Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Parallels, Eye!Sex, and Gigglefests--It's Officially Back

I never thought I’d be thanking the strike, but almost everything I’ve watched in the last few weeks has been great. Sure, maybe it’s just that my brain’s been addled by so many months without new material, but I prefer to think, as does Matt Roush over at TV Guide, that the paring-down that’s occurred as a result of the strike has resulted in less filler and meatier episodes. Last Thursday was Grey’s Anatomy at its finest. The easiest way to dissect what I thought—and look forward to—about Grey’s is to talk about it in terms of couples.

First and foremost, Derek and Meredith. Their interactions in this episode were classic. Those two were doing what they do best: gorgeously paralleled medical sexy talk and Eye!Sex. I love how unabashedly Grey’s chooses its medical stories to correspond with the emotional story arc of the doctors. I mean, every medical show does it, but Grey’s is just so overt about it. And how precious it is sometimes! Their discussion about the champagne bottle—“We will succeed.”—was so sweet and beautifully foreshadowing of the result we all know is coming.

And, oh, holy crap, how sweet was their surgery together, showing how in sync those two are when they only pay attention to each other. Where is MY McDreamy!?! Those two are going to be back together by the end of the season—and, as Leigh and I think, together together. And I haven’t felt so jazzed about Derek and Meredith romantically since we started anticipating their reunion at the end of season two.

Callie and Hahn—hilarious. I’m glad they’re giving this storyline a few weeks to breathe. I love that there’s still some ambiguity about the whole thing. Even though their gigglefest the other night was funny, it didn’t offer up any answers as to Hahn’s actual sexuality. It’s making me think that maybe the super-secret kiss in the finale is going to be Callie/Hahn. My roommate and I both think this coupling would be a great storyline—full of awkwardness for everyone involved. (Gah—to see Mark Sloan’s reaction.)

Also, on a more general note, I’m really appreciating the way they’re humanizing Hahn. She started off as just a big ol’ bitch, but she’s getting more awesome. Her awkward conversation with Cristina followed by her awkward conversation about awkward conversations was a good first step in making her, like, a real person.

I was kinda feeling George/Lexie on Thursday. Since they struck up a friendship at the beginning of this season, we’ve all sort of seen it coming, but I think their relationship actually might have legs now. Their smiley, just-friends conversation at Joe’s was actually kind of sweet. I could support this couple. They’re not going to be my OTP or anything, but I buy it. And although there’s bound to be some tension thanks to that whole slept-with-your-sister thing, a George/Lexie pairing is a better choice than any of the recent ones those two have been making.

I’m tiring of Adele/Richard. Dude, he lied! Again! He used George to make it seem like he was delegating, and Adele, like a stupid, stupid girl, fell for it. Richard hasn’t really changed, and I’m pretty confident Adele’s going to figure that out sooner or later. And then she’s going to give the SAME speech she’s been giving for the last two seasons. Borrrrr-ing.

Alex/Izzie. My second-in-command Grey’s OTP. I feel pretty confident that these two are going to ultimately get together, and I’m oh-so-glad to see them have a storyline together again. Also, how fitting that I’m seeing Rebecca as this year’s Denny. Her story has woefully overstayed its welcome and she’s making Alex do stupid, stupid things. We’ve heard—spoiler alert!—that she’s actually sick, not just fake-pregnant, and will be having a health crisis as the season winds down.

First of all, this girl’s spent an awful lot of time in the hospital lately, which is unbelievable and lame. Secondly, does Rebecca know she’s not pregnant?

The best choice for the writers is to kill her off. It gets Rebecca out of the way, and it allows for Izzie to be Alex’s shoulder to cry on, in the same way he was for her after Denny. I’m pretty sure she’s not strong enough to pick him up and carry him, but, you know, the emotional equivalent of that. Plus, she can do the whole I’ve-been-through-this thing, and that gives them some pretty unique common ground. Season five is going to be the season of Izzie and Alex, I’m sure of it.

. Giving Mark depth is a good choice; giving Rose depth would have been a good choice six episodes ago, when they wanted us to believe that she was actually going to be an obstacle for Mer/Der instead of just a temporary speed bump on the road to inevitability. (Not that I don’t like the temporary speed bump, which, for a change, is actually initiating positive story movement instead of just incredibly frustrating limbo.) I’d love to see these two characters—Mark and Rose—hook up. I don’t hate Rose as a person or anything, and I think she represents the kind of girl who would NEVER consider Mark in his current incarnation. While it’s a little weird for Mark to get all of Derek’s cast-offs, I’d be interested to see what a relationship between those two could mean for both of their characters.

Next week’s episode is the penultimate chapter of this season. (Love that word—penultimate.) It’s going to set up the drama for the finale, of course, which, as usual, will probably jump into at least a few of these relationships. I’m very excited, folks!

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