Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Last night I was blogging in class--I know, I'm such a good student--and I saw for like a quick little second on OfficeTally that the site operator updated the spoiler page with the title for the finale, only to remove it, like, seriously minutes later. Last I checked, there weren't any comments about it. But I saw it, and my classmate saw it. (He's an Office fan, too, so I had to point it out.)

It's called "Goodbye, Toby," apparently, according to NBC.

My classmate--you can surmise how interesting our class is based on how much time we spend passing notes about The Office--had what is kind of a funny speculation: that this finale could oddly parallel "Casino Night," with Pam being engaged to Jim (!!) and Toby sadly confessing his feelings for Pam...once. (Classmate: "And then he'll move to Stamford, even though there's not a branch there anymore.")

I think things between Toby and Pam could be brought up before the end of the season, if only to actually reinforce Jam and to give Jim something to feel weird about. If anything, it could remind Pam of "Casino Night" and how beautifully, wonderfully different things are now. I highly doubt that a Toby confession could actually throw Jim and Pam's relationship/engagement/marriage into question, but I suppose we'll see.

Imagine the Michael possibilities for Toby leaving! (Is Michael the reason Toby's leaving??!!) There's a lot of potential here--perhaps Toby's heading to Corporate (he's already technically a Corporate employee anyway) to give a little more weight to the New York office scenes. Will Toby be involved in the spin-off in any way?

There's also a big sigh of relief that it's not Kelly. Gosh, I love Kelly. Who am I kidding--I am Kelly. And for as much as I thought a Jim-gets-a-real-job story would be great character development, I also worried about what that would mean for the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton dynamics.

Okay, naptime!

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