Monday, May 19, 2008

Chaos in Stereo Episode One: Lost 4x13 Major Spoilers

We're just learning about this podcast business, and I won't lie when I say we're not great at it yet. There's a little feedback and a lot of me not knowing to put my computer on the table, lest it make noises in my lap. (It's annoying, but now I know better.)

Here's the context. Since we heard DarkUFO was going to post these spoilers, Mae and I have had a deal that no matter when it happened, we'd call the other and read them together. Just so happened that the spoilers came out in the middle of the night. So in addition to our average everyday freaking-out, you've got the added bonus of me having been woken up moments before and Mae still being awake at three in the morning.

Obviously, don't listen to the podcast unless you want to be/are already spoiled for the finale. For those who don't want to be spoiled, check back later this week for a special Grey's Anatomy season finale edition of the Chaos in Stereo podcast. (Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not in stereo, but I thought it was witty.)

3 Responses to “Chaos in Stereo Episode One: Lost 4x13 Major Spoilers”

Anonymous said...

So because I love you guys, and because I happen to have a high tolerance for sqeeing Jate fangirls, and because college is over for the summer and I have nothing better to do, I listened to your whole podcast and it was hilarious like you promised, and I loved every minute! Well. Almost every minute. There were some parts where you were mean to Skaters and that made me sad so during those parts I signed on to Fisbiscuitland and buried myself in happy Skater posts.

Anyway. About the spoilers -- incredibly lame, I know, but I'm not worried. I'm sure the finale is going to kick ass in so many ways, it's just that a dry synopsis can't convey the awesome subtleties of a Lost episode, you know?

And the kiss? Personally, the fact that a non-shipper thought it wasn't earth shattering doesn't bother me at all. I'm much more interested in how Darlton view it, because they're the ones who are going to decide how the triangle ends, after all. And if they think a simple goodbye kiss is "spectacular," a "favorite moment of the whole series," the kind of kiss that "stops fucking time" and "makes the entire world vanish in a moment," well, then that tells me something about how they view the relationship between Sawyer and Kate. I mean, why would they hype up a kiss like that, unless they wanted the audience to root for that particular couple? Personally, I think they wouldn't talk about a Skate kiss with that much enthusiasm unless they see Skate as the OTP of their show.


Mae Vaughan said...

I can't believe you gave in and listened/got spoiled! Well, glad we at least managed to make you laugh. And the whole Skate Hate problem? It was 4AM, you must remember, and things get said on fangirl highs that usually wouldn't be said during normal conversation. I have total respect for you, personally - I just don't understand the appeal of Skate. As is the case with you and Jate, so it's a matter of agreeing to disagree on that. Ship in peace, right? :)

About that last stuff you said involving the kiss hype, don't think I and many other Jaters haven't been going a little batty about that whole issue. Not being scared of a Skate kiss doesn't mean the hype isn't a bit disconcerting -- but, all due respect, look what happened to you guys after all the hype of "I Do." Darlton are fickle, tricky little bitches. I'm not saying their hype over this does or does not mean Skate, I'm just saying you never can really know what they're up to. I'm totally in a "wait and see" stance at the moment, because they'll certainly keep stringing both fandoms along (though I honestly wish they'd stop it, either way.) for at least another year.

Enjoy your kiss, girlie! Hopefully the finale as a whole won't be as painfully lame as it sounds.

Anonymous said...

Haha, ship in peace, well said!

And you're exactly right -- anything Damon and Carlton say has to be taken with a grain of salt. Several grains of salt.