Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's Back. We're Back. If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands.

Clap, clap, blog world! After many, many months of speculation and gutwrenchingly agonizing waiting, Lost has returned. Yeah, the strike's still going on, but we finally have new material! Not only are we back in the blog business with a vengeance, I also got my BFF Mae, back! This afternoon, we spent two hours dissecting "The Beginning of the End," the premiere episode of Lost. I tell you what, it's good to be back!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Mae: Okay, so did you watch Eli Stone to see the "special secret Lost clue" on Thursday?
Caroline: No. Did you?
Mae: Yes.
Caroline: Was it super secret and clue-like?
Mae: It was... I mean, I don't know. Ya know? It was an Oceanic Airlines commercial and in the middle of it the transmission would flicker and you'd see some dude's face looking into a camera (a la when you see someone on one of the old DHARMA TVs) and it would do that a few times really quick... then suddenly the transmission completely switches to this dude and he's saying something along the lines of, “We can't trust these people, they're not who they say they are... we found Flight 815" or whatever, and he pans the camera and you see the wreckage on the ocean floor. So. I don't know.
Caroline: I just YouTubed it. Creepy. Did you get my message/watch the popup Lost?
3:20 PM
Mae: Yeah, it was cheesy lol. I fell asleep.
Caroline: I loved the popup for the "because I love you" scene.
Mae: Oh, yeah, me too. But I needed to run things past you because my mom spouted a theory to me and made my brain hurt, because I can't remember if we have enough details already to discredit her.
Caroline: Ha. Okay.
Mae: So remember in the finale when Jack is yelling at the hospital and he says like, "Go upstairs and ask my dad" or whatever? As if his dad is alive? Re-explain that to me, because the basis of that moment could be all I need to know.
Caroline: He was on drugs like whoa and he kept demanding for them to go get Christian Shephard. I think he was just being dumb.
Mae: That’s what I thought. I just couldn't remember. Because my mom was saying... what if by going back, going home, they changed the entire realm of existence. Meaning things that had happened before the crash were no longer true. I don't believe this theory because Sarah and Jack are still divorced, she's remarried. But just the little seed of that idea made me think and my brain hurt a little bit trying to find a possible reasoning for it, lol. I’m *thisclose* to reading spoilers, really. I want to know who the six are. And I want to know what the fuck happened to the rest of them that is so bad that the six swore never to reveal they still exist on the island.
Caroline: HA. The flash-forwards are just crazy-fying everything.
3:55 PM
Mae: I need to know. What happened?!? Why are they keeping it all a secret?!? Why did they just LEAVE THE REST THERE?!? And what happens to make Jack change his mind about going back?!? OMG I NEED TO KNOW.
Caroline: Okay well to ease your mind let me tell you this: I know all the spoilers, and I don't know that.
Mae: Booooo. Jen and I watched together and we were trying to figure shit out. She was saying how maybe leaving the island in the way they did was some kind of curse... maybe one by one they all start dying, thus Charlie saying they have to go back. And maybe Hurley dies after trying so hard to convince Jack, and his death thus convinces Jack that they're all fucked if they don't go back and make it right. *Shrug*
Caroline: I feel like it's just massive, massive guilt.
4:00 PM
Mae: Well yes. But I’m trying to figure out what triggers that guilt. But as of "now,” meaning when we just saw him with Hurley, he doesn't seem the least bit concerned about it.
Caroline: I also wonder if, like, in the next episode or so, we'll see *Hurley* discount another six's desire to return.
Mae: Like perhaps it started with someone else, almost immediately after their return, and we see it slowly take over the rest of them one by one over time?
Caroline: Yep.
Mae: Charlie is their conscience, perhaps.
Caroline: See, but I also think Hurley's crazy.
Mae: Okay, well at least tell me this, because I’m working through a possible idea but I need some solid info: Is Claire one of the six?
Caroline: No.
Mae: Hmm. Then I...hmm. Also, I guess Hurley clearly changes his mind about being on Locke's team before they get rescued...for whatever reason.
