Friday, March 7, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Starting the Saga of Together?

You want to talk about Lost being out of character? Well, we'll get to that later--how about that Shonda Rhimes? That lady’s about as far out of character as a lady can get.

Though Grey’s Anatomy’s go-to gal has never kept it a secret that Meredith and Derek are her OTP—and that she’s going to make good on it—she’s never been quite as explicit as she was with TV Guide today.

According to Shonda, "I am pretty dedicated to the idea that Meredith and Derek are to be together for good by the end of this season. What's going to be interesting is to see how she gets her act together, and how they decide that this is it."

Pardon me?

Together by the end of the season? “For good”?

I’ll take it.

Because here’s the thing about Grey’s Anatomy. With Lost, I have only my intuition to go on when I say I believe Jate is the endgame. With Grey’s Anatomy, they’ve told me from the beginning that Derek and Meredith are going to end up together. And while that’s reassuring—and was often all that got me through second season Addison drama—it’s also frustrating. Because when you throw in Rose or you have Derek start building the Shepherd Family Dream House, you make me CRAZY.

Because I know it’s just for the sake of the melodrama. And I hate it. It’s not fun to watch for me. For me, it’s much more fulfilling to watch my OTPs struggle to stay together, to make their relationship work, than to watch them pine for each other.

Frustrating is actually a really nice word to describe this season of Grey’s thus far. Derek’s been an absolute tool as I’ve watched Meredith really grow into herself and come to terms with some of her issues.

I assume that’s what Shonda refers to when she talks about Meredith “[getting] her act together.”

This really is the point where Derek and Meredith need to make a choice. They’re not getting any younger, folks, and neither am I. I’m tired of watching this exercise in middle school romance, which wasn’t even that fun when I was thirteen. It’s been almost four seasons, I can tell they love each other, so can we move on, please?

Sounds like Ms. Rhimes might be answering my plea with a yes.

She’s a talented writer who I know loves these characters, and I’m glad we’re on the same page. Let’s start the next chapter in the saga of Derek and Meredith. It can still be a saga—I’m more than okay with that!—but just no more apartness.

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