Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Finale Photo Analysis, Fangirl Style

NOTE: The following was written by my esteemed colleague Leigh. I am merely the messenger, delivering her bloggy brilliance in the absence of her internet for all the world to enjoy. So, ya know, read and enjoy. -- Mae


We have spoiler photos. Awwwwwwwww yeah!

I'm talking about the photos below which were put together oh so nicely and posted on youtube. I have no clue where they came for nor have I been able to find them anywhere else on the interwebby but they are from the finale and they made me squee...

Meredith is at the trailer! Woot! It makes me want to go up to her, tap her on the shoulder and go, "Heeeey Meerrrrredith? Whatcha dooooin?" In that "I know what you're doing here but I want to make sure I know what you're doing here" type of tone. Now - the next question is...just what the hell is going on in these pictures? Could it possibly just be Ellen Pompeo running around in between takes? Sure - but that's no fun.

To help plow a path in my brain...I enlisted the help of Caroline. Here's what we came up with...

What/whoever she's looking at - she's quite fixated and engaged. Not engaged engaged...but engaged in conversation. But, she doesn't have the "yay I'm up at Derek's again and we are happy" facial expression. As Caroline pointed out, she has the "i'm makin' a big decision over here!" face.

She could travel up to the Shepherd Trailer Lodge for Leaner's for a number of different reasons...

After several lovely encounters at the hospital (and finding out Derek and Rose are no more) Meredith makes the trek up there to find Derek doing random sexy, manly trailer things which require her to follow him in and out of said trailer. She tries to get his full attention because as Caroline mentioned, she's kinda making a big decision over here! She finally gets to make her big girl speech. Kissing ensues. favorite...

During an earlier hospital conversation about the huge elephant in the room, Derek tells her that he'll be home all night and if she's serious and can get past the other stuff and trust him...she knows where to find him. He's good to go. Cut to Meredith hauling up there...only to find a Derek-less trailer. ¿Dónde está Derek? She's running in/out of the trailer and ready to beat someone down. Turns out, the boy just ran down the street to pick something up. He gets out of the car and she gets to say her version of his "I want to marry you" speech...without the creepy "dying at 110 years old" part. Just a nice, classic Meredith rambley speech. "I go to therapy now. I talk about things. You and me things." Something like that. Kissing ensues.

Is anyone else sensing a Luke/Lorelai "all in" reference? Anyone? Bueller? Derek needs to relay the message that this time around, there is no middle ground. She's either with him or she's not. C'mon Meredith. It's Derek Christopher Shepherd - the gift that keeps on giving. Sure you were getting the milk for free before but I'm willing to bet that buying the whole cow is that much better. On the flipside, Derek needs to see that Meredith is making permanent changes and embrace them and support her. Resist the urge to be skeptical. Use the force, young Shepherd.

Happy Weekend! ...and gracias to Caroline...and gracias to Mae for posting this for me while I'm on the road (without internet access *whimper*).

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