Monday, April 21, 2008

Lost: "Something Nice" in the Jate Daily News

Before I get down to the business of Jate, let me first point out that we've been joking for a while now about how much of a Jate bias we show in our Lost blogging - so much so that we've started referring to this place as The Jate Daily News. Well, today we decided to make it official and literally separate all Jate-only or Jate-heavy blogs from all the general Lost discussion blogs by creating an entirely new archive tag. Jate Daily News is now an official part of this blog - and yes, we're being ironic by calling it "daily" news; not even we can be obsessive enough to find new and interesting blog-length topics about Jate to discuss every single day. However, if you're a Jater and the only reason you visit this blog is to read our thoughts on the beloved pair, we've now made it quite simple for you to find just the blogs you're looking for by clicking on the JDN archive tag. Better yet, bookmark it! We've gone through the archives and co-tagged all the old posts that fit JDN criteria, so take a stroll down memory lane with us as we officially begin this new 'shipper-tastic era of the CiG blog.

(Of course, if you're a Lost fan who comes here to read about Lost and wishes we would shut up about Jate... well, the new JDN tagging system works in your favor as well. For every new blog about Lost, scroll to the end and check it's tagging. If a JDN tag is noticeably absent, you're probably safe. Probably.)

AND NOW! Shall we launch into the first official installment of the Jate Daily News? WE SHALL!

The last time any of us blogged about Jate, it was when I came to discuss Damon's spoiler quote about the "spectacular kiss" and surmised that it's more likely to be a Dope kiss than a much-anticipated Jate kiss. I still believe that to be entirely probable, but at the same time... much has changed and much has come to light in the short time since that blog was written.

Another statement from our mind-twisting Exec. Producers let us know that Jate being a part of the O6 and Sawyer, in turn, not completely hinges on the axis of the Jate/Skate triangle. We Jaters started to feel cautiously optimistic again. At least for me, that little bit of information basically tells me that Kate choosing to leave with Jack (and Sawyer choosing to stay behind/let her go/whatever the case may be) has pretty much everything to do with Kate's romantic loyalties at that moment in time. Clearly, it sure enough has a lot to do with her caretaker status over Aaron as well... but I'm just saying. The Jate spirits were slowly being lifted, and we slowly started to believe again that maybe - just maybe...

And then TMZ caught Josh Holloway at LAX, prompting the trustworthy Dark UFO to reveal in it's spoilers section that Holloway was in Los Angeles to film "top secret" footage for the season finale.

It was like Black Monday, except it wasn't Monday and it felt a lot like a color even worse than black. That tiny bit of optimism that had been slowly building in the hearts and minds and Jaters? Yeah, that shit crashed and burned faster than the Paolo/Nikki plot twist. The only conclusion anyone could come to was that it meant Sawyer was off the island - and in Los Angeles. Which is inconveniently where Kate is also playing house with Aaron. You want to talk about me not being happy? Because, yeah. I'm still on edge about that whole mystery, but I honestly can't even be bothered to think about it. I don't want to. It's giving me an ulcer.

As for Caroline and I, we had both reached a point at which neither of us was going to care. We were ready to give up spoilers and settle into a cynical mindset about Jate where not even seemingly good information could possibly bring us joy. Because the letdown when you're eventually proved wrong... well, that hurts like hell.

Last night, we were comfortably living in our new cynical world. This morning, TV Guide had to go and reconfigure everything we had settled so nicely into believing. In a list of Six Secrets of the Island Revealed, as posted by the aforementioned Dark UFO, one specific list number turned the cynical Jate world upside down:

4) TV Guide caught a scene shot for the May 1 episode in which Jack collapses, unconscious, on the beach. Expect Juliet to take charge and perform emergency surgery. "Get to go into Jack's guts!" says a gleeful Mitchell, who adds, "After reading this episode, I realized that Juliet really does truly love him." Even so, Jack's flash-forward revolves around Kate. We're sworn to secrecy but will let slip that fans of "Jate" are in for a long-awaited happy twist of events.

Even now, I can hardly contain myself. I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF.

Now, I hang out over at the Forums and thus have been discussing this with them/reading their thoughts all day. That said, much credit is given to the brilliant minds on that site for some of what's about to be said. The rest of the credit is given to me and Caroline though, since we (of course) immediately conversed and squee'd and traded ideas.

The thing of it is, it doesn't necessarily seem squee-worthy on it's own to simply know that Jack's FF revolves around Kate and we'll be getting something "long-awaited" that promises to make us happy. However, there is so much implied about this episode already. The title of the May 1st episode that TV Guide speaks of is "Something Nice Back Home" - ever since we found out this was a Jack-centric episode with a title like that, Jaters have somewhat jokingly tossed around the idea that Jack's "something nice" waiting at home is, in actuality, Kate. It used to just be a fun speculation. It used to just be a joke. Now it actually seems pretty damn plausible.

