Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost: Kisses and Sixes and Switches

Well, I'm asking the exact question that Darlton said I'd be asking right about now-how in the world are they going to get off the island in three hours of airtime?

Judging from the sneak peeks we've seen, Sayid's with the boat (is it a coincidence that he says he can take six people at a time?) and Sun's nearby, but Jack, Kate, and Aaron (the Lie!Fam) are out in the jungle, and Hurley's all the way at the Orchid. How does this make for them being the Oceanic 6 so far?

Also, one thing that bothered me in that clip was Hurley nagging at Locke and Ben about how he still wants to get off the island. Dude, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. If you wanted to get off the island, you shoulda joined Team Jack in the first place.

For months now, we've been talking about who's going to rescue these guys. Obviously we assumed it would be the freighter people, yet Darlton told us flat-out that they aren't the rescuers. Looking for other options, we jumped to Penny Widmore, which would be awesome except I don't think it's going to happen.

The other night I was sitting around, thinking about Sayid and bearings and rafts and constants, and I realized that they can pretty much rescue themselves now, can't they? Sayid said he could take six people back, and it doesn't seem like you could really fit six people on that little boat, which makes me think...does he somehow have that big octagonal raft we've seen in spoiler pictures all folded up in the bottom of his little boat? Mae suggests that, if this is true, Sayid could just tug them through the correct bearing, which he knows now. Jack also has that cool satfone, now, which will make getting saved a whole hell of a lot easier once you've escaped the island barrier. So, yeah, it's looking to me like they can get themselves a good way's away from the island and then just phone up the coast guard or whoever.

Okay, but what about these bearings? I'm very confused, as are many other people, as to why you could use 305º bearing to get both to and from the island. Because if you're sitting on the shore and you've just used 305º to get there, shouldn't 305º now be pointing you further into the jungle? Logically? It kind of reminds me of A Wrinkle in Time, the illustration Madeleine L'Engle uses to describe a tesseract. I couldn't find the specific illustration using a Google search, but I'll try and draw it/scan it later. In doing a Google search, however, I did-intriguingly-find that a tesseract is a real thing, except it's not the wormholey thing L'Engle describes but rather an eight-sided cube. Don't know if that could have Lost implications-probably not-but if Meg Murry saves the day, I'll be thoroughly pleased. Also, in A Wrinkle in Time, the Murry parents are Kate & Alex, while in the horrendous film adaptation (that kid from the ring as Charles Wallace-eek!), the parents are Jack & Dana. Yeaaaaaah Jack and Kate. I just mention that to be funny, not because I think it has anything to do with anything other than my ridiculous fangirlishness.

Speaking of ridiculous fangirlishness, I am absolutely ON EDGE about this spectacular kiss. Most Jaters I know are trying to come at it from a non-ship perspective-we don't think it's going to be Jate or Skate. I've heard some Skaters say that it should be their ship, because the show “owes them” after “Something Nice Back Home.” Here's the thing, and I mean this from a show perspective, not just as a Jater. This shouldn't be about taking turns. It's about winning.

The earlier the show officially picks an OTP, the better-and the worse. They won't do it, because they know that if, say, this season finale ends with Sawyer and Kate getting married and having babies and living happily ever after, Caroline Carter's freaking DONE. I'm sure there are Skaters who'd do the same if the finale brought a similar situation for Jate. But it's better because it (A) doesn't make Kate seem like a huge slut, which she will if she keeps bouncing back and forth between Jack and Sawyer for two more years and (B) lets us all focus on the real drama on the show.

The best way the season finale could end for me would be a scene on the island, Kate's holding the baby and you're like “Oh, hey, Aaron,” and then, like, a six-year-old comes over and Kate's all “Oh, hey, Aaron,” and you're all “Then who's that baby?” And Jack comes over and kisses Kate and makes googly faces at their daughter. And Sawyer comes over and everybody's happy and BFF. Good times.

