Monday, March 3, 2008

An Emotional Poll: My Favorite TV Choices

It’s the night before the Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island Democratic presidential primaries. My whole town (the delightful metropolis of Washington, D.C.) is on edge. My much-beloved roommate and I find ourselves for the first time ever at odds, as she supports one candidate and I support another. It’s tense.

Anyway, as I send good vibes to the voters in these four states, I’d like to recall good choices made by my favorite TV characters.

Abby Lockhart, Meredith Grey? You can take the night off, if you please.

Desmond chases Kelvin away from the hatch. Were it not for Lost’s Desmond accidentally spotting the tear in Kelvin’s HAZMAT suit, he never would have been curious enough to follow his DHARMA partner into the jungle. Had he not done that, 108 minutes wouldn’t have elapsed, the electromagnetic anomaly wouldn’t have occurred, and Oceanic Flight 815 wouldn’t have come crashing into the ocean. Thanks, Des!

Jim comes back to Scranton. We all know Jim was thinking about Pam when David Wallace asked him where he saw himself in the future. His choice to ditch New York (and Karen!) for the less-exciting, more-Pamalicious Scranton Branch was by far the best of 2007. Dunder-Mifflin Corporate might have been a step up for Ol’ Halpert, but he can do much better than the paper biz has to offer. He can’t do better than Pam.

Josh goes to Hawaii. Poor Josh Lyman. As The West Wing drew to a close, he was faced with a few critical ultimatums. Sam Seaborn refused to return to D.C. unless Josh went on vacation. (I’ll speak for D.C. when I say that’s a totally fair bargain.) Perhaps more importantly, Donna gave Josh a four-week window to decide the fate of their relationship: it’s commit or get out for Donnatella Moss, who apparently doesn’t ascribe to hook-up culture. Josh kills two birds with one stone when he goes on vacation with Donna before Inauguration. Very sweet.

Ned keeps Chuck alive. What a choice! Ned sacrificed another’s life to keep Chuck alive in the “Pie-Lette” episode; thus begins the series. This choice, I think, merits a video replay. (Approximately 1:40, if you’re not feeling too patient.)

It’s romantic and innocent in a weird way and sad. But even Ned, wracked with guilt, will admit that it was the right choice.

Coach Taylor plays Matt Saracen. In the moments following Jason Street’s injury, Coach Taylor was forced to pull QB1 from the ranks: a Mr. Matt Saracen, second-stringer. Setting into motion the fate of the team (and his daughter, Julie), Coach made a decision that sparked the series. And could we possibly love Matt Saracen more? Doubtful. Ironically, Friday Night Lights is one of the only other arenas where my roommate and I differ: while she pines for Riggins, my heart belongs to Saracen.

Kate picks Team Jack. Fine, so she wavered, but we know her loyalty will always lie with the good doctor. This choice could really go to everyone on Team Jack, which clearly offers the best protection, the best getting-off-the-island plan, and (hells yeah) the best eye candy. It would’ve been no question for me.

Bartlet chooses to run again. Were there a third candidate by the name of Josiah Bartlet, I have little doubt that Democrats could rally around him, forget those other two fools, and back Bartlet 100%. Brilliant, patriotic, earnest, righteous, and downright Presidential, this dude made politics fun and interesting and relatable. And this episode, largely held to be one of the best hours of television ever is Aaron Sorkin at his absolute best. Bartlet’s hands-in-pockets finale just makes you go wow. Here it is:

Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont, you can’t vote for Bartlet, but you can rock the vote!

What are your favorite television choices?

3 Responses to “An Emotional Poll: My Favorite TV Choices”

Mia said...

Ok, I'm leaving you another comment. I have to say that I'm very much also into this election year with the Democratic race, and I got to thinking last night about the analogy regarding this Lost triangle vs. the primary race. What spurred this was really the recent quote by Darlton about Sawyer/Kate not being over by "a long shot." Grr...

I got to thinking about much of this primary race has come down to personal appeal; you either hate or love Hillary, or you think Obama is either too green to too inspiring to pass up. Well, this damn triangle has always kinda been about who you prefer: Jack or Sawyer?

Now, I'm thinking Jack is like 'Obama' for Kate - he's the risk, the 'roll of the dice,' the unknown, and he really hasn't been tested or vetted in a way that Kate's familiar with. Sawyer, on the other hand, has been tested, he's what's comfortable and isn't afraid to lie/manipulate to spin things his way, which makes him more closely aligned as a Clintonite (haha).

Now that Kate's got 'buyer's remorse' over Sawyer, I think that Kate needs to take that chance, say "Yes, we can," and basically, IMO, Sawyer should just concede at this point. But of course, he won't. Or at least, Darlton won't let him.

Anyway, sorry to post so much, but your mention on this election has inspired me. Take care.

Unknown said...

Haha, I think it's pretty clear who you're voting for! If I got into taking sides on the blog, it would get ugly pretty fast, so I'm going to avoid agreeing or disagreeing with you...although I do have a pretty strong opinion on this one!

I really appreciate your reading and look forward to seeing some posts on your blog...maybe I'll leave some choosy-choosy comments over there!

Mia said...

Well, I am from Chicago! ;) It's Obama-nation up in here!