Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The X-Files: New Movie Set Pics of the OMFG (!!!) Nature

First, as Caroline said earlier, we've brought 3 new contributors on board here at CiG and we're very excited about what they have to offer our current readers. Also, we welcome all of the new readers from different fandoms that these three girls will bring into our realm. Leigh joined us yesterday, and today we have added the brilliantly snarky mind of Sophie. Two down, one more to go - just finishing up the "paperwork" of getting our last genius blogger all signed up and affiliated. So stay tuned, because we're about to seriously pick up the pace and expand our show coverage on many levels!

NOW! On to more pressing and squee-worthy matters.


Stop reading right now - RIGHT NOW - if you don't want to get spoiled.

Are you still reading? Okay, then I assume you want to know. And you should, because HEE!

It was brought to my attention about an hour ago that new on-set photos were released. A total of 20 photos, all taken during the shooting of the same scene.

And, um... let's see, how can I say this properly?


Kissies, you guys! MSR KISSIES! My heart is all aflutter and I'm about to burst with pure, unadulterated glee.

Sure, it seems to be quite the sad and depressing scene from the looks of it. I can only let my imagination (and Caroline's, for that matter, since she's currently fantasizing over AIM with me) run wild over what could possibly be happening in that scene. People are theorizing that perhaps they're separating; perhaps there's some need for them to part ways, possibly in order to maintain cover and stay safe. Now, I could see how that seems like a good possibility to some people - but to me, we already did the depressing separation of loved ones in order to keep each other safe when we went and gave up a certain precious little bundle of MSR joy. That kind of idiocy in decision-making simply cannot happen again. Mm-kay?

Caroline, Leigh and I are more inclined to live in a world where they're sad because they just accidentally-on-purpose found William. And in seeing how grown and well-adjusted he is with his new family, they are overwhelmed by love and joy and sadness and grief all at the same time. Scully's depressed because she wishes they could take him back and tell him they're his parents, but at the same time she's so happy to see him alive and safe - as if it only further justifies her choice to give him up for adoption.

Or, ya know, it could be what Caroline just suggested: "MAYBE SHE'S LEAVING TO STEAL WILLIAM!"

Sounds like a brilliant game plan to me. Either way, both imaginative scenarios sound highly enjoyable. I would squee in my theater seat over both of them. Chris Carter should totally go down one of those avenues instead.

But let's get to the REAL heart of the fangirly matter, shall we? As it turns out, some brilliant 'shipper thought to zoom in on one of the photos so that you can see Scully's hand up close. It's blurry, so not really a worthy source of positive information, but I'm going to post it now and let you all decide for yourselves what you do or do not see:

Who sees what I see? You? Do you see it? What about you? Yes? Good.

I agree with Caroline that it would be helpful to get a high-res photo and therefore be able to get a definitive answer, but we currently don't have one of those and I highly doubt Chris Carter is ever going to give us one. So, for the time being, let us all agree on one thing: Scully is wearing a ring on a very important finger.



Can you just imagine it? Leigh thinks it would be cool if amidst all of the madness of the movie and the monster-chasing, there's a sweet moment of proposal or whatever. It would be quite the imitation of Syd & Vaughn getting engaged on Alias amidst all the lunacy of giant red poison balls and zombies roaming the streets of Russia, but then again Alias and The X-Files have a history of imitation. "Arcadia" vs. "Welcome to Liberty Village," anyone? I'm just sayin'...

To me, though, I wouldn't be surprised if we start the movie and find out that Mulder/Scully have gotten engaged or even full-out married since the last time we saw them. It's been six years, okay? A lot can happen in six years, and Chris Carter isn't exactly the type of show-runner that I would expect to see those monumental moments from. He's much more subtle. I would have been livid had I missed a proposal or wedding of any of my other OTPs, but somehow it's totally acceptable in the MSR. Just knowing it happened at all is enough of a win when it comes to Chris Carter.

I'm sure we're all probably jumping the gun about this ring issue (and yes, Caroline and I did already attempt to get a good look at David's left hand in the photos - you can't tell either way), but with so much anticipation over the July release of this glorious film it's only natural that us MSR 'shippers fall all over ourselves with squee and love over the prospect of such a thing being true.

To be fair, and to look at both sides of the issue, there is also this photo from over a month ago:

Now, there is quite clearly no ring in this photo. This means one of several possible things:
(a) The producers planted the "ring" photo as a foiler
(b) The "ring" photo is a mistake of wishful thinking and seeing things
(c) There's a wedding in the movie - and I'm with Caroline when she says that's not something we actually want to see.

My only other possible option is another "Arcadia"-esque situation, meaning that they must once again put on the facade of being a married couple in order to complete a mission or properly investigate their case. Or even for the simple reason of keeping up appearances and maintaining false identities. It's been done before, but that doesn't mean it wasn't totally fun to watch.

It could be any of these options. It could also be none of them. This could simply be fangirlsm gone wild.

But let's be honest, shall we? Ring or no ring, one fact still remains: MSR KISSIES! MSR KISSIES!

That's more than enough for me.

Hey, we only have to wait until the end of July to find out what's actually going on.

And I personally only have to wait a couple of weeks until the sneek peek and Q&A with Carter and Spotnitz that I'll be attending here in LA. Yes, I know. You all hate my guts with jealousy. Don't worry, I'll be certain to fill you in on every single detail the second I get home that night.

Unless, of course, I convince Chris Carter to hide me in his suitcase and take me on the press tour with him...

2 Responses to “The X-Files: New Movie Set Pics of the OMFG (!!!) Nature”

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you about the whole "wedding" thing. For some reason Mulder and Scully just being together as one perfect entity has been enough for me.

Their relationship is so much deeper and different than any other I've ever been completely and disturbingly obsessed with that I almost feel like getting married is something they don't really need. They're so ... one, if you know what I mean, already, that it's not necessary.

Of course, this isn't to say that I won't let out a (most likely loud and humiliating) squeak if ever I happen to see said speculated rings on their fingers. I can guarantee that will happen. But if it doesn't, just being together makes me completely happy.

And no wedding in the movie Chris. Plzthx. I don't need Mulder and Scully reduced to that, the stereotypical teary-eyed wedding scene. I'd rather imagine it myself than see it committed to film.

Unknown said...


I'm *so* with you on this one. I love weddings like whoa, but I'd prefer to hold any I-do's for sillier OTPs and let Mulder and Scully just be themselves...decidedly not silly or "stereotypical," as you put it.

So while I see the movie as an opportunity to show them as a couple (maybe even a married one), I don't need any big "events."

Thanks for commenting--hope to see you around!