Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brothers & Sisters & Birthdays...oh my!!!

The strike ended for me in the form of Brothers & Sisters on Sunday night. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be excited for new television. After returning home after a birthday party for a 2 year old, I was ready for some grown up tv and sit on a couch that wasn't full of toys.

I adore this show but this episode seemed to lack the power that I had expected. C'mon guys. You didn't do anything for weeks. Surely you've got more spinning around in that brain than what I saw.

For those of you who don't care to hear my commentary...he's the episode in a nutshell. Within the first 2 minutes we learned the fate of Robert's campaign. Senator Hairboy didn't get the votes he needed and graciously bowed out of the election. Then we all of a sudden skip ahead 3 months. Apparently that was the only event we needed to be updated on. Nothing else happened. Okay - right. Isaac asked Nora to move with him to DC. The kids freaked. Nora said yes. The kids freaked. Nora, with some help from Kitty, decides to stay put. The kids are relieved. Robert and Kitty are trying to start a family by way of hormone injections and egg harvesting. Sarah and Graham are still having a lovefest which could prove disaterous (in my opinion). Rebecca experiences her first birthday as a Walker and gets a subtle-hint-you-might-be-my-daughter necklace from David. Holly yells at him without knowing that Justin is in the pantry and can hear everything. Justin spills to Rebecca and she decides to get a DNA test done to know who her daddy is. Note to all: Always take Justin with you. What a sexy piece of arm candy he his. Mmm. Mmm. Good.

Mr. and Mrs. Former Presidential Candidate
Ok - although there was not enough of them (which there never is for me) the scenes they did have were quite enjoyable. While at the doctor's office, a nurse is showing Robert how to give Kitty the hormone injections and what side affects to be prepared for. After seeing the ginormous needle, Kitty finally calms down and says, "ok", which Robert thinks is code for "ok - I'm ready". In fact, no. "Ok means Ok! Go means Go!" Silly Robert. You shall soon learn the language of the overly-hormonal woman. What's funny is, when youlook at the needle once he has's no longer in the syringe. Safety first! I thought it was funny that he's waving around this syringe with nothing in it. Apparently he can't be trusted enough to NOT accidentally jab her with it. The most enjoyable part of this scene? Kitty finds out that he knows of a secret dinner planned by Isaac for Nora but was sworn to secrecy about the details. Yeah, Robert. That's not a good enough answer to any woman. Hormone injected or not. In the funniest quote of the evening, Kitty blurts out, "Well you're gonna tell me Robert or I am going to inject you with so many hormones that you will, in fact, grow boobs and sing soprano." The look on Robert's face and his response is absolutely priceless. He grins. Grabs her face and says, "Look at these side affects coming on so faaast". Rewind. Watch. Repeat. Listen to the way he says fast. Adorable. Oh, Rob Lowe.

Did anyone else find that the sudden jump to "let's start a family" was a little odd? Because. Um. How did Robert go from "I never wanted the baby" to "Here let me help you inject those hormones so we can start a family"? I - someone needs to connect those dots for me because I'm not getting it. I have weak quad muscles...I can't jump that far on my own. The idea of them having a family hadn't been mentioned since the miscarriage and even then they didn't speak of it much. I assume we're supposed to think since Robert isn't going to be President, they can finally focus on their life together - which is great. However, I need to know that's how we got there. I need to know we didn't get there by Kitty suggesting it and Robert just agreeing because he knows that's what she wants. I can't knock the man for wanting to do whatever she wants to do because it will make her happy. The only men left like that are bartenders and they only do it because they know there will be tips involved and possibly the exchange of phone numbers. Plus - why go to hormone injections and egg harvesting. There was no trouble slipping one past the goalie before. Why is there a problem now? See? Not. Making. Sense.

Robert's chat with Isaac during the birthday party clued us in to the fact that being a Senator won't be enough for him anymore. Insert DUH. The man wanted to be President and was very close to getting there. That's like...playing in the big leagues during spring training, not earning a spot and being sent back down to AAA. Most players won't be happy back in the minors. I don't think Robert will either. So - like I said - unless I get a scene helping me bridge this gap, I'm going to sit back and wait for all of this to get back to Kitty. What a well-spoken fight that's going to be, right? Intrigue. Not to mention the phone call received at the end raising the suspicion that Robert would be asked to be VP. Someone wasn't happy about it. By someone - I mean Kitty. Setup complete.

The Clan Leader stays put...
OK - did anyone actually think that Nora was going to leave? Come on. That'd be like...George Clooney leaving ER. Wait...Anthony Edwards leaving ER. Wait...David Duchovny leaving the X-Files. Ok - you're just going to have to trust me when I say there's no way in hell she was going to leave. Kitty may have admitted she tried to get Isaac to do her dirty work - but it needed to be done. 2 days in Washington and she would have been screaming for her kids and they would have been screaming for her. Props to Kitty for being the only one to go talk to her. Score one point if you called Kitty's "please stay - i need you" line. The point value is low because it had already been mentioned in the scene. Nice touch though. I must say I'm happy to see Danny Glover go. He creeps me out. Not sure why. I'm sure he's a great guy but still - creepy. I also enjoy all the ways the crazy Walker kids tried to mess with Isaac's "come away with me" plans. Stellar.

Selfish. Party of one. Your table is now ready.
Sarah continues to be annoying and my least favorite person on this show. She and Graham are still loving all over each other but there's something going on there with him. I smell a rat. Not sure why but I smell it. Of course - he did put together a multi-million dollar deal to skyrocket Ojai's profits. Sarah tells Saul she's emotionally involved and can't be objective and doesn't want to go forward with the deal. Things are really good between her and Graham and doesn't want her "nixing this deal" to get in the way. Saul assures her it's a great deal but, being a total idiot, she just doesn't care and asks him to take care of the situation for her. Translation: Hey Uncle Saul? Can you tell Graham we don't want to do the deal for no good reason other than making sure him and I can continue to have all the sex because I don't care about what this could mean for the company? Wow - way to be completely selfish. Like Saul said, way to let your personal life get in the way of the family business. Although - something tells me that Saul isn't happy about what she's done. He had that look on his face he used to have when Sloane was up to something. I hope that by "up to something" it means booting Sarah out of the business...or at least paying someone to trip her so she stumbles off the Ojai dock in front of everyone. That'd be awesome!

Who's your daddy?
Like sands through the are the step-Walkers of our lives. Holly and David continue to smooch and are making out on the couch when Justin and Rebecca get back. Gross. Seriously. Could you imagine coming home to see your mom making out with her boyfriend on the couch? That ain't right. Anyways. David decides to be nice and add yet another piece to the "maybe you are my daughter" puzzle. Not realizing that the "pantry of family secrets" is within an earshot, she yells at David for implying, yet again, that he might be her father. Justin overhears and spills to Rebecca. Result? We end up with Rebecca bringing a brush, razor clippings and some gum from David to a DNA lab to get it straight once and for all. Gum? Razor Clippings? Hair? That - is gross. Seriously. Gross. At this point - I think she's a Walker. If she isn't - I see the Walkers still embracing her as such because if they don't...well...she'll have no reason to be there.

However, her birthday party didn't disappoint as no Walker gathering would be complete without a big blowout. Nora said her peace and defended her decision to move to Washington. After yelling at her children, her brilliant moment came at the end where she instantly gained her composure, turned to Rebecca and said, "None of this applies to you, sweetie. You're fine. Happy Birthday" and heads off to her room. Oh, bi-polar Classic.

I give this episode 3.5 electoral votes out of 5.

Until next week...

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