Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!

Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day when Shonda washed the crazy away!

Or, if you'd prefer: Ding dong, the Gizzie's dead!

Nothing - not even the last moments of "Eggtown" on Lost a few weeks ago - has thrilled me this deeply about my television world in a long, long time. The new word on the street, according to Ausiello, is as follows: "Gizzie is no more. Sources confirm that the ill-conceived plot twist suffocated to death under the weight of its own absurdity shortly after the writers returned to work last month."

Suffice it to say that I heard church bells ring out in celebration and I couldn't resist jumping up and doing the happy dance. And I don't want to hear any complaints of being spoiled without any warning, because I personally think anyone who truly believed George/Izzie was a great idea probably deserves to have those delusions crushed sooner rather than later. I have never been able to figure out what the hell Shonda Rhimes was thinking when she decided to attempt a love story between those two, and trying to hold a civil conversation with anyone who actually 'ships them has proven to be more detrimental than trying to argue Jate/Skate or Carby/Luby. One of my dearest friends - a friend who has always chosen the proper 'ships, in my opinion - somehow strayed and found herself falling hard and fast for Gizzie. That friend and I can no longer discuss Grey's Anatomy outside of general logistics or the Der/Mer dynamic. Past conversations with her that steered into Gizzie territory only ended with my blood boiling over and a sick feeling in my stomach as I found myself wishing I could reach through the telephone and literally attempt to strangle her - I love her desperately, but the idiocy of George and Izzie together stirs up an anger inside of me that I can't begin to supress.

And I really think it's all because even the idea of a romantic relationship between those two is so unspeakably irrational. With Sawyer and Kate, I may hate it passionately but at least I can see where there's some semblance of a foundation for it along the way. For George and Izzie, that's never been the case. They were best friends - and not in the way that many OTPs start off as best friends and that makes them destined to be together. Their best friendship was of the non-sexual, non-flirtatious, sidekick and partner-in-crime kind of nature. It worked for them, and it worked brilliantly. I'm not even close to being a fan of the Izzie character, as I find her completely irritating and ridiculous, but I've always appreciated the humor and chemistry that existed in her friendship with George. I loved their scenes together. At least, I did until suddenly someone snapped their fingers and George and Izzie were madly in love with one another faster than you could blink. It NEVER made any sense.

Here's what has always bothered me about Izzie's romantic storylines (and the Grey's timeline, in general): Over this span of 3 and a half seasons, we've covered only just over 1 year in the world of these characters. And really, considering that Season 1 was only half a season in and of itself, you could say we have the equivalent of only 3 total seasons covering stories that all happened in 1 total year. Other than wondering how in the world someone like Meredith Grey still maintains any sanity at all after what she's been through in just one year (falling in love, finding out he's married, being dumped, surviving a bomb, re-locating her father, finding out she has sisters, dating two men at once, losing her step-mother, being humiliated by her father, falling into the frozen ocean, losing her mother, dying and coming back to life), it baffles me that Izzie has managed to break up with her hockey player, fall for Alex, hate Alex, fall for Alex again, fall for Denny, profess her life-long love for Denny, mourn Denny's death, contemplate Alex again for a moment, and then apparently fall desperately in love with George... all in one year.

Excuse the use of the catchphrase, but: Seriously?!?

As annoyed as I was with the Izzie/Denny storyline (I thought she was being selfish and irresponsible, so I couldn't get into it), I did buy it for the most part. Her and Alex never really got far enough off the ground for me to think it impossible for her to flit from one guy to the next, but I did think she was a bit of a bitch for ditching Alex the way she did once she struck up a friendship with Denny. I've always liked Alex and Izzie together, and I've had them pegged as great OTP potential since very early on in the series. They're opposites, and yet they come from similar childhood backgrounds. They have more in common than they'd ever like to admit. It's always struck me the way that they balance one another so well - Alex can be a total ass to everyone who crosses his path, but put him in a scene one-on-one with Izzie and he's a totally different person. He's charming and boyish - you see a side of him that makes you want to love him regardless of his jerky nature. Before Gizzie got started, I just always assumed that Shonda would throw "rebound" and "meanwhile" relationships into the mix for Alex and Izzie in order to let Izzie properly heal from losing Denny until she was truly ready to venture into a romance with Alex again.

This tiny little scene, which takes place after Alex randomly kisses her in the stairwell not long after her return to work post-Denny, makes me smile so big and has always been the reason I've thought it would only be a matter of waiting until Izzie was completely over the loss of her ill-fated fiancé:

I've always assumed that the introduction of Elizabeth Reaser as Ava/Jane Doe was meant to serve the same purpose; to give Alex a storyline whilst Izzie was getting her life back together. Same goes for his little fling with Lexie right now. I've never expected it to work out, and it's clearly never going to, so the fact that Ava keeps re-appearing on my screen is really starting to work my nerves. One can only hope that her last episode this season will conclude with either Alex telling her to get lost for good or her realizing that his heart belongs to someone else. Even those crazy aura-reading patients could see it: Izzie just totally brightens Alex in every way.

The solution to the whole conundrum is quite simple, and has always been pretty obvious to me. Shonda just missed a step somewhere along the way and got all of her wires crossed, because somehow we ended up with George and Izzie together on one end of the spectrum, and Alex and Lexie hooking up on the other end. It's a quick fix, my friends: FLIP IT. I've already made my case for Alex and Izzie (and if I haven't made it well enough, trust me you'll be hearing about it again), but I swear to you that George and Lexie would be simply perfect together. I pegged them in their first couple of scenes together, and I've never understood why the character romances are so mixed up these days. A simple "swing your partner 'round and 'round" game would solve so many problems here - George and Lexie have so much potential and a truckload of chemistry, I can feel it already, whilst Alex and Izzie have been waiting to fulfill their destined OTP status from day one.

So long as Katie Heigl doesn't abandon Grey's for her movie career, I'm confident that my prediction of a major Alex/Izzie romance is in store for all of us.

And now that Gizzie has finally - officially - eaten it's own dust, I can look forward to spending Thursday nights without a vomit bucket in my lap. Maybe I can even hold a civil conversation with that dear friend of mine again soon.

April 24th seriously can't come fast enough now. Seriously.

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