Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lost: A Note on Our Finale Spoiler Policy

Hello, all. As you may remember from many of our previous conversations, both Mae and I were wholly spoiled for "Through the Looking Glass." While we don't really regret that choice--nor did it ruin the awesomeness of that finale--we *did* hope to go relatively spoiler-free for this year's finale.

When we heard DarkUFO was getting synopses for "There's No Place Like Home," Parts 1, 2, and 3, we decided to resist. For part one, we were actually legit unspoiled.


Then we saw the promo. And heard some rumors. And got nervous. And excited.

The spoilers for Parts 2 and 3 are supposedly coming out sometime in the middle of the night tonight, and Mae and I are absolutely (a) on edge and (b) going to read them.

We're going to do a little audio podcast when we read them, so you'll be able to hear our immediate reactions (Squee? Never watching Lost again? WTF?) as well as some (hopefully) intelligent pre- and post-game analysis.

We will not be discussing these major spoilers in text, so please continue visiting the site as usual for the next two weeks. We know the leakage is controversial and that people with much higher tolerance for waiting (AKA patience) are unspoiled, and we don't want to ruin it for anyone. But we're in utter agony already and we think it's going to be really FREAKING hilarious to listen to our reactions.

See you soon!

3 Responses to “Lost: A Note on Our Finale Spoiler Policy”

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't have anything to do with a certain spectacular kiss, now, would it? ;)

Personally I'm planning to go on Skate message boards to read only the shippy spoilers, because that's the stuff I'm dying to know. All the other, purely plot related spoilers, I'm going to try to avoid.

I do really want to listen to your podcast though, because I'm sure it will be hilarious!

Mae Vaughan said...

Lili! We love you, and are going to be giving you a nice little audio shout out in the podcast because you are so awesome.

MORE THAN LIKELY, all we'll end up discussing is the 'shippy spoilers... but I can't make that a guarantee, so I'd understand if you hold off listening to until after the finale :) No matter what the spoilers hold in terms of Skate/Jate, be it good or bad for either one, I can pretty much guarantee that Caro and I reacting live is going to be hilariously retarded.

And, uh, yeah - OF COURSE it has to do with that certain spectacular kiss! It's not the actual kiss we're worried about, though - I break out a bottle of champagne in your honor for that, so enjoy it! - it's the fear of the circumstances surrounding it, et al. Hey, what would 'shipping be if we weren't constantly on a roller coaster of "we win!" - "we lose? shit." - "we win again!" - "um, no we lose..."

Damn this fandom and its incessant triangle :-p

Sophie Shephard said...

I'm doing my very best to stay unspoiled (or, at least not more spoiled than I'd be for any given episode). Though I do just kind of want to know whether to be prepared for good or bad.

It's a good thing the in-depth spoilers weren't released on Thursday, because after the episode, I was hanging around the Jate board when someone posted something like "OMG, I read a spoiler and now I want to kill myself." Naturally, that sent me running for spoilers. And... whatever.

I think anticipating the worst, 'ship-wise, is almost taking the edge off of waiting two weeks and/or the urge to track down spoilers. Of course, it's three days down, eleven to go.

But, yeah, I wish I weren't so involved with the fandom right now that I even know these spoilers exist or where to get them. Last year, I knew nothing and I was, like, shaky and unable to breathe for the last ten minutes of the episode. I need to keep some of that amazingness alive.