Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: "Six Weeks" and then "For Good"

Sometimes I'm quite glad for life's little interruptions that keep me from being able to blog when I had originally intended to do so. I had promised several people that I would be writing about the latest Grey's semi-spoilers a few days ago, but I've since gotten sick and was in no mood the other night. That has turned out to be a good thing, actually. Not that I'm blissfully enjoying my over-pressurized sinuses or the fact that if feels as though a small elephant is sitting on my chest, but it did force me to delay commenting on those spoilers just long enough for new (and completely different) information to be revealed.

Long story short, it saved me from writing up an entire entry about something that is no longer completely true.

That would have pissed me off. A lot.

But even given the new, different information, I'm still left with the same central point that I had in the first place - and so I've decided to write this blog anyway.

Ausiello reported on the 6th of this month that the first post-strike episode of Grey's, "...flashes forward a few months and, per one source, picks up at the end of Derek and Rose's latest date."

Now the average, general viewer [read: non-fangirl] may have read that tidbit and gotten a tad peeved that they're going forward with the Derek/Rose relationship. Not me. First of all, we knew it was going to happen. It continues to be incredibly annoying and frustrating that Der/Mer keep going around in a vicious circle, but Rose is like Derek's McVet - a mere thorn in the side of our OTP who will only be around just long enough to bring about fantastic epiphanies to our beloved couple. I'm not worried about her, and there's definitely no reason to be after what Shonda recently said regarding the Meredith/McDreamy relationship.

Secondly, I was thrilled at the idea of picking up the story a few months down the line - to me, that automatically means we've been spared the torture of watching the better half of Derek/Rose's relationship take place.

But only six days later, Ausiello again reported his latest news and this time he retracted a bit: "I'm told that roughly six weeks will have passed, not 'several months.' And the first scene will most likely take place at Seattle Grace, not at the end of Derek and Rose's latest date. Damn script revisions!"

Damn them, indeed.

However, E!'s Kristin also had this to add to the post-strike ep news: "It looks like they're casting... for a newlywed couple whose medical situation makes Meredith think about the risk inherent in commitment."

I'm kind of thinking that Meredith considering the risk of commitment may actually be a damn good thing for once, because otherwise it's not like it would be anything new or relevant in Meredith's world. When is she not evaluating the risk of commitment in a negative way? It's pointless to even mention that happening if it's the same old pity party story, unless of course it's leading in the opposite direction and Meredith is on the verge of a plot-advancing realization.

(As an aside, Derek and Meredith's vicious cycle of never progressing in their relationship reminds me of a quote from Summer Roberts during Season 2 of The O.C.: "Are we gonna do this again, or did you actually come here to, like, advance the plot?" Hmm. That same sentiment has been hanging over my head with Mer/Der for far too long now...)

Anyway, back to the original point - a time jump is taking place, albeit not the "few months" that Ausiello had originally reported but a time jump no less. I'll take missing out on the first 6 weeks of Derek and Rose getting comfy together, I absolutely will. I have no interest in watching their first official date, or the first time she visits the trailer and gets the grand tour, or their first couple of weeks in that "honeymoon" phase of new romance.

I'd prefer to pretend as if absolutely none of that ever did or ever will happen. Because, ya know, ew.

The other thing we all have to keep in mind is that you can't just take each singular spoiler and/or interview quote at face value - put the pieces together, and then you'll feel so much more optimistic about the rest of this season! I swear! See, if we're skipping an entire six weeks of the Derek/Rose relationship and Shonda has also outwardly stated that she is determined to have Derek/Meredith back together in a "for good" fashion by the end of this season... well, that stands to mean that what we do end up seeing of Derek and Rose can't actually last for very long at all. Because Shonda needs to be spending a good several episodes on getting McDreamy and Meredith to that fully-committed place in their currently-broken relationship, and that can't be accomplished in a believable way if she plans to make it happen in only the last two episodes of the season.

Or, at least, I wouldn't really buy it if it happened that quickly.

So! Rejoice and be glad, my lovely 'shipper friends! We may have to suffer through Derek and Rose momentarily, but the spoilers are shedding a beautiful light on what's in store for us in April. The torture won't last long at all. You can do it, I swear. Pretend you're Sydney Bristow being tortured by The Covenant - if she can survive endless months of that and still come out kicking ass, we can all survive a few weeks of Derek pretending to be in love with Rose.

And with a promise like "for good" from Shonda, how can you not hang on for dear life?

3 Responses to “Grey's Anatomy: "Six Weeks" and then "For Good"”

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if Meredith and Derek finally moved on. I'm so tired of him being all: I love you, I want to live with you and marry you and have your babies, and her being all: Um yea remember when you didn't tell me you were married? I still don't trust you, so let's keep taking fun sexy baby steps until we're 60 years old!

I'd love to see some Alex/Izzie, though. They're my OTP of the show right now, and things aren't looking too bad, currently, so, *fingers crossed*!

Mae Vaughan said...

Eeep! I love you, I love you, I love you! Despite your Skater tendencies, I am madly in love with you. Because I cannot find much fault in anyone who 'ships Alex/Izzie. *high fives you*

I swear, if they were actually together on the show I'm pretty sure I'd 'ship them harder and more passionately than I do Der/Mer. I love and adore Der/Mer, don't get me wrong, but there's just something so... I can't even explain it... about Alex/Izzie. Izzie herself, just on her own, basically drives me insane and I constantly want to stab her eyes out with a spork for being so annoying - but put her in a scene with Alex and I'm completely focused. I agree with you, it does totally seem to be headed back in that direction. I always felt that after Denny died (and that gorgeous moment of Alex cradling her in his arms) it was only a matter of time - they'd give them both "in-between" relationships and flings, because Izzie needed to get over Denny and Alex shouldn't be her rebound. And Alex needed an in-between because how long is he supposed to wait, really?

So I knew it would take a while to get them back on track, but it's been glaringly obvious lately - at least I think so.

I'm going to shut up, because I'm basically writing all of my thoughts for the blog about them right here in this comment! But yes, I am DEFINITELY going to be blogging about those two. And about how much I hate George/Izzie and need it to die a fast death.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, YAY, a ship in common, and an awesome one at that! If they do get together on the show, we are going to squee madly together, kk? And also, how much did you love that scene where Alex brings Izzie in to see that superstitious family, and he says, isn't she bright yellow? And then the woman goes, she sure brightens you! OMG. And yea, Izzie on her own definitely gets on my nerves. Especially with George. But her chemistry with Alex is perfect.