Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lost: Phone Chats are Precious, but Kisses are Spectacular.

When you tease a fangirl about things like kisses, steamy love scenes, or proposals but neglect to clue her in about which characters will be partaking in such scenarios, it's only natural that said fangirl would immediately hope against all hope that her OTP of choice will be the lucky twosome. However, when this same fangirl has had her heart stomped on repeatedly by writers and shredded into a million little pieces by couples of the past, she tends to force herself to take a few steps back and try to believe in some other possibility instead.

So when Damon Lindelof announced last week that the season finale of Lost would include "...one of the most spectacular kisses you've ever seen on the show," Caroline and I had to take a few deep breaths and start analyzing every little detail of this kiss' spoilers - instead of immediately shoving our faces into the nearest pillow and squeeing with hopeful delight.

There are several different forces at work here, and if we pay close attention to all of the clues we can start to uncover the definite possibility that a "spectacular" Jack/Kate kiss is probably not what's waiting for us in May. Despite the fact that Damon is a hardcore Jate fan who believes wholeheartedly in making them the endgame OTP, I'm not ready to believe that he would come right out and tell us that there's a brilliant-beyond-brilliant kiss coming up if it were going to be a Jate kiss. Because, really, I think he's definitely smart enough to know that Jate would be everyone's first guess. He'd never make it that easy. The fact that he's flat-out telling us about this huge moment in the finale tells me that it's highly unlikely it will end up being the most obvious and longed-for option.

Does this mean I'm no longer hoping and wishing that it might still end up being FF Jate in their secret spot at the airport? Of course not! I'd absolutely fall over and die if it ended up being them. All I'm saying is that I'm trying to be semi-rational... while at the same time taking part in a bit of self-preservation, because I'm honestly too damn terrified to get excited over the possibility of this spectacular kiss being a Jate moment. Hope for the best, expect the worst, right?

And the worst, in my opinion, would be a "spectacular" Skate moment. Thanks to Damon and Kristin Dos Santos, though, I no longer have to consider that possibility. She contacted our favorite little goofy exec. producer and managed to get him to reveal that this splendid, kissy moment "does not happen on the island." Common knowledge of the O6 completely removes Sawyer (and thus, Sawyer/Kate) from the equation. Plus, considering Damon's aforementioned love of Jate, I would find it incredibly hard to believe that he would ever use the word "spectacular" to describe any romantic moment between Skate.

On the other hand, though, Carlton Cuse is the resident Lost exec with a love of Skate in his heart; hearing that he considers this finale kiss to be "...one of my favorite moments of the whole series so far," I'm inclined to remove Jate from the equation as well. As much as Damon would never call anything Skate "spectacular," Carlton would never put anything Jate at the top of his 'Favorite Moments' list. It would appear that we're at an impasse of spectacular proportions, no?

No. Most of the rational fangirls on the internet (Caroline and myself included, thank you.) have chosen to believe it's door number three: Penny and Desmond. I've always felt sympathetic toward the two of them and their tortured, star-crossed love life even though I never really considered them to be an OTP that I would invest in - or, really, an official OTP at all. That is, of course, until Penny answered the phone on Christmas Eve and I found myself in a puddle of my own joyful tears. I keep trying to think of a word that would properly describe their first kiss after finally being reunited again off the island, and, well...


My heart would swell even bigger than the Grinch's on Who-ville Christmas Day, and I can already tell you that "eating the pillow" would need to be re-defined in order to add in a new level of squee-dom, that of which the world has never known. It's hard to believe that we could get this emotional and completely excited about a kiss between two people we've really never seen happy together before - or hardly even together at all, for that matter - but I think the onslaught of fan devotion to Desmond/Penny is a true testament to the writers and even more so to the actors. This show is capable of creating great love stories with barely any romantic interaction taking place; the best love stories Lost has to offer are the ones we rarely get any on-screen romance out of, if you ask me.

