Monday, April 14, 2008

The Office: Hand!Watch 2008 Commences, This Blog is Officially on the Edge of Its Seat

Everyone in the Office fandom has gone insane. Including myself.

We have officially initiated Hand!Watch 2008 and will be on constant lookout for a Jam engagement until the season ends. Yes, the producers and cast members have succeeded in ramping our excitement up to a fever pitch. I posted last week about some quotes and news items floating around hinting at the possibility of an Office proposal, but in the last few days the scintillating teases have been out of control.

Jenna Fischer is the queen of misdirection (remember the cropped photo fiasco of summer 2006?), and she's incredibly good at getting the fans ears to perk up. I can't remember where I saw or read it (I think OfficeTally), but she said she recalled being told that, due to lack of time, there wasn't going to be much Jim/Pam for the back half of the season, only to be surprised to read the second script and find out something huge about Pam.

So here are the questions I have and the answers I propose.

1. We're supposed to find out what this quirk about Pam is. It's new and big and something we've never known before. (That's what she said.) Jenna says, "Michael and everybody have a good time with that, teasing her about it." Speculation has been incredibly varied, although I think my favorite idea is that Pam might have a speech impediment, making "Did I Stutter?" of particular interest. I think it could be something as simple as Pam wearing glasses. As a proud glasses-wearer myself, I can't imagine why she'd get teased about it at work. I hope it's more interesting than that, though. (Pam Sparkles, anyone?)

2. The quirk supposedly arises after Pam spends the night at Jim's. NBC says of the next morning that an "unexpected inconvenience" arises. We all know what usually happens when unexpected inconveniences arise after spending the night away from home. It's like a walk of shame plus an eight-hour workday. Oh my gosh, y'all, I saw the most egregious walk of shame EVER the other day. I almost offered this girl my coat. Anyway, you spend the night unexpectedly at your boyfriend's, you have to wear the same clothes, maybe you pull a Donna Moss and leave your panties in full view of the room, maybe you have to share a toothbrush, maybe you don't have contact solution so you have to toss your lenses and wear your glasses...maybe you start thinking it would just be easier to live together. I like this idea. A Jim/Pam move-in could be the stepping stone between dating and engagement. It would show them moving in the right direction without actually putting the ring on Pam's finger, which might seem a little quick.

3. Somebody's leaving Dunder-Mifflin. (Not necessarily the show.) Jenna says it's not Pam or Michael. Frankly, I'd like to see it be Jim. I'm still going to need my Jim fix (duh), but it's time for one or both of them (them being Jim and Pam) to take a leap. Others think it might be Phyllis. A bright yellow line from Ryan to Stanley on Dwight's hilarious office responsibility flowchart might indicate that Mr. Hudson is leaving Scranton. As long as it's not Kelly, and as long as whoever leaves stays on the show, I'll be fine.

Now let's rehash a little. I was, frankly, disappointed in "Dinner Party." Granted, my hopes were up very high and it was the first episode back post-strike, but I just...I wasn't as blown away with the hilarity as I expected to be. I think an OfficeTally commenter said it best when they likened the episode more to Curb Your Enthusiasm than to the traditional style of The Office. It was mostly just hella awkward, which is why I really hated, say, "Gay Witch Hunt." The Jim/Pam stuff was very sweet; though some people were concerned about Jim's every-man-for-himself approach to escaping the party, I would never believe that he would totally ditch Pam. We all know that when it comes to his relationship with Pam, Jim is all about live together, die alone.

Is Jan going to be gone from the show now? Or will she continue to wreak havoc on Michael's (and, subsequently, everyone's) lives? I have come to really appreciate Jan's ridiculousness--and what's not to love about Melora Hardin? I was pretty absent from the last few years of Gilmore Girls, but I was just tickled to do some research on Leigh's latest blog and find that Lorelai's impromptu therapist was none other than Jan Levinson!

So John Krasinski says big things are afoot this Thursday, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed, though!

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