Caroline: I LOVED what Rose said: Even though she would probably stay on the island, she would not go with Locke. LOVED LOVED LOVED.
Mae: I agree. I could see why she would stay on the island, with its healing powers and junk, but she's nothing if not completely loyal to Jack.
Caroline: ...and Kate, too! It wasn't even a choice for her. She has reason not to go back----a good reason----but she's Team Jack to the end! ...PS loved that hug.
Mae: I love theeeeeeem.
Caroline: What a GREAT Jate episode that was. LOVED her Sydney Bristow steal-the-phone move. Loved their perch by the log. Love love love.
Mae: See here's my thing... I really think that "he" who is waiting for Kate is a child. Not Sawyer. Not some random new boyfriend. Not her parole officer who's keeping watch over her. A kid.
Caroline: I know who it is. Don’t get into this conversation with me.
Mae: And I started thinking... Something obviously goes batshit weird over at Camp Locke to convince Hurley to return to Jack and his team. Perhaps Locke’s campers become all brainwashed or Jacob-fied and Hurley decides if he can't convince any of them to come with him, he's not letting them hold captive and destroy the innocent little life that Charlie loved. So, blah blah blah, he "kidnaps" Aaron and takes him back to Team Jack, and then Uncle Jack goes apeshit crazy after a while (like Hurley, ya know) and Kate takes the little cheeky thing into her own home to keep him safe and loved until Jack stops being a crazy person. The end. And I don't care that you know. If I’m wrong, just say I’m wrong. If I’m right, tell me and we can have fun discussing that.
Caroline: You really want to know?
Mae: Yes. That’s a spoiler that won't really do much to ruin it for me. Because if I’m right, there's still so much left to figure out. It’s not a spoilery spoiler to end all spoilers.
Caroline: ...Aaron is known in the flash-forwards as "Kate’s son."
Mae: Really?? And for a fact we know it's actually Aaron?
Caroline: Yes. She calls him Aaron. Kate Austen raises Christian Shephard's grandson. We knew it would happen one way or the other.
Mae: Does she claim him as her son when they get rescued, immediately? Or do we not know that much yet?
Caroline: We don't know that much, but I CANNOT figure out why Claire would stay and Aaron would go.
Mae: Okay so all we know is that she's raising him as her own. We don't know how the hell he ends up with her in the first place.
Caroline: But now you can refer to my blog about the subject and note just how effing perfect it is for the Jate canon and the Aaron canon..."the couple in LA,” "raised by another.”
Mae: OMG THE COUPLE IN LA! I forgot about that!!!!
Caroline: Yep.
Mae: Wow. Hee, now I can go read the blog that keeps taunting me with it's "Mae, don't read” first line. Reads
Caroline: Note: Aaron is *not* known as one of the six.
4:20 PM
Mae: Oh okay I see. He’s not one of the six, but he came home with them. That still makes sense though.
Caroline: Yeah. If you're trying to make a count in your head, don't include Aaron, is what I’m trying to say.
Mae: Right so still we only know three of them, by way of what the show has shown us. I still need to figure out three more, not including Aaron.
Caroline: Yep.
Mae: Is the man in the coffin one of the six?
4:25 PM
Caroline: I don't know who the man in the coffin is.
Mae: Hmm. I'd like to think he isn't one of the six, because if they're as famous as they appear to be, I’d think his death would be a much bigger deal in the headlines, etc.
Caroline: That's what everyone's been saying at TWoP, etc. Changing topics slightly, I’m worried by something. We've seen Jack and now Hurley express a desire or "pull" if you will to go back to the island. What I DON'T want to see is the six (primarily Jack and Kate) return to the island for good. Because when I read future!fic that's based on the island, I get really depressed. There's this story by mysticxf called "Tidepool" that shows Aaron, Sun & Jin's kid, and a jaby playing on the beach and it's just SAD. I want the jaby to grow up in civilization and not have to have Sayid craft him some shoes, as this writer proposes.
