Sunday, March 2, 2008

No Job for Kate Walsh Equals A Vacation for Addison: Our Favorite Obstetric Surgeon Returns to Seattle Grace

I like Private Practice enough, I guess. It’s not my favorite show, but it keeps me entertained. Tim Daly alone is enough to keep me tuned in week after week, and I did sit down to watch every episode so far this season.

In the wake of the strike, ABC decided not to run any more episodes of the show this season.

If I had to sacrifice a season of anything I watch to the writer’s strike, it would probably be Private Practice. I like it, but at the end of the day, I’m much more compelled by Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Lost... you get the point.

That said, I knew Kate Walsh’s presence in my life would be sorely missed.

“Fear not, Caroline!” sayeth Shonda Rhimes.

This spring, Kate Walsh will return as Addison Montgomery for a one-night only engagement at Seattle Grace Hospital.

How exciting! Addison’s return is likely to stir up a good deal of drama, laughs, and that redheaded dash of trouble. She’ll once again be interacting with the Grey’s doctors: her ex-coworkers, her ex-lovers, her ex-husband. And what a sight she’ll find! Yes, a lot has changed since Dr. Montgomery abandoned the Space Needle for Los Angeles.

Let’s talk for a second about the surprises about to befall Addison.

The biggest surprise, of course, is that Derek’s not with Meredith anymore. Neither of us has ever been part of the First Wives Club, but would it seem like a slap across the face to find out that your husband’s left the dirty mistress he left you for? Or would it be gratifying? I think that for Addison it would mostly just be a shock. Obviously, she saw a lot of the ups and downs of Derek and Meredith, but I think in the end she kind of bowed out gracefully, respecting the “soul mate” relationship between her husband and woman he loved.

At the very least, I hope she elicits one hell of a “Seriously?!”

Also, if I was Addison, I’d be pretty pissed about one thing in particular. I think I blogged about it here, but isn’t it ridiculous that Derek’s up in Seattle wishing he could settle down, get married, have babies, and live happily ever after, while Addison, the woman he’s just divorced, is down in California doing the exact same thing? Realistically, why don’t they just get back together if that’s what they want?

They split up because they wanted different things, but now neither of them wants those things anymore, and they have basically the same goals and dreams and plans. They already know they like each other, so why not, then? I always got the idea that it wasn’t really about Derek falling out of love with Addison. It was about Meredith. And so if Derek doesn’t want Meredith anymore, then what’s really stopping him from getting back together with Addison?

(By the way, this is coming from someone who loves Derek and Meredith together. The show stresses me out when they’re apart, and if it doesn’t end with their happily-ever-after, well, then, I’ll be rather upset.)

Alex, her one-time hook-up, is doing the nasty with Meredith’s sister, who no one really knew existed during the Addison days.

Dr. Webber, who often treated Addison like a daughter, is living in a trailer beside Derek’s.

Her friend Callie’s marriage to George is over.

There are a lot of ways that Addison’s return can be played. She can have funny moments, and she can have touching moments. Hey, she’s Addison Montgomery: she can do whatever she well pleases.

I’m excited to see how she takes in the changes that have occurred in Seattle Grace. Maybe she can even fix some things.

Tell us what you think about Kate Walsh’s visit and who you want to see get verbally bitchslapped by Addison!

2 Responses to “No Job for Kate Walsh Equals A Vacation for Addison: Our Favorite Obstetric Surgeon Returns to Seattle Grace”

Anonymous said...

I'd take Private Practice over Greys any day. Greys has already jumped the shark. Private Practice has got better with each episode & has the potential to be great.

Plus, Private Practice's characters are largely likeable, whereas I want to bitchslap 95% of Greys characters.

I will have to abandon Greys completely after Addie's one-ep return & stick to Private Practice on Wednesday nights.

Unknown said...

"I want to bitchslap 95% of Grey's characters."


For now, I like being committed to Grey's and Private Practice. I'm glad (and intrigued) to hear that you've moved strictly to Private seems like an uncommon opinion, but I definitely see your point!

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