people who are excited about FINALLY being together. Though it could be a regular day and they're just bunnies. Making out with Matthew Fox? I could be a bunny.

Keep up the good posts!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the compliment! I just joined today--here's to two more seasons of awesome Jate convos!

My reasoning for it being an "ordinary day" (although, seriously, how ordinary could a day spent with Naked Jack be?) was that the hospital called Jack on the landline. His phone rings in the same house where Aaron sleeps. Dude lives there. I think they just have that much sex.

Anonymous said...

I think they have just that much sex...Bwaha! Love it! Devil's advocate, he left the number with his service. It's what doctor's do when they're on call, but yeah, the phone call and the knowing where everything went and being comfortable in Kate's house... could be, could be.

Glad to have you at jak! See you on the boards!