Mae: Well, the more I think about it, I really don't think the pull is about going back to stay forever. I think it's guilt, like you said, and that they have unfinished business with the island. It could be that they have to go back for the others and do whatever needs to be done to put the island to rest so they can go home in peace.
Caroline: You know what I REALLY don't want? A Kate/Sawyer reunion scene. Unless she's whoa jaby pregnant with a whoa huge diamond ring. Well, not pregnant with a ring. You get what I’m saying.
Caroline: Haha what?
Mae: She told me who the man in the Jacob's rocking chair is/was.
Caroline: Oh. Was that not obvious?
Mae: I was too concerned with Hurley's ability to SEE him, not really who it was.
Caroline: Oh. I think it kind of confirms that Jacob can manifest himself as whatever. Christian Shephard, Walt, Charlie...a horse...Ben’s mom...a smoke monster?
Mae: Crazy crap. But anyway, I’m with you. I can do without a Sawyer/Kate reunion. Ever.
Caroline: Let's see. What else? Oh! Talking about Locke, one of the points I saw on TWoP was that Ben chose to go with Locke, and shouldn't that be good enough reason for the other Losties to be like, "Yeah, peace out. I’m choosing Jack"? And do we know who Danielle picked? Or Alex and Karl?
Mae: I don't think we saw who Danielle picked. She was a toss-up for me because she's really connected to the island and never needed to leave, but now that she has Alex back...?
Caroline: Also, have you thought about/heard discussion of the white sneaker?
4:40 PM
Mae: No?
Caroline: Whenever Christian Shephard appears on the island he is wearing white sneakers, including in the chair this week. And what was basically the third thing we saw in the Pilot after Jack's gorgeous face and Vincent?
Mae: Shoooooes.
Caroline: White Shoe. I just love Jabrams. It's like Vaughn’s watch. Also: Jack's Watch.
Mae: For reals. Dude, Jabrams is the craziest person ever, and I love him.
Caroline: But yeah. I can't imagine Claire giving up Aaron. Either something happens and the freighter people go crazy and DRAG the six back plus Aaron, or Claire goes crazy and they have to remove Aaron from her or...Claire dies.
Mae: Yeah. To me she either dies or Hurley (or whoever) decides she's unfit so long as she's determined to stay at camp Locke, and just up and takes Aaron away for his own safety.
Caroline: But that is just CRUEL. That's like Ben Linus cruel. You can't take babies from their moms.
Mae: Something has to happen though. I don't understand why Aaron goes home without her. Unless she dies, which I find terribly sad.
Caroline: And that would render Charlie’s death sort of pointless. I just really want to know the circumstances of Kate ending up with Aaron. And I also want to know the probability of cute Jack/Kate/Aaron scenes. I mean, is he like "Uncle Jack"? Is Kate "Mommy"? Are they "Uncle Jack & Aunt Kate"? Are they "Mommy and Daddy"?
Mae: To me it makes enough sense if they find out Jack is his uncle. But if they don't, then I’m sort of confused.
Caroline: Like I said in the blog, does Claire put Aaron on the helicopter with his uncle? With Kate? So many questions.
Mae: Because if they don't find out, then Kate just sort of falls into being the caregiver. Which doesn't strike me as something she would do off the cuff, but who knows. But if they do know, then it makes perfect sense that Jack is caring for him as his uncle and Kate bonds with them both even more over time as a little family unit, but then Jack goes crazy and she takes over to keep a sense of normalcy and regularity in Aaron’s life.
Caroline: Kristin said the other day: "Remember Laverne and Shirley? Get ready for Claire and Kate." Obviously, take this with grain of salt, but... I don't want to see like a forced friendship start over the next few episodes
just as a plot device for Kate ending up with Turniphead.
Mae: Well they never hated each other, they just were never BFF.
Caroline: Kate delivered Aaron. They have a history. But they're not BFF.
Mae: But also, how would they forge any kind of friendship? Claire went with Camp Locke.
Caroline: Well I know the answer to that.
Mae: Damn you.
Caroline: Sorry.
Mae: Oh well, I have just enough info to give me great speculation material for a long while.
Caroline: For serious.
5:00 PM

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