The Penny/Desmond reunion moment and subsequent reunion kiss is a scene that keeps playing over and over again in my head. I can quite literally see it taking place; the setting, the emotions, the facial expressions, the tears of joy... the total passion and relief. Just imagining it makes me happy, and more and more I settle comfortably into actually wanting it to be them instead of anyone else - instead of even Jate.

Kristin Dos Santos has on her site, along with the latest info from Damon, a poll for the fans to vote on to place their bets about who they think this perfect kiss will happen between. At the time of this posting, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of Jate and Des/Penny respectively.

38.1% believe we'll finally get the Jack/Kate moment we've been ever-so-impatiently waiting for, despite the fact that it seems a bit too obvious for a finale. Desmond/Penny come out on top, though, with 39.4% in favor of the spectacular moment belonging to them. It's practically a tie - in the political world, it would be considered too close to call. All it tells me is that Lost fangirls - even the Skaters - have chosen to use rational thought over OTP-bias in this case. Sawyer/Kate barely have any votes at all, when typically they overwhelm any poll Kristin opens for voting. Clearly, it's not lost on anyone that an off-island kiss completely excludes them and doesn't leave us with many other possibilities.

Some would attempt to argue that it simply has to be Jate because if it's off-island and spectacular, they're the only O6 members that it could possibly happen between. I still say it's Penny/Des though, because Desmond was never on the plane in the first place - he can still get rescued and return to his life back home without being considered one of the O6. Brand new information was just released as I'm sitting here writing this, so we now also know that our crazy freighter friends are not the ones who perform the rescue - allow me to throw my vote into the hat that says Penny keeps her Christmas Eve promise to find Des, and it's she who manages to rescue our losties. Desmond deserves to get home and be happy, and I truly hope that it happens for him.

Because if watching him and Penny reunite over the phone was precious enough to reduce me to tears, I honestly can't imagine the feelings of love and squee that will take over my body when I finally get to see them reunite face to face. If it happens that way in the finale and you never see another post from me again, you'll know that it did in fact kill me with it's spectacular-ness.

For serious.

Of course, that little seed of Jate hope still lives deep inside no matter how hard I try to ignore it. But then again, so does the little seed of Carby hope that's been there since I stopped watching ER all those years ago.

It's a sick, twisted, spectacular lifestyle, this fangirl life we live. And I can't wait for May 22nd to have Lost remind me exactly why I've lived this way for so, so long.

4 Responses to “Lost: Phone Chats are Precious, but Kisses are Spectacular.”

Sophie Shephard said...

I agree - lots of people are ruled out of this kiss. It pretty much has to involve an O6er, a Freightie, or Desmond. Or, um, Ben. Which wouldn't be my bet.

Also, the fact that this kiss is "spectacular" means to me that it's a first kiss or at least the first kiss in a long time. Or, I suppose, it could be a last kiss, but that's morbid. It has to be dramatic. Skate (which you've ruled out, for logical reasons) and Jacket ('cause who the hell knows where Juliet ends up)? Who cares. They've kissed. Been there, done that. No drama.

My initial assumption was that it's Jate, because I swear I read somewhere that the last two episodes were a two-part Jack-centric flash-forward finale. But I agree, Desmond/Penny is highly likely and it would be awesome and something we've waited for for a long time. They make me squee and they need to be reunited.

Unknown said...

Hey, friends. There's no reason why it can't be both Jate and DesPen, no?

Mae Vaughan said...

Well, of course it could be both, Caro. But let's not forget about how I'm trying to *not* consider that option - on purpose. If it happens that way, or if it's solely Jate and not even Dope at all? I'm more than happy to be completely wrong about it being unlikely to be Jate... I just can't get all excited and expectant of that sort of outcome, ya know?

Plus, if I don't expect a Jate kiss out of it then it'll be all the more sweet and squee-ful if/when it actually does end up being them. It'd be like being completely spoiler-free!

Francesca said...

I'm keeping all my fingers crossed for jate *crosses fingers and toes*