Ausiello's got this quote up today: “It seems Darlton was holding out on us. Not only is the kiss spectacular, but according to a very solid source, it's the kind of liplock that 'stops f---ing time' and 'makes the entire world vanish in the moment.'”

I think this lends further credence to the idea that it'll be Desmond and Penny. They're the only ones so far whose relationship has a basis in this kind of star-crossed, timeless thing that Darlton has set up. There's something very mythical about all of Desmond and Penny's interactions, from their flash-about stories in “Flashes Before Your Eyes,” to the Charlie stuff and NOT PENNY'S BOAT, to “The Constant.” Desmond's “I love you, Penny” before flipping that failsafe switch, Desmond talking about Penny to Jack back in LA.... All of their relationship is kind of on a different plane. So if we're thinking that the kiss is really going to have mythological implications for the show, then logically it should be a couple like Desmond and Penny.

Neither Jate nor Skate fits into this category.

Now, a kiss involving Claire would sure fit into this, in light of recent events. A lot of Jaters-including myself-would like to believe that it's Claire/Sawyer. They've sort of started setting up this ship with Sawyer being all overprotective of Claire in the jungle and all freaked out about her walking off. As I told Mae on the phone a few weeks ago, “Let him be Claire's problem. See if I care.” For certain, Kate never really needed him to be all overprotective, but I think Sawyer showed a concern for Claire in “Something Nice Back Home” that he never once showed to Kate. Man, that was a good episode, wasn't it?

Even more amazing-truly spectacular-would be if somehow this is a Claire/Charlie kiss. Kind of like that Denny/Izzie brush-pass in “Some Kind of Miracle.” That surely defies time, no?

Another thing we've been thinking about with respect to the finale is the beginnings of the Oceanic 6 becoming the Oceanic 6.

In his testimony at Kate's trial, Jack specifically says, "We landed in the water." This is leading Mae and I both to bet that the Oceanic 6 DOES have to deal with Widmore's people. And that they end up saying that the plane at the bottom of the ocean (the one Widmore faked) was in fact Oceanic 815. Everybody else is dead and down there, but those 8 people kicked their way up to the surface. (This story would also correspond with what's written on Jin's tombstone.) What's weird about this arrangement is's a pretty big deal for the Oceanic 6 to make. Saying everyone else is dead means no chance of going back to rescue them. If you're making a deal like that, you've got to be getting something pretty substantial in return. Now, we know they're getting a pretty large settlement check from Oceanic and the airline's Golden Pass, but I'd challenge you to look me in the eye and tell me that any one of those five adults would make a deal like that for the money. (Or that a settlement like that would really be contingent upon making that deal.)

But then there's that business about Jack saying that Sawyer "chose to stay." Sawyer, Locke, perhaps even Rose and Bernard--I could understand them staying. But why would Juliet stay if given a choice? Jin? There's something weird there.

Also, on a semi-related note, ever since "Through the Looking Glass," we've been looking for any kind of canonical justification for why Kate knew where to meet Jack. In the speculation period for "Something Nice Back Home," we half-joked that perhaps Jack and Kate had used the airport parking lot as a secret sex rendezvous point. After that didn't come true (you don't need a secret rendezvous point when you have your own house together), we thought maybe the Oceanic 6 had gathered there upon arrival to fabricate their web of lies. But hearing Kristin's recap of a clip shown at the ABC Upfronts definitely leads me to believe that the secret plan is formulated on the rescue plane.

As expected, I'm totally lost. My relationship with this show is so tenuous right now, because I'm fully expecting and prepared to drop it like it's hot if this spectacular kiss is Skate. Call me fickle and see if I care. I hope Darlton can come up with something more creative than this. Last year, I was totally spoiled for the finale, and while it didn't necessarily ruin the heart-attack Jate moment, I'll obviously never know how I would have otherwise experienced that episode. I'm excited and terrified to be going into this episode without massive spoilers. Mostly, though, I'm just ready for the season to be over--my brain and my heart need a break from this stuff.

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