Saturday, March 22, 2008

How I Met Your Mother: More Mystery Than That Desert Island Show

Caution: Spoilers for the film Definitely, Maybe are in this blog.

I just got back from a beautiful week-long cruise vacation with my family. The Bahamas trip represented quite a few firsts for me. It was the first time I'd been on a cruise, the first time I made it a whole week with my sister without a massive blow-up fight, and the first time since I started watching Lost that I didn't watch its original airing.

I. Know.

Cruises go, you know, beyond the boundaries of the United States. You, like, need a passport or a birth certificate to go on one. Because of a variety of issues, including copyright laws and satellite technology, cruise ships don't offer real-time network television.

I. Know.

Instead, they show a lot of movies (in a lot of languages) on closed-circuit TV, and a few channels have licensed with the specific cruise line to show their programs at sea. My sister and I were therefore introduced to a handful of shows we'd never otherwise watch. We watched several episodes of #1 Single, Lisa Loeb's reality show that aired on E! in 2006. That show is cute, y'all! I'm a fan of Lisa Loeb's--her song I Do came out during my VH1's Top Twenty Countdown phase--but I was surprised at how sweet and funny the show was. Anyway, it's over, and there were only, like, six episodes total or something. Cruise Ship E! also showed a lot of Celebrity Home, which is basically normal people and a crew of designers, etc. stalking a "favorite celebrity" and redoing a room in the style of a said celebrity's favorite room--only on a much smaller budget. I put favorite celebrity in quotes because the "celebrities" are people like Constance Zimmer. Now, I really enjoyed Constance Zimmer as Penny on Good Morning, Miami, and I read about her adventures with her daughter on the Celebrity Baby Blog, but if she's seriously these people's "favorite celebrity," then they need to pick up a People magazine or something.

Anyway, so CBS is the only broadcast network that's in cahoots with Royal Caribbean. And it's not like you can tune in at 8:00 and catch the new episode of CSI: New York, because you can't. It's just that they've provided a bunch of episodes of their shows and they show them on the ship to get people interested.

Now, I've long been curious about CBS.

I watch a total of zero shows on that channel, and yet it is America's most-watched network, or so they keep telling me. Two and a Half Men is the #1 comedy in this country? Seriously? Anyway, I think the explanation for this can be found in my last pre-vacation blog, so I won't dwell on this fact.

I watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother on the boat, though, and that show is funny.

Just last week, I was saying to Mae that we might want to cover HIMYM's Britney-related drama, and we both wrote it off because none of us actually watch or appreciate the show.

Now, I still don't watch it, but I kind of appreciate it, I guess.

The characters are all pretty likeable (Jason Segel is emerging onto the Judd Apatow scene with Forgetting Sarah Marshall AND he was on Alias), and after doing a little internet research (i.e. Wikipedia), I found this YouTube video of "Robin Sparkles" and think it's pretty brilliant.

However, I'm still not sure I can get into a show whose OTP is destined for doom. (Same reason I never got into Smallville.) In Fall 2005, I watched this show's Pilot, and never tuned in again, because I couldn't deal with the set-up. Ted fell for Robin in the Pilot, it was adorable and precious, and then Future Ted revealed that Robin was not, in fact, the titular mother, but rather a lady known as "Aunt Robin."

I. Know.

It's like if in the first ten minutes of Definitely, Maybe, Ryan Reynolds had revealed to Abigail Breslin that Isla Fisher was dead or something.

I remember reading something, perhaps on Wikipedia, about a year ago, that included theories for how Robin could still turn out to be Mom. When I went last night to search for that list, it was nowhere to be found. This leads me to believe that either the HIMYM Wikipedia page has just been seriously cut down, or fans no longer hold out hope for such a turn of events.

Maybe it will turn out like Definitely, Maybe, where Robin isn't their mom, but rather the woman who their dad is getting ready to marry, since she's his true love and all that. Although the fact that she's "Aunt Robin" might make for some awkwardness there.

Anyway, so the Britney drama.

Alicia Silverstone was set for a recurring guest role, and many were speculating that she might be Mom.

As an incredibly casual viewer, I thought this sounded interesting. Who doesn't love Cher Horowitz? I might be able to settle for this.

And then Jamie Spears had to go and sign up his daughter for hands-on acting school, and Britney Spears was announced as a guest star for the show. Alicia Silverstone, either not wanting to be upstaged or not wanting to interact with Brit-Brit, promptly backed out.

Silverstone in, Britney in, Silverstone out...Sarah Chalke in.

I. Know.

Again, as an incredibly casual viewer, this disappoints me. Sarah Chalke whoa annoys me on Scrubs, and if she turns out to be these kids' mom, then I can guarantee I won't be Netflixing the HIMYM boxed sets. I read somewhere that the role change might end up just being for the sake of the episode: Chalke will play the dermatologist role Silverstone would have played, but won't take on the potentially more-longterm potential importance potentially offered to Silverstone.

Alicia Silverstone may even be invited back for a post-Britney story arc, some sources are saying.

This is sounding more confusing than Lost, no?

Am I up for the challenge of taking on another show, one whose romantic storyline has an extremely low payoff potential? Probably not. But I salute those of you who do and will continue to look for updates on the on-screen and off-screen drama surrounding the show.

If you've got your own theories on who the mom is, let me know!

3 Responses to “How I Met Your Mother: More Mystery Than That Desert Island Show”

Sophie Shephard said...

I watch a total of zero shows on that channel, and yet it is America's most-watched network, or so they keep telling me. Two and a Half Men is the #1 comedy in this country? Seriously?

I have long pondered this very thing. I watch nothing on CBS. It doesn't even enter my orbit. Maybe it's a demographic thing.

People keep telling me great things about HIMYM, but I'm hesitant to try it out. When I've seen quotes from the show, I've never found them that funny. But it's in the back of my mind somewhere, on a to-do list: watch an actual episode.

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously i love you for even remembering good morning miami! I loved that show even though most people didn't it always made me laugh. comments like "look at her isn't she mine." were freaking halarious. That's were i loved Contance. She was even in an old eppy of x files way back before Good morning miami.

Unknown said...

oh, please. good morning miami is like one of my all-time faves. i loved it before it was pc (oh, weather nun) and after, too. i mean, who can't fall head over heels for mark feuerstein??? (he was super-presh in "in her shoes," though not so much on the west wing.)