Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Night Lights: Renewal on the Horizon? Yes, Please!

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I know it's been a while since I've mentioned it:

Friday Night Lights is quite possibly my absolute favorite show on television.

Yes, I'm totally obsessed with Lost and can't even describe how much I'm looking forward to the return of Grey's. I adore the Walker family and everything about Brothers and Sisters. House is an absolutely addictive dose of weekly sarcasm and intrigue that I simply cannot miss. I have plenty of shows that would, on the surface, appear to be my favorite show during this phase of my life. I would even go so far as to actually claim them all, at any given moment, as "my favorite show ever." I have a tendency to do that, but that's allowed when they're all so entirely different.

However, FNL is something very special. Anyone who watches it can attest to that fact - even though they probably can't find the words to describe why it's so special. I can't even find the words, honestly. It's just sort of magical. I told Caroline that for several months, trying to break her down and get her to watch it - I got my way, and she is now totally hooked on it, too. It's just such a great show.

And that is precisely why I spend the end of every season/all of summer fighting tooth and nail, alongside the rest of it's fiercely loyal fanbase, to make sure this show lives to see another season. Currently, there are official campaigns as well as groups on both Facebook and MySpace. The FNL equivalent of Lostpedia, The FNL-Wiki ( - which I somehow didn't even know existed until last week! - is all over this outreach to the studios and the network. And I mean, ALL OVER IT. I'm impressed. They just completed a shipment of 6,250 footballs (50 boxes) to Ben Silverman (the Co-Chairman of NBC Entertainment) and had 7,500 footballs (60 boxes) delivered to Jeff Zucker - President of NBC.

Did I mention that I'm impressed? Because, wow.

I've been more paranoid than usual about losing this show since the writers' strike, because that resulted in the show losing the chance to finish out the second season properly. Last thing I saw, Smash had finally settled on a college and Saracen was getting a reality-check from Coach by being shoved, fully clothed, into a cold shower while getting the "come to Jesus" talk that he's been desperately in need of for a while now. Tyra and Landry are finally on the right track, and Coach/Mrs. Coach were hitting the height of the adorable hilarity for the year. I just love them so much. And I really, really need to know what happens next. They cannot possibly just leave it at that and never finish the story. I won't accept that happening.

News has been leaking out recently about whether or not the show will be blessed with another renewal, but nothing is solid yet. The first trickle of hope came on March 5th, when we received news that NBC and DirecTV would share the show. This would greatly release the financial pressure on NBC to continue carrying an incredibly low-rated show (and why it remains so low-rated is beyond me.) whilst still allowing them to hang on to a show they really believe is of great quality. It would mean that NBC and DirecTV would both be airing the series across multiple platforms, and I personally don't see how that could possibly be a bad thing in any way. I don't really care how they do it or who they have to share it with, I just want it back.

However, the very same day both Ausiello and Alan Sepinwall reported that we shouldn't break out the champagne and throw confetti just yet - it's still a deal in the works, not a deal that's signed and guaranteed. To be honest, I don't really care - I'm still leaving the champagne chilled in the fridge and ready to go at any moment. A deal that pretty much just needs to be signed is still a deal worth getting excited about, my opinion.

Leave it to E!'s Kristin (who we love to hate around here) to get the biggest scoop of them all and help clear things up for us. She spoke with Jason Katims, who is the McBossy-Boss in the world of FNL, and he had this to say regarding the rumored deal:

"We remain optimistic about the future of the series and appreciate the overwhelming fan support, but it is too premature to comment on the status of any negotiations."

I don't really know what to think about that, but I'm going to choose to see it as a positive and remain optimistic just like Jason. The fan support for this show is overwhelmingly intense - as Caroline would say, the FNL fans are freakishly fierce. And she would know, because she's one of us. Honestly, I think very good things are on the horizon for our favorite citizens of Dillon, TX. NBC knows what a great quality show it has in FNL, and hell - they've kept Las Vegas on the air all of these years... that show lost my interest a long, long time ago but it's still alive and kicking. I feel pretty confident that Kyle Chandler and his cast mates will be happily employed and back on the football field in no time at all.

It's all about thinking positively and believing it will go our way. That's the whole point of clear eyes and full hearts. They can't lose.

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