Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday Night Lights: DirecTV Saves The Panthers

It may be a slow week for TV news and blogging ideas around here, but tell me my beloved Dillon Panthers are returning to my television next year and that's all it really takes to send me running for the laptop, ready to discuss. I neglected to mention last week that when Jen and I went to PaleyFest for the X-Files, they were handing out "prizes" at the end of the night if you filled out a survey for them. Generally it was nothing more than a free bottle of water, but the nice lady at the "prize" table made sure to inform me that I could forfeit my water in favor of a pretty, blue, plastic mini-football. I was already sporting my bright yellow FNL t-shirt that night in support of my beloved show, so you can bet I was not about to pass up taking home a kickass fan-campaign football for one measly bottle of environmentally unfriendly water. I got so excited over the show of FNL support at PaleyFest, the nice "prize" lady told me that I could take two. Woot. And now to find out, less than a week later, that none of it was in vain and that elusive deal for renewal has been solidified? Never underestimate the power of fandom freaks, that's all I'm saying.

Caroline mentioned it earlier in her previous entry, but I must admit that I've been kind of terrible lately about keeping up with the news. I just moved back to Texas (Austin! FNL country!) and only got my internet up and running last night, then spent all of today painting the walls. It was my FNL-loving mother who casually informed me - clearly thinking I must have already known - that NBC had finalized it's deal with DirecTV and we would be getting our Panthers back.

However, she was complaining instead of rejoicing. Why? Because we don't have DirecTV. In point of fact, the show's renewal deal states that anyone who doesn't subscribe to the satellite service will not see any new images of Kyle Chandler and his boys grace their screens until early 2009, soon after the Super Bowl. My mother really, really doesn't want to wait that long. She doesn't watch much TV outside of annoying reality crap, so the fact that she's completely addicted and devoted to FNL (well, and Lost, of course) means a lot to her. I can't really blame her, because under any other circumstances I'd be whining like a 3-year-old about it, too.

But these aren't "any other circumstances," and the truth of the matter is that I don't really give a rat's ass that NBC won't air a single new episode until 2009. I'm just so unbelievably happy that it got renewed AT ALL. I'm a devoted cable service girl myself, but right now I want to petition the Vatican to canonize the big wigs at DirecTV for knowing a brilliant work of televised art when they see one. If deal-making of this caliber had existed over a decade ago, who knows what we may have been able to continue watching; Angela Chase probably would have at least made it to graduation day. Plus, let's be serious - do they honestly think hardcore fans of the show won't be ripping the DirecTV episodes and making them available online? Because that's totally going to happen. I'm certain I won't have to wait until February to find out what happens next, and neither will you. Bootlegs and torrents are your friends, people!

Um, yeah, I am not in any way condoning illegal downloading... I'm just saying, if episodes happen to somehow magically appear online and I accidentally hit the wrong button, later finding a fully-downloaded episode on my desktop - well, who am I not to watch such an accidental gift? And if that scenario just so happens to take place week-to-week, then clearly something in the universe must be desperate for me to view those new episodes. I'm not one for arguing with the universe. At least not when it's acting in my favor.

Anyway, Kyle and Connie and the gang are set to be back here in Austin to start filming the new season again in June. EXCITEMENT FOR AUSTINITES! I will totally be finding work on-set as an extra every spare moment I've got. I've done it before, and it's more fun than you can even dream of - because I doubt Kyle Chandler right in front of you shouting out football babble is something you dream of, but you seriously should. It's hot. Right, so filming starts again in June and then DirecTV is scheduled to begin airing all 13 new episodes in October. That's still a little late in the fall for a new season premiere, but again - when all I was praying for was a renewal of this show, PERIOD, I'm not about to have a tantrum about the fine print.

For any of you lucky bastards that have DirecTV (and this is the only circumstance under which I will ever call you lucky bastards, because I personally think satellite service sucks), you can find the new episodes by tuning in to channel 101 starting October 1st - Aww, tee-hee!

[Brownie points to anyone who knows the cross-fandom squee moment I just gave myself, there. And my blog buddies can't play.]

Where was I? Yes, so it'll be October 1st and I'll be otherwise engaged with a retrospective blog about a watch, but all of you "lucky bastards" will be glued to your boob-tubes (why is it called that?) catching up on the lives of those in Dillon. I expect you all to tell me about it immediately. I also expect you all to NOT BOOTLEG IT so that I can NOT BREAK THE LAW BY DOWNLOADING IT. No really, don't. I can't stop you if you do, though. You can if you want.

I just remembered that my cousin and her husband have DirecTV at their house. Maybe I'll offer to babysit for them every single Friday night from October - February just so that I can abuse their crappy satellite signal.

Still, you might want to totally not even consider bootlegging it for me. Just in case.

3 Responses to “Friday Night Lights: DirecTV Saves The Panthers”

Anonymous said...

October 1st = Alias hehehe

Anonymous said...

October 1st is a Wednesday, not a Friday ;)

Mae Vaughan said...

Yes, thanks, I'm aware ;) Given the Alias connection, that's one date I'm always well aware of ahead of time.

I was merely referencing how NBC has sentenced the show to the Friday night time slot - not stating that DirecTV would most likely do the same every week. Sorry for being vague :)

Thanks for reading!

- Mae