Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lost: "Big Kiss, Bigger Shove," Biggest Excitement!

First of all, a little housekeeping. In the coming days, we will be welcoming three new bloggers to Chaos in General. Mae headed up the search committee and tracked down some very talented writers--whose taste in television differs from ours. We're hoping that these new bloggers will not only shake things up around here, but will also help us make sure that you have new stuff to read. Our first to join is Leigh, who will hopefully grace us with new posts soon!

Okay, housekeeping over. Lost spoilers ahead!

Let's talk about a little piece of information Ausiello shared with us this morning.

When asked for scoop on tomorrow's Juliet-centric episode of Lost, Ausiello responded, "I'm hearing something about a big kiss, and an even bigger shove."

Now, we heard a couple weeks ago that Juliet plants one on Jack in this episode. And as we're hard-core Jate fans around here (well, I shouldn't speak for the new ones, I guess), that grossed us out.

Juliet is one of my love-to-hate characters. In her first few episodes, I wasn't sure if my relationship with her was going to be similar to my relationship with Addison (hate her for screwing with my OTP, ultimately appreciate her awesomeness) or with Lauren Reed (just plain hate her). Honestly, I'm still confused by her. Sure, she's with Team Jack, but I'm not sure I really understand her motives for doing anything, and I'm not yet convinced she's entirely good.

And I really don't want her coming between Jack and Kate.

So when I read this little tidbit at about 12:04 AM EST, as I kept hitting refresh on the New York Times Election page, I was elated. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but it seems like maybe Jack doesn't respond to the kiss so positively?

When we combine that knowledge with the following sneak peek video from ABC, one has to wonder if Juliet's loyalty is again in question.

Because it was only a few days ago when Juliet was kissing Jack and he did seem to reciprocate. (Yuck. Gross.) His feelings for Kate haven't drastically changed or anything, so for him to react differently to her, something about Juliet must change for him. He'd have to stop trusting her. And for him to stop trusting her, she'd have to start acting sketchy, which she does in that video.

A to B to C, as John Doggett would say.

Another Jate element that might appear in this episode is an A-Mission to save Kate. In this promo video, we can see Charlotte (that bitch) pistol-whip Kate (unappreciated).

And then in this promo video, we can see Jack get curious about Charlotte and Daniel's whereabouts.

Could Jack (and/or other members of Team Jack) head off into the jungle and stumble across a conked-out Kate? That'd be lucky, no? Plus, she's seen the gas masks, so she could alert the rest of the team that something fishy's going on with the freighter people.

And one more thing. I've been reading that this episode introduces a new hatch, which has the power to gas the entire island--probably how Ben and the Hostiles overpowered the DHARMA Initiative with the Purge. Given that we've seen that the Hostiles/Others have some mystical capabilities and/or knowledge of the island's "power" (Jacob, the whole seeing dead people thing, Richard Alpert never aging), could this gas system have something to do with the whispers? If they have the power to emit lethal gas across the island, couldn't they also have the power to emit sound across the island?

I thought this episode might end up being cringe-alicious (Juliet-centric, a Jacket kiss), but now I can't wait. There are a handful of spoilers collected over at Lostpedia that suggest an amazing hour with big reveals, creepy Ben activities, and some new characters. Plus, Kate's on her way back to the beach and it might be Christmas--sounds like win-win-win to me!

Let's talk Friday morning with reactions, new predictions, and hopefully some exclamation marks.

Got any good Lost predix to share? Comment below!

3 Responses to “Lost: "Big Kiss, Bigger Shove," Biggest Excitement!”

Mia said...

Yikes! I completely forgot that it IS Christmas, or at least right now, it's Christmas Eve. *sigh* I'm praying for a Jatetastic moment via Kate coming back as the ultimate Christmas gift for Jack. Please?

Great post, Caroline. Regarding the Jacket kiss, I'm fairly sure that while Jack does care about Juliet, we've always known him to be someone that really takes commitment to heart. When Jack told Kate that he loves her, I think that admission surprised him as much as it did her. Now that he's realized and admitted this to himself, I don't think that he'll reciprocate Juliet's affection for him because that just isn't the kind of guy he is. Once he's devoted to someone, the man is devoted! And I agree with you in speculating that the 'shove' may refer to Jack giving Juliet the 411 on his true feelings.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job, and I think we need more blogs like this to let the writers know that, hey, we're kinda like Jack over here...devoted, baby!

Unknown said...

Girl, I've been praying for some Christmasy Jate for like a season and a half. My fingers are Crossed with a capital C.

I love what you said about Jack's "surprise." I hadn't thought about it like that, but it really rings true. He was asked a question ("Why are you sticking up for Sawyer?") and he had an answer.

It frustrates me how pro-Skate the online community seems to be, since I feel like in the real world it's much more evenly divided. Let's shake things up!


Mia said...

Oh god, you are not alone. I've posted on boards where it was me vs. eight at a time, and it was just, like, for the love of all that's holy, Skate is not and never will be considered OTP.

Of course, who knows what'll happen when the dust settles; the writers could turn around and surprise everyone, and I'll end up with gooey egg on my face, but most great TV pairs have always played up that mantra- opposites attract. Just makes for better, more intriguing television fodder. Yet, sadly, I think many are just too starry-eyed to imagine that if they'd met a real-life Sawyer, I'd be hard pressed to believe they'd be waxing eloquent about his childish attitude or his lusty, frothy ways. Meh.

Take care.