Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jate Daily News: New Sneak Peek Out--And It's Jack/Kate!

Rolled out of bed and came into the living room to check the news. New Lost sneak peeks? YES! Hit play--it's a Jate scene! This required, of course, an emphatic 8 AM fist-pump and a really excited "Score!"

Some thoughts:

Well, that ain't antibiotics. He's a stressed-out guy with a history future of painkiller addiction...I wouldn't be surprised if we're seeing the start of his Oxycodone problem here. I hate it when I doubt Jack Shephard!

I love Concerned!Kate. I'm just so freakin' excited for next week's episode, because with Jack having more serious issues than a "stomach bug," Kate's bound to really turn up the concern. I also love Flirty!Kate, which is kind of what she's being here. It reminds me of the spoon scene from last season.

This is pretty classic Jate. Maybe I've just been watching too much of seasons one and two lately, but it's like (1) Flirty-Flirty, (2) Serious Conversation/Exposition, (3) Flirty-Flirty, (4) Interruption.

It's comforting, really, to see them return to a pattern that feels like normalcy for them. She's not stealing guns off of his person, but they are pulling dead bodies out of the water. It's really one or the other, isn't it?

I'll gladly take any scene of Kate in Jack's tent, too. That's never a bad thing.

As for the other two scenes, they were Barracks scenes and showed everyone freaking out about the invaders, Sawyer getting way too lucky with bullet-dodging, and Claire's house going kablooey. They're linked from the YouTube video and widely available.

We'll be back later today with another Jate Daily News piece including some theories about the flash-forwards. See you then!

One response to “Jate Daily News: New Sneak Peek Out--And It's Jack/Kate!”

Mae Vaughan said...

I know it's practically heresy in Lost to guess the simple answer, but I'm actually predicting appendicitis for Jack's illness. We'll see!

And whee! I love her with the crackers suggestion! Typical Kate flirtation - she always knows how to get a smile out of that man.