So plausible, in fact, that most of us are skipping over the "kiss" conclusion for the "happy twist of events" and jumping right into the conclusion pool of "sex." Are we probably jumping the gun and taking it a little too far? Maybe. But that doesn't make it any less possible. The implication of the title, along with the statement that Jack's FF revolves around Kate, almost leads me to believe that they're a steadfast couple by some point in this episode - perhaps even that they're actually living together, playing house with Aaron. We don't know yet what causes Jack to pull away from Aaron - it could be anything, and it could happen at any time. There's nothing that says yet that Jack can't be totally content in his uncle/surrogate-daddy role for a while before whatever it is takes place and throws him for a loop.

It does make me wonder, when looking back on "Eggtown," why the scene in the courtroom played out as it did with regard to asking Jack whether or not he loves Kate. What I mean is, they're supposed to be world-famous celebrities. You'd think everyone would know if two members of the Oceanic 6 were shacking up together and raising a third O6'er in their little post-island family world. But then that simply makes me think about how vague everything in the "Eggtown" FF actually was - the prosecutor simply asked if Jack loves Kate... one could surmise that she'd have no reason to even ask such a question had those two not been publicly linked romantically after their rescue. Do you see what I'm saying? Not to mention that the identity of who Kate claims to be Aaron's father is notably ignored, I'd think entirely on purpose. I mean, sure they were ignoring it because we were all supposed to think it was Sawyer's kid up until the shocking reveal of it being Aaron... but it still makes me wonder who Kate names as Aaron's father once they arrive back in the States. Anyone who'd believe two brunettes can produce a blond-headed moppet clearly didn't pay attention in high school biology class, but that's beside the point here. The point is - I know, finally, right? - "Eggtown" actually left plenty of loopholes that can easily be filled in by Jack and Kate living in couple-hood for however long they're off the island before Jack completely pulls away from Aaron and consequently loses Kate, too.

I mentioned this on the forum and I'm going to say it again, mainly because I don't doubt that someone will likely try to discredit me by reminding us all that "Something Nice Back Home" involves a Jack FF where they're all at Christian Shephard's funeral - not too long after arriving home from the island, it would appear. I, personally, think this episode is going to be one in which the FF's take place over several months - if not years. We've been told that we will absolutely see how Jack ends up at the rock-bottom point he was in during "Through the Looking Glass," and I don't see how that's going to be accomplished if we're focusing his entire FF on the timeline around Christian's funeral. To me, we have to jump ahead a bit. Or a lot. Establish character status with the funeral FF, and then start jumping forward - Jack's life a few weeks after that, and a few months after that, and so on and so forth. We need to see the progression... which will also provide the opportunity to see the progression of the Jate relationship! Who knows, they could already be coupled-up by the time Christian's funeral rolls around. As Caroline astutely pointed out, it's not like the funeral could be taking place immediately after they get off the island - Kate kind of has to get arrested and arraigned first if she's going to be present at said memorial service, as we already know she is thanks to on-set photos.

So the basic gist of our current Jate situation is that it's looking hopeful, however naive we may be for choosing to believe so. For some reason, I just can't ignore the squee-worthy feeling that came upon me when I read about this "long-awaited happy twist of events" and there is no denying that my cynicism is fading fast. We still probably aren't getting a "spectacular" Jate kiss in the finale, and that pesky problem of Sawyer turning up in LA still looms darkly in our future, but I'm not going to let any of that overshadow the fabulousness that seems to await us in Episode 10.

It's like I reminded Caroline last night: Darlton promised that the "Because I love you" would be addressed, and that it would be addressed many times. The vague references to it in "Eggtown" do not a "many times" make, and therefore I'm still waiting with bated breath for it to be discussed in unveiled conversation. Hopefully we have that to look forward to, as well, in all of this happy Jateness.

Be it a kiss, sex, couplehood, or even playing house - whatever the case may be, large or small, we're due some happy Jate moments. And we're definitely due some happy Jate hope. I'm not ready to give up on them yet, so I'm ready and willing to take whatever squee-inducing moments I can get.

2 Responses to “Lost: "Something Nice" in the Jate Daily News”

Sophie Shephard said...

I'm willing to not freak out about the Josh Holloway thing (this is the first I'm hearing about it, just because I don't hang out in general Lost fandom). Because I'm not convinced that his filming in LA necessarily means that his scenes are taking place in LA. They've faked LA, Sydney, New York, London, etc in Hawaii before. What could be so un-fake-able in LA that they'd have to go shoot there?

Maybe he just... has a scene opposite an actress who is enormously pregnant and that situation requires the use of the Grey's Anatomy set instead of flying to Hawaii. Or something comparable.

Of course, like any comment that I make about Lost, I might just have no idea what I'm talking about. 'Cause why the hell would Sawyer have a scene off the island, anyway? Sigh.

And now I need to go hunt down this funeral information.

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