Monday, April 14, 2008

When the the answer. Seriously?

Spoiler alert.

Turn around now if you don't want to be spoiled.

Ok – you’ve been warned.

Every once in a while you hear a spoiler that makes you have one of those “I should have had a V8” moments. You end up smacking your forehead thinking, “how did I NOT think of that?” Sure, I can blame it on speculation cobwebs that have formed due to the strike. Then I remember this is Grey’s Anatomy we are talking about and this feeling is not uncommon. But, I digress…

Meredith is seeing a shrink.

*Donk* Why did I think of that? Oh I know why. It was just too obvious. When speculating about television, you never go with the obvious. Generally because the obvious is too predictable and that’s just no fun. What would television be without the agony and frustration of wondering just what those writers are smoking and how they are gonna get out of their current mess?

We’ve all known from the very beginning that Meredith was in need of some help but my brain never went to “maybe they will have her see a therapist”. If any of you out there said it? Please choose an item from the gift basket on your way out. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone else on tv who could use a shrink more than our own dark and twisty Meredith. Fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, mommy issues, daddy issues, sibling issues…fun, huh? If that described the personality of anyone in my life, psychiatric help would be something I would suggest on a daily basis.

Somehow it’s just more fun to see our beloved characters get the booty kicking they need on their own, rather than hearing it from a trained professional. This usually comes in the form of some sort of eye opening event. Meredith has almost died – twice. If that didn’t make her completely change her ways – I’m thinking a shrink might be the only way to do it.

I personally don’t need to see a therapist run down the laundry list of issues she has. I already know. Meredith already knows. I’m sure everyone at Seattle Grace knows. What she does need is for someone to call her out on her crap and make her see that without making some permanent changes, her life will continue on this vicious cycle and the fans will decide ripping out chunks of hair each week is no longer worth it and they too will walk away. If that’s what Shonda has in store. Bring it on.

Shrinks can also open the doors nice and wide for fabulous quotes that are instantly immortalized in thousands of away messages. Who out there remembers Sydney’s “Have you ever felt that someone was your soul mate?” or Lorelai’s “I don’t think I ever really loved anyone…until Luke.” Tell me you didn’t use those once or twice. Since we heard that this is a catalyst for a Mer/Der end of season reunion, I will be anxiously awaiting Meredith’s couch time. I bet Freud wishes he could be around for this too. Roll on over, man. This is gonna be good.

All of the recent spoilers got me thinking…if a Mer/Der “together for good” reunion was not the original plan for the end of the season…what in the world did Shonda have planned and what made her change her mind? During her time off, did she catch the reruns on ABC or Lifetime? Did she take the Grey’s refresher course? Did she finally see the frustrations of millions of Mer/Der fans and decide that enough was enough? I’m still finding confetti from my “YAY the strike is over” party but do we possibly have something to thank the writers for? Have there ever been so many questions in one paragraph?

One thing is for certain. I would not have been able to handle yet another angst ridden summer wondering if Mer/Der were going to make it. The biggest questions I have now are how are they going to fix it and how will this shrink get us there? Thousands of ways to choose from…but only a select few will work.

Meredith? The doctor will see you now.

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Anonymous said...

And you cant leave out the shrink on Bones. "See that's my Bones" not to mention all the perfect moments with sweets. and How could we ever forget the Susan and her shrink scene after losing baby Susie on ER " always knew you loved your children i just never knew how much you fell in love with them" and "it hurts so much i can feel her and if i can feel her i don't want to lose that."